4 Best Top Loading Washing Machines UK (2020)

Updated January 2020 / Posted September 2019 

With so many options to choose from, picking the best top loading washing machine can be a difficult task.

Technology has advanced over the past few years benefiting the overall performance and efficiency. Although, it’s obvious most normal washing machines will clean your clothes, top loading models have become very popular of late. The main reason being is they are highly economical and efficient.

However, there are still some things you will need to take into consideration before choosing the right one for you, which you can read into further below.

How to Choose a Top Loading Washing Machine

Because all models are different you can expect to pay anywhere between £350-£1200 for a machine. Without knowing how to choose a top loading washing machine, you could end up paying more than you have to for a certain model, that does not suit your needs. Its due to that, all our reviewed models are of good value, no matter their price tag.

You can scroll through this part if you know how to choose the one, and read our washing machine reviews. So, let’s get into it.

1. High efficiency or Agitator?

Agitator models are usually the less expensive models and the cycle times are usually much shorter. Although the cleaning rating is good and the will clean a standard soiled load well, they can have a tough time with dirtier loads. As well, many are hard on fabrics which can cause damage, although not too often. Typically, they will use more water than a high-efficiency washer, which also increases the drying times of a load.

With high-efficiency washing machines, they are more expensive but for good enough reasons. The cleaning rating is very good and they are effective on heavily soiled items. The majority is very quiet, which is impressive considering they normally have a larger capacity than an agitator top load. Because they use less water, and extract it, better drying times a low, and they save money on your bills. The only real downside to an HE model is the cycle times are much longer, 60-80 minutes on a normal wash, but you can save time with quick options.

2. Features/Functions

As with all home appliances, you can get basic versions or advanced models. Depending on your household and washing needs you may require extra features that offer a little more than standard. Here we have noted for you the additional features you may find.

  • Washing cycles: Most has about 8-15 different modes. Advanced washers will have sensors that detect weight and colour so all the delicate loads will be cleaned gently while still providing great results.
  • Moving drum: A great innovation that is very simple. This helps with easy (UN)loading as the drum will move up when a cycle has finished making it easier to take out.
  • Fresh care: To make sure you don’t forget about your washing and leave it to get that smelly damp stench, certain models will continue to tumble your washing for up to 6 hours after a cycle is complete to maintain freshness.
  • Load sensors: Although briefly covered in the washing cycles, high-quality machines will have load sensors that will detect the weight, so only just enough resources are used to wash your clothes. This saves you money on your bills and protects the environment.
  • Child Safety: If you have young prying hands about, its worth looking for a model that has a child lock door, so no accidents will happen.

Although there is much more a top loading washing machine can do, they are the main extra’s. Here are some other things that will factor into your decision.

3. Size/Dimensions

Getting the right machine can always be a pain. What’s more of a pain, is finding the right one, but not having the room for it. Whenever we write reviews and buyers guide, we always make sure we tell the reader to measure the area they plan to put an appliance. So, first get the dimensions you need, read our reviews and find the perfect fit for your home.

4. The Energy Rating

All top loading washing machines are tested for the economical abilities. Every model its rated like an exam, so a very Eco-friendly model would be A+++. The better the rating the cheaper it will be to run. However, it is important you understand buying a high-efficiency machine, requires an HE detergent. Always check the label before you buy one, to make sure it suits your washer.

5. Capacity

The capacity is measured in kilograms. A standard washing machine will be 5-8kg which is enough to hold around 30 shirts or a dozen bath towels. What’s great some top loading washers can hold up to 15KG, which is recommended for a big family or some small commercial places. These models tend to cost more than the average.

Best Top Loading Washing Machines Reviews

#1  Hotpoint WMTF722H Washing Machine – Best Value

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Hotpoint WMTF722H - Best Value Top Loading Washing Machine

This Hotpoint WMTF722H is the best top loading washing machine on the market. The reason I say this is that it’s incredibly well-made, does all the basics perfectly, and has some outstanding additional features. This model has the ability to run a short cycle that takes 30 minutes, which helps you get through piles of washing quicker than others. Plus, the WMTF722H, does not cost an arm and a leg.

What I love about this machine is you get 15 different wash programs, to help with all types of laundry you may have. Also, Hotpoint have added technology that ensures all your different fabrics are taken care of, as the machine will only wash at the right temperatures and spin rate for comfort.

There is a lot to love about this one, mainly the overall value for money. It is considerably much cheaper than most other options available. However, let’s take a look at some other great points:

  • A+ energy efficiency rating means its good with resources and bills
  • 7KG washing capacity, which proves it is ideal for any family home
  • It has a 53% water extraction efficiency, so drying contents after is very quick
  • The washing performance rating for it is an A – The highest possible mark. You know you will get good results with it.
  • Very easy to use with a control dial and a cool LED display with a time remaining clock
  • Dimensions: 90cm (h) x 40cm (w) x 60cm (d)
  • Suppliers manual can be founder here

Its very clear to see this model will tick a lot of boxes, although it’s not the most advanced one.It is great to see so many positive reviews which people have written on Amazon about it. All buyers love the Hotpoint WMTF722H washing machine. Check them out for yourself with the link below!

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#2 Whirlpool TDLR60210 – Best For Small Households

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Whirlpool TDLR60210 - Best For Small HouseholdsAre you looking for a high-efficiency top loading washing machine, that is ideal for small households? Then we recommend you check this one out. Why I say that is because the Whirlpool TDLR60210 is compact with a capacity of 6kg. Also, it boasts an energy rating that’s A+++ – the best you can get, meaning it is very friendly on your bills and the environment.

What else makes it so desirable is the price tag it has been given. Whirlpool has added some incredible features such as, Fuzzy Logic which uses sensor technology to consider the load inside. A precise amount of elements will be controlled like, water intake, temperature, spin speed and rinse performance, to ensure you get the absolute best results for the load. This allows the bare minimum of energy and water to be used.

You can see here, this washing machine has so many reasons to love it, and still, there is more. Here are some other facts to love:

  • Colours at 15ºC allow you to get the same performance as you would at 40ºC but provide your clothes with a more delicate and caring touch.
  • With 11 different cycle programs to choose from, you can tailor your washing accordingly
  • If you have young children, then the child lock door becomes a real asset
  • A rated wash performance – The best rating possible, which lets you know its effective
  • Very easy to use with dials and a nice looking LED display
  • Yearly cost to run AVG. = £23.46
  • Dimensions: 90 x 40 x 60 cm

It’s clear this top loading washing machine has everything you will need. Including a great price tag. It’s one of the cheapest top loaders. Also, the reviews on Amazon are highly positive. Check them out below!

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#3 Montpellier MTL6120W – Best Slimline Model

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Montpellier MTL6120W - Best Slimline ModelAre you looking for a top loading washing machine that is perfect for small spaces? Then take a look at this Montpellier. Its slimline design makes it ideal for kitchens or areas, where space is a premium. Because it is only 40cm wide, it can be a perfect alternative to a full size one. What’s incredible about it, is it still holds a capacity of 6kg. So, you won’t be missing out much due to it is designed.

Although the Montpellier has an energy rating of A+ (very good) it is not the most efficient washing machine out there. However, it does boast 18 different programs including a rapid wash which takes 15 minutes. What’s most impressive is the delicate care options. The majority of top loaders have them, but the way in which the Montpellier performs, in comparison is more impressive.

As we can see there is a lot to love about this model, most notably its slimline design. But there are other things you should know which are here:

  • Delay start timer up to 24 hours, so you can have your washing done when it suits you
  • Fantastic 2-year warranties, parts and labour
  • 1200rpm spin speed, which reduces moisture from your clothes and shortens drying times
  • Water protection system in case of any leaks, the supply to the top loader will cut off instantly reducing the risk of a flood
  • Easy to use interface with an LED display
  • Dimensions: 60 x 80 x 40 cm

Overall the MTL6120W is generally good. It is most definitely the best slimline top loading washing machine you can buy and also, it is the cheapest. If you need to save space or need this as an alternative then I highly recommend you check it out over at Amazon. Link below.

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#4 Whirlpool 3LWTW4705FW – Best Top Loading Washing Machine Over 10kg

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Whirlpool 3LWTW4705FW - Best Top Loading Washing Machine Over 10kgAre you in the market for a top loading washing machine, that is ideal for large families or commercial places, then this Whirpool American style top loader is a perfect choice. The reason I say this is that it boasts a huge 15kg capacity, which is double the size of a standard washing machine. Not only that, it has many advanced features and auto sensors making your laundry time much quicker and easier.

My most favourite function of this washer is the auto-water sensors. They sense the weight and add a specific amount of water tailored to each load, ensuring valuable resources are not wasted. Although this model is more expensive than others due to sheer size, it is always good to know it is friendly on your bills.

Other reasons to love the Whirlpool 3LWTW4705FW are:

  • A new high-efficiency agitator has been added to this one from its older version, ensuring every angle is covered when it comes to saving you money
  • 21 wash programs, make it ideal for all kinds of laundry needed, which is why I recommend it for places of business
  • Spin speed is 660RPM
  • Automatic lid lock, helps you avoid any accidents
  • A deep fill option is available to get more out of the washer

Although it will fit in with home use, we only recommend it if you have a large family of 6+ people. They have built it to last so you know, you will be getting a high-quality product from Whirlpool. And due to its versatility and many cool features, the price is higher than that of a more domestic model. We recommend you take a look for yourself and see how cool it really is!

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Best Top Loading Washing Machines Conclusion

It’s very easy for us to add 10 or 12 more models to this list, but all we would be doing is wasting your time.

We have added these particular models because they are absolute standouts in their categories.

For the best value top loading washing machine we chose the Hotpoint WMTF722H, purely because it does exactly what you would want from a washer, plus with extra features and a good price tag.

It was a toss-up between it and the Whirpool, but because it has a 7kg capacity which is more, and it’s slightly cheaper we settled with it. Also, the reviews people have left on Amazon about each model has been part of our rating. The majority have outstanding reviews all over the internet.

We believe these to be the best available to you. If you have any suggestions regarding any models that should be on our list give us a comment and we will do our review.

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