How to Use Water Purifier Rust – Do This Now!

If you’re into the multiplayer survival video game Rust, you know that the most important thing to do is survive.

It seems that everything in this environment is looking to kill you, and that means you have to keep using materials available to you in the wilderness alone. 

One of the most essential things to survive is making sure that you are hydrated.

But how do you get drinkable water when you are dealing with saltwater?

That’s where the deployable utility item known as the water purifier comes in handy.

This is crafted utilizing repurposed items from your inventory and is specifically designed to help purify saltwater. But how do you use the water purifier in Rust? 

We’re going to go over that and how you craft it and some tips that might help you elevate your gameplay and make your survival in this dangerous environment a little more likely. So let’s get right into it!

Crafting The Water Purifier: How To Get One Of These Handy Items

First, you actually have to have a water purifier. As we said above, this inventory item is crafted utilizing repurposed tools you have on hand.

In order to craft your water purifier, you will need a propane tank, copper piping, and a sheet metal platform.

This sheet metal platform is intended to help your bucket stay in place. 

Once you have gathered all that material, the crafting time is relatively short. In all, it’ll take about 30 seconds for your water purifier to be ready for you to use.

How to Use Water Purifier Rust?

How to Use Water Purifier Rust

Now that you have the water purifier in your inventory, you can then begin using it to desalinate your water so that you can survive.

Here is the step by step instructions on how to use the water purifier in Rust:

Set Up A Campfire

Before you even start the process, you have to build yourself or set yourself up a campfire.

It doesn’t have to be lit, but it does have to be built before you can deploy the unit to purify your water. So the very first step is doing just that, setting up your campfire.

Deploy Over Fire

Once the campfire has been set up, you can deploy it over the fire by simply clicking on it. After it’s deployed, you can check its levels by simply taking your mouse and clicking on the top of the tank when the icon shows up.

For those who just deployed this, you’ll see that there will be nothing in that tank, so the next step begins.

Find Water 

It would be to deploy this unit as close to a saltwater source as possible as you’re going to have to take your jug and fill it up, returning several times to get the tank full.

Now that you have located your saltwater source and have your jug ready, you need to move to that source and continue with the next step.

Fill Bucket

Now that you are right at the water source, you will click the jug icon and hold down your right mouse button until you see that the jug is full.

After filling the jug, you can head back to the water purifier and deliver the saltwater into the tank.

Take Jug And Check Inventory

Once you’re back at your water purifier, you will move your mouse until the little open icon appears at the top of the propane tank.

That will open up the inventory menu and you’ll see that once you click on the jug, it will give you the options to give or take.

Because the tank is empty right now, you won’t be able to take anything, but you will be able to give, which is where the saltwater comes into play from your jug.

Give And Hold 

In order to ensure you are giving every bit of saltwater to the tank that you have collected in your jug, you need to press the give button and then hold it down until the jug is empty.

You’ll be able to tell that the water is all transferred to the tank when the status bar is completely full.

Click Can And Remove Any Water Already Purified

If you had any water being purified before this, you might want to move your mouse over to the bucket and take any purified water sitting in it so that you have an empty bucket for the new batch of purified water.

Light Campfire

Now that this system is set up, you’ll want to light the campfire.

Like everything else, you’re going to move your mouse until you see the open icon and then click on it.

This will open up your inventory menu and you will see a button that says ‘turn on’.

Once you’ve clicked that, the firewood will light and you can feed it to keep it hot enough to purify the hot water you placed in the bucket.

Now You Wait 

Because the fire has been lit and the water is in the process of being purified, you need to wait for the saltwater to turn into purified water and appear in your bucket.

Of course, this can take differing amounts of time depending on how much power you’ve given the fire.

How to Use Water Purifier Rust

Rust Water Purifier Tips & Useful Info

Knowing how to use the water purifier is essential, but there are also a few tips and helpful information that you might want to know.

Only Deploy On A Campfire!

No matter how hard you try, if you don’t have a campfire setup, you will not be able to deploy your water purifier.

It can only be done over the top of a fire, which is why many people struggle because they don’t understand that this step has to be taken before the water purification process can even begin.

If fresh Water Is Full, You Will Lose Water!

In order to ensure that you’re getting as much fresh water as possible, you want to make sure that you are taking any purified water as often as possible from the bucket.

This is because if your water bucket gets full, any water that is purified after that, you will lose completely.

Powered Water Purifier Pumps Uphill!

There are different versions of water purifiers available, and if you happen to have the powered water purifier, you can utilize it even walking uphill.

All you’ll need is a water catcher and this purifier, and you’ll be able to get yourself some fresh water so that you can survive the harsh environment of the game.

Final Thoughts

Just like in real life, ensuring that you have access to fresh water will help you survive longer in Rust’s multiplayer online game.

In order to do that, there are multiple ways to ensure you keep water available to you, and one of those has to have a water purifier to be able to do that. 

In the real world, just like in the gaming world, drinking saltwater is not advisable or a suitable means of survival.

So now that you understand how to use the water purifier, you’ll be able to last longer in the game.

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