5 Best Undercounter Drinks Fridges for Your Kitchen

Undercounter drinks fridges are a great solution to keep a wide array of drinks cooler. Instead of trying to fit enough drinks in a standard fridge to keep friends and family supplied with cold ones, a separate drinks fridge that neatly fits under the counter removes the struggle!

There are different types of drinks fridges. Some store wine, other beer bottles and a few hold a variety of drinks on dependable rack storage. The expected design includes a glass door and interior LED lighting to put all your drinks on display. Yet there are also fridges with freezer sections and traditional, solid doors that offer greater flexibility but lose something in the looks department.

When you do a lot of entertaining and just like to be fully stocked, a drinks fridge that slides in under the counter is extremely convenient to own.

What factors should I consider when buying a drinks fridge?

How much kitchen space do you have available for your drinks fridge?

With an undercounter fridge, the dimensions vary depending on the model. Typically, they aren’t taller than 85cm, but they do vary considerably on both the width and depth required. They are freestanding units, so they don’t need to be installed next to other appliances. A fridge of this type can fit under a counter but also be used elsewhere in the home to provide cold drinks storage.

When there’s less height available, then it’s worth considering a Mini Fridge or an integrated one. Also, bear in mind that most fridges require a few centimetres of clearance above and on either side. This is needed for the power cable and other apparatus but also to ensure it can continue to provide the cooling (or sub-zero temperatures) required.

What types of drinks will you store in your drinks fridge and will it be drinks only?

There are different types of drinks fridges. Some are designed to hold only beer or only wine bottles alone. Others include a freezer section for ice cubes to keep drinks colder during consumption. This avoids needing to purchase an ice machine separately.

Some undercounter fridges are similar to regular sizes ones complete with freezer section, fridge, inner door storage and pull out vegetable container at the bottom too.

Also, the main difference between drinks storage and more complex models with refrigerator and/or freezer sections is the door design. Drinks-only fridges often have glass doors and LED lighting to select what drink you want before opening the door and letting warmer air inside. However, fridges with freezer sections have solid doors, so you cannot see inside.

Should you opt for a fridge with a glass door or a standard door?

When storing drinks alone, then a glass door has several worthy benefits. You can see what drinks are stored inside and pick one before opening the door. They look stylish anywhere! When storing wine or bottled beers, glass-fronted doors are a good choice. However, when requiring refrigeration and freezing options, then a standard fridge door is often your only option.

Two downsides of glass doors are that they can steam up a little in hotter weather and risk being accidentally damaged. Accident-prone owners (or their children who play boisterously indoors) might want to select a traditional door model instead.

5 Best Under Counter Drinks Fridges Available in the UK

#1 Subcold Super 85 LED: Best standard size drinks fridge

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Subcold Super 85 LED
Subcold Super 85 LED

The Super85 from Subcold is designed purely as an under the counter fridge to store beer bottles, a few bottles of wine and assorted cans of soft drinks too. It has a total of 85-litres of cold storage capacity.

This fridge is designed for people who consume many beverages (or who have friends or family over who do) and need quick access to dedicated refrigeration and storage. There’s no freezer section either, so if you prefer ice in your drinks too, then you’ll still need a regular dedicated freezer, a fridge-freezer or an ice maker to handle that for you.

The fridge is freestanding and includes injection moulding to keep the cold inside and the heat out. There’s a see-through dual-glazed glass door which is reversible for convenience. This allows you to see every drink that’s stored.

There are shelving grooves on either side on the interior to support the shelves. This allows considerable customisation depending on what types of beverages you wish to store. This flexibility allows you to store a row of wine bottles, beer bottles, juice bottles, fizzy drink cans, and more. There are also internal lights fitted to find the drink you want even when your main room lights are either dimmed or turned off completely.

It also has an A+ energy rating, so it won’t push up your energy bill noticeably either. Lacking a freezer feature, the fridge doesn’t have to work as hard to stay cold enough, which puts less demand on the system and the kilowatts required to run this fridge. To give some idea, the manufacturer’s estimate is 102 kW in annual power usage.

The fridge measures approximately 47.4cm wide by 43.5cm deep by 84.4cm tall and weighs 30 kilos. The 42dB noise level is low, so this unit is suitable to use in a kitchen, man cave, bedroom and other location. The Super85 is also fully WEEE, RoHS and CE compliant for UK usage.

Also, there’s a security lock at the bottom to prevent access (ideal for shared kitchens, dorm rooms and the like).

Lastly, there’s a two-year warranty with this Subcold fridge.

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#2 Russell Hobbs RHUCLF2B: Top pick undercounter fridge for everyday use

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Russell Hobbs RHUCLF2B undercounter fridge
Russell Hobbs RHUCLF2B

The RHUCLF2B from Russell Hobbs is an ideal choice to go under the counter and provide refrigeration when needed. The model is available with either a black or white exterior – the interior for both is white-hued.

The total capacity is 112 kilos, which is suitable for renters or homeowners that either only need a smaller fridge or a secondary one to keep items cold enough. There is no freezer section here, but there is a convenient vegetable slide-out see-through drawer at the bottom of the fridge.

The door is built solidly. Given that this fridge is not intended to only store beverages, it opts for a standard fridge door design. As such, it’s not see-through but it does have three door racks to store items like a yoghurt or a pint of milk, including one at the bottom to support large bottles like a 1.5-litre bottle of Coca Cola and 2 pints of milk. The top shelf also includes a 6-egg holder too.

There are 3 shelves internally that can all be removed for cleaning purposes. Two of them are adjustable to other positions within the fridge depending on your personal requirements.

Russell Hobbs RHUCLF2B
A look inside the Russell Hobbs RHUCLF2B undercounter fridge

The thermostat is easy to adjust. There are also some feet to prevent scratching the floor when installing the unit. The size of this larder fridge is approximately 50.1cm wide by 54.0cm deep by 84.5cm tall and weighs 24 kilos. Note with sizing that this model additionally requires 5cm clearance at the top and on both sizes too.

The energy rating is A+, the noise level is an acceptable 39 dB and this model comes with a two-year guarantee as standard too.

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#3 Kalamera: Best display fridge for wine and prosecco drinkers

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Kalamera KR-18AJPE
Kalamera KR-18AJPE

The Kalamera KR-18AJPE is an excellent display fridge for the avid collector or connoisseur who requires their wine to be stored at just the right temperature.

The sleek black appearance of this wine fridge means it’ll fit in just about anywhere too. The black door with its glass front and LED lighting illuminate the wine collection. The door is reversible and opens out to gain total access to any of the bottles stored inside. This design prevents leaving the door open while hunting for the right bottle and losing cooling while doing so.

This freestanding fridge provides support for 18 wine bottles (750ml size) across 6 levels. The specialised rack system carefully supports every wine bottle and features a pull-out mechanism to access the bottles more easily. There are 5 racks in total, which are all removable (the bottom level is supported by the interior wall). Just three bottles are gently stored on each level, so the weight when pulling out a rack isn’t heavy either.

The temperature levels range typically from 10-centigrade to 18-centigrade, depending on your storage requirements. The blue digital LED display at the top of the fridge controls the thermostat to set everything perfectly. The noise level is rated at 38 dB.

The Kalamera KR-18AJPE has pull out shelves for easy access

The energy rating is A, so it’s slightly more energy consumptive but the estimates are still only 108-kilowatt hours per year. The fridge is approximately 34cm wide by 51cm deep by 64.2cm tall and weighs 14.2 kilos.

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#4 Russell Hobbs RHUCFF50B: For those looking to keep ice with their drinks

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Russell Hobbs RHUCFF50B 50cm Wide Black Under Counter Fridge Freezer
Russell Hobbs RHUCFF50B

The RHUCFF50B model from Russell Hobbs comes with both a fridge and freezer section. When wanting to hold drinks, the freezer section is useful to store ice cubes ready to keep any drink cold for longer.

When wanting to hear the familiar “clink” sound of a cube when it lands in a high-quality whiskey glass, only ice will deliver that. This fridge has a 25-litre freezer section to store plenty of ice cubes and a 65-litre fridge interior too.

The model comes in a choice of black, red, or white and a stainless steel one too. It has the traditional solid, reversible door complete with chrome handles, which is split into two for the fridge and freezer to be accessed separately. The feet on the underside are adjustable to get the fridge positioned just right and not damage the flooring. The thermostat is easy to adjust as needed too.

The door interior has several racks too. With the fridge section, two racks are removable and there is a vegetable container at the bottom as well.

Russell Hobbs RHUCFF50B Under Counter Fridge Freezer
A look inside the Russell Hobbs RHUCFF50B undercounter fridge/freezer

The fridge is approximately 49.5cm wide by 52cm deep by 84.5cm tall and weighs 25.2 kilos. It has an A+ energy rating and operates at around 40 dB.

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#5 Capital Primo 2: Best commercial size drinks fridge

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Capital Primo 2

The Capital Primo 2 ostensibly is intended as a beer fridge but it’ll hold some wine bottles or bottles of cider too. It offers refrigeration but no freezer option – it’s only for drinks storage.

The black exterior is paired with aluminium interior walls. There’s a set of double doors which each open outwards in opposite directions – as you’d expect. Both doors have large glass panels to visibly see what drinks are stored inside. As with glass door inserts, they can occasionally steam up and need wiping down on warmer days.

The adjustable storage racks are made from chrome. The two racks are perfectly positioned to hold a total of 210 beer bottles (330ml ones) – a 240-litre total capacity. However, the rack shelves can be adjusted to fit different sized cans of fizzy drink, wine bottles or bottles of cider. However, the racks are not specifically designed for anything but beer bottles, so there are better options for wine-only coolers.

A switch allows you to turn the interior LED lighting on and off. There are also light illumination and temperature setting controls next to the switch. The interior fan gets a bit noisy when cooling the fridge down but becomes barely noticeable once the fridge has reached the correct temperature.

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