UK Fridge and Freezer Dimensions and Sizing Guide

In the UK, fridges, freezers and fridge/freezer combined units come in different sizes. There are freestanding standard or tall ones, smaller ones that potentially go under the counter or in the corner of a dorm room, and everything in between.

We’re providing this fridge and freeze dimensions and sizing guide to assist our readers who are confused about the various names and sizes of appliances that they can purchase for their home or another place like a games room, man-cave, office and so forth.

So, let’s dive in.

Fridge and Freezer Dimensions and Sizes

Fridge/Freezer Combi Size

Combi fridge / freezer

A fridge/freezer combi is a freestanding unit that typically has the fridge part in the upper section and a freezer section below, but this can vary as demonstrated in the image above. How this is arranged, and the door configuration is up to the individual manufacturer.

This type of fridge is the most common appliance in this category within UK households.

The standard, freestanding fridge/freezer combination typically measures 60-70cm in width and has a height of 83cm to over 174cm on the largest models, with 122.5cm, 157cm and 175cm being seen most frequently. Larger models tend to be wider with a width of 60-80cm too.

Note: It’s best to examine the exact measurements of the model you’re interested in as each model and manufacturer has variances. Never assume a unit will fit just on sight from a photo.

Returning to the subject of the doors, this isn’t standard across the industry. Some fridges are given greater space than the freezer (and visa- versa). Therefore, there are models which are evenly split 50/50, at 60/40 or even 70/30 between the fridge and freezer compartments with separate doors to each.

Our #1 recommended freestanding fridge/freezer combi: LG GBB92STAXP. This stainless steel fridge/freezer was rated #8 on The Which? top 50 products of the year 2020, and has an A+++ energy rating, making it a fantastic eco-buy.

Standard Fridge Size

Hotpoint standard fridge

A standard fridge is going to be a similar size to a fridge/freezer combi in many cases, but there are also taller ones for families that require more cold storage space. They may have different sections and may have compartments despite not having a dedicated freezer section. However, usually, they have just one door.

Although the type is named ‘standard fridge’, this type of fridge isn’t actually very popular within the UK market.

The standard fridge is 60-70cm in width and comes with a height of under 120cm to as high as 200cm for the tallest models.

The bigger fridges get a little wider at 60-80cm depending on the manufacturer and will undoubtedly be taller up to 200cm.

Under-counter Fridge Size

Russell Hobbs RHUCLF2B
Russell Hobbs RHUCLF2B

The under-counter fridge is designed for compact locations. They can fit under a kitchen counter where there isn’t space for a standard or taller freestanding fridge. They usually have space for a couple of levels and interior door storage space too.

The compact under-counter fridge either comes in a width of 47cm to 55cm or as 55cm to 60cm sizes. Their height typically falls between 82cm to 84cm (82cm is the most common). About 55cm is required for their depth.

Our #1 recommended under-counter fridge: Russell Hobbs RHUCLF2W. This fridge is a great bargain at under £200. It is also highly versatile, with a reversible door and 3 removable shelves (2 adjustable).

Note: There are also small fridges that can be placed on the worktop, which you can see in our guide to mini-fridges here. Some under-counter fridges are also better designed for drinks, as shown in our list of undercounter drinks fridges for your kitchens here.

Under-counter Freezer Size

Under counter fridge

It’s worth bearing in mind that under-counter models are also smaller for storage capacity, so when going too small, it becomes very cramped indeed. While you’ll be height-restricted when there’s a counter above where the freezer will be situated, if you can make a greater width available, then that’ll make a difference in the eventual internal freezer storage that you get.

The under-counter freezer is often the wider option with a 55cm to 60cm measurement, but smaller models start at just 47cm. For their height, it often comes neatly between 82cm – 84cm (again, 82cm is seen most often). The depth is found to be around 55cm with many models.

Our #1 recommended under-counter freezer: Russell Hobbs RHUCFZ3W. Another winner from Russell Hobbs which is also priced under £200. It has 3 separate drawers, an A+ energy rating, and runs quietly at 39dB.

Integrated Fridge Size

Integrated under counter fridge

An integrated fridge is one that slides into a pre-designed cabinet often with a kitchen cabinet door that can be closed at the front. These models are not designed to be freestanding, and so they lack side panels and other niceties because they’re not required. Despite this, integrated fridges may be larger than standard ones in some situations, which can surprise buyers.

The width is usually as much as 60cm but can be a little narrower. If you have a current model fitted in a position that you’re planning to replace, measure this to get an idea of its size. However, bear in mind the additional clearance space needed on each side and above the fridge may differ from the current model. The depth is 55cm in the majority of integrated models.

You can of course also get integrated fridge/freezer combi’s as shown below. These have a similar width and depth as an integrated under-counter fridge, but with a much larger height of around 178cm.

Integrated fridge

American-style Fridge Size

American-style fridge

The American-style fridge (also referred to as side-by-side doors) has a set of double doors that opens left and right to create a kind of walk-in effect is more substantial in all departments. With the American-style fridge, the left side is smaller and used as a freezer. Many models also have a water and ice dispenser integrated into the door.

The width for American-style fridges is 70cm to 92.5cm. The tallest models are around 196cm, but this does vary considerably. Their depth is usually 78cm or less.

Because these types of models often include pipped in water access and may dispense ice too, they usually need to be connected to the water system as well as the electrical one.

Also, bear in mind that the doors each open out widely at the front, so they have the potential to block whatever is on either side of the fridge door when it’s open.

Our #1 recommended American Style Fridge Freezer: The Samsung RS68N8230S9 is our recommended American Style fridge freezer, which topped our American Style Fridge Freezers Buyer’s Guide.

French-style Fridge Size

French style fridge

Many people get the French-style fridge/freezer mixed up with the American-style fridge. Although they are both large, have double doors, and have an enormous amount of storage space, there is a clear difference between them.

The French-style fridge has equal-sized doors which open to reveal one large fridge compartment. The freezer space can be found below, designed as deep pull out draws.

If you’ve got the space and budget for one, the French-style fridge/freezer is by far the most luxurious and spacious type available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to allow extra space when installing a fridge or fridge/freezer combi unit?

Yes. Usually, at least 50mm is required on both the left and right sides, plus an additional 50mm on top too. Furthermore, space at the rear is required for tubing, vents, water supply, and power cables. It can also get hotter at the rear where heat is somewhat trapped, so it’s beneficial to leave extra space to allow for ventilation too. Check the manual and/or installation guide for the model you’re interested in to confirm both exact model sizing and the space required surrounding the unit for it to operate properly (almost all units will not function if they don’t have sufficient clear space surrounding them).

Should under-counter and integrated fridges fit snugly, or should there be additional room?

There should still be room allowed for them. This provides the necessary spacing for ventilation. Check the manual to confirm the exact amount of space because it does vary from model to model, and manufacturer to manufacturer.

Does the fridge measurements include space needed around the item?

There are usually the unit’s measurements and then the total measurement, including the space required on either side or at the top. Be sure that you’re looking at the correct measurement when checking if you have enough space for your chosen appliance.

How much space do you need to leave behind a fridge for ventilation and cables?

A few centimetres at the back is required. Any metal coils at the rear can also heat up and vent their heat, so they require enough free space to displace the heat to prevent the appliance overheating. Tubing also takes up more space than most people realise too.

How much does each different type of fridge typically weigh?

This varies considerably from model to model. Usually, you’ll need a trolley to help move a fridge around more easily or a couple of strong people to help out.

Do you need a professional to install each type of fridge? Could you install a fridge or freezer yourself?

Most fridges or fridge/freezers are installable on your own or with a friend or family member. They are heavy and bulky, however, so you’ll need some assistance. Also, be aware that the refrigerant inside modern fridges needs time to settle before the model can be turned on. This is especially true when they’ve either been transported or moved into position at a sideways angle before being lifted to the correct orientation. Each fridge will have details – commonly a sticker on the fridge or a note in the supplied product manual – advising how long it should be left to settle, once in the right position, before plugging it into the mains power.

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