14 Best Slimline Dishwashers (Freestanding and Integrated) 2019

Does your kitchen need a new compact dishwasher that keeps all the qualities of a standard?

While full-size dishwashers are more desirable, not all kitchen spaces can accommodate their size. For these types of consumers, we have picked out the best slimline dishwashers for your home. These slim designed models are great for saving space as they are 15cm thinner than normal, plus they hold up all the features and benefits of its bigger sister.

A lot of huge brands make slimline dishwashers for the market, and there are many models with different features available. There is top of the range styles that come with all the bells and whistles, and there are some basic units that simply get the job done.

With all these options open available, many buyers may have a difficult time trying to decide the best model that suits their needs, such as budget and space.

To give consumers a hand, we have created a list of the top 14 slimline dishwashers, covering both integrated and freestanding, which are available on the market today. We would like to say that these models are our own humble opinion(s) and what you might see may not be your choice or that of another site.

What factors dictate how we choose a good slimline dishwasher will be listed below the ratings.

If you are unsure if a slimline dishwasher is the best type of dishwasher for you, then check out our Buyers Guide here.

7 Best Freestanding Slimline Dishwashers

Take a look at our best 7 slimline dishwashers below. Our mini-reviews give you bite-size information on each model and should help you decide which freestanding slimline dishwasher to buy.

Freestanding models are generally a more popular choice with consumers because you do not need to fit them into a cabinet space. A freestanding dishwasher is more versatile as they can be moved around and easily removed if needed, which also makes them slightly cheaper than integrated dishwashers.

If you have a fitted kitchen and want your dishwasher to fit in with that look, then you can also look at our pick of the 7 best slimline integrated dishwashers, further down the page.

#1 Bosch Serie 2 SPS24CW00G 9 Place Slimline Freestanding Dishwasher

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Bosch Serie 2 Dishwasher

Bosch is considered one of the best dishwasher brands, so it is no surprise to see the Serie 2 model on the top of our slimline freestanding dishwasher list.

The Bosch Serie 2 will be a great asset in your kitchen and is ideal for compact kitchens because of the 9 place settings.
It has a quick wash setting which will clean your dishes in 29 minutes; very handy if you need them quickly!

It also has Bosch’s innovative EcoSilence Drive feature built-in, which ensures the dishwasher operates at a near-silent level. This feature is perfect for those who have an open plan kitchen, and don’t want the dishwasher cycle to interrupt their latest TV series!

ActiveWater technology is another standout feature from Bosch, which ensures the dishwasher uses every drop of water. The model is very eco-friendly, and with an A++ energy rating, it should help to keeps your bills low.

The Bosch Serie 2 is a bit more expensive than some of the other models on the list, but the price reflects a quality appliance from a highly reputable brand.

Others who have bought the Bosch Serie 2 have stated that you really do get what you pay for with this model. Customers are delighted with how quick and quiet the dishwasher is. They also notice how easy to maintain the dishwasher is, as removing and cleaning the filters is an effortless task.

The Bosch Serie 2SPS34CW00G User Manual can be found here.

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#2 Beko DFS05010W 10 Place Slimline Freestanding Dishwasher

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Beko DFS05010W white

The Beko is a reliable slimline model dishwasher with 5 program settings from eco to intensive. The latter helping with hard to clean, baked-on stains. With a ‘quick 30’ setting, you can have clean dishes in just 30 minutes, although items that need a tougher wash, we recommend you put it on the intensive setting.

It has adjustable racking so you can fit pots and pans when needed and can wash up to 10 plates at a time. There is a half-load function which allows you to save time and money when you wash a smaller load. It has been given an A+ energy rating, and the overall yearly cost of running this is estimated at £39.68 a year.

In terms of a slimline dishwasher, it’s highly efficient and cheap to run. Plus, the price is very good for what you are getting, which makes it the perfect addition to your home.

In the reviews on Amazon, many customers are pleased with how reliable the Beko is. Unfortunately, a few people have suggested, the drying function is not as good as they’d hoped, but overall most are happy with it.

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#3 Indesit DSR15B1 Dishwasher Freestanding Slimline

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The Indesit DSR15B1 is perfect for all small kitchens that are high maintenance. With ten place settings, you can be sure all of your dirtiest pots, pans and crockery can take a bath at once.

It boasts an A-plus energy rating, so not only is it kind to the environment, it’s good for your bills. The Indesit is very user-friendly with an easy to use dial and buttons. With five different programs to choose from washing to drying, your dirty dishes get the deep clean they need.

What’s really impressive about the drying function of this machine, it has been given one of the highest ratings for the quality it can achieve.

All home appliances are subject to the most stringent testing to ensure they are not only consumer-friendly but also top quality and efficient products.

Because of the scores the Indesit DSR151B has received, and the positive reviews consumers have written, we strongly believe this to be one of the ultimate freestanding slimline dishwashers for your home.

Many people have given their honest opinions on Amazon after purchasing this dishwasher. I suggest you head on over using the link below and have a read of those comments.

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#4 Beko DFS28R20W

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Beko DFS28R20W whiteAnother Beko on the list, the DFS28R20W boasts many impressive features. Intelligent sensors check how dirty the water is, and the dishwasher automatically selects the perfect wash setting for the load. Therefore, only the necessary energy and water is used to complete the clean, making the Beko DFS28R20W eco-friendly. The ‘fast plus’ feature increases water pressure and washes temperature, which shortens the cycle by 70%.

Reviews about this Beko are great. Most buyers say; it looks fantastic, it’s easy to use and works incredibly well. However, capacity issues are a problem for some because they are having difficulties loading large diameter plates.

Generally, consumers are most happy about the eco-efficiency system and how simple maintaining the dishwasher is.

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#5 Hotpoint SIAL11010P Aquarius Dishwasher

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hotpoint aquarius sial 11010p

Our pick for one of the best buy slimline dishwasher is the Hotpoint SIAL11010P. This fantastic model tackles dirt and grime like no other slimline out there. It boasts an A+ energy rating and 7 different programs which allows it to work efficiently without compromising any quality. Ideal for those who live in hard water areas, the basic washing cycle is enough to get rid of limescale, which is why glasses get cloudy in the dishwasher.

What we love the most about this one is the overall value for money you are getting. Not only will your bills be cheap due to its efficiency, but you are getting an extremely well built, and well-designed model, from a leading brand. Therefore, you can be safe in the knowledge that it is highly unlikely to breakdown or have problems — all whilst picking it up for a very fair price.

Customers who purchased the Hotpoint SIAL11010P from Amazon have left positive reviews. The common theme being, they love the design because it’s easy to fit large plates and saucepans. Also, many are surprised by how quiet it operates, and nearly all are pleasantly surprised by the quality of finish using the quick wash mode.

Use the link below to check out the reviews for yourself.

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#6 Hotpoint Ultima SIUF32120P Slimline Dishwasher

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Hotpoint Ultima SIUF32120PThis compact, space-saving model is ideal for most kitchens. It has a flexible storage system, and when utilised takes the Hotpoint slimline dishwasher from 10 place settings to 15, including a vertical zone for those pots and pans to free up more space on the bottom area. We recommend this model for homes that have not got the space for a full-size dishwasher but require a dishwasher that can facilitate a big load.

Owners of the Ultima SIUF32120P are amazed by how quiet it operates that sometimes they forget it’s even on! Many online reviews have customers raving about how easily it removes some of the toughest stains. What’s more, the flexible storage system is a huge bonus for consumers with bigger families. If you have 4 or more people in your home, then this is the machine for you!

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#7 White Knight DW1045WA 10 Place Slimline Freestanding Dishwasher

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White Knight DW1045WALast on our freestanding slimline dishwasher list is the White Knight DW1045WA.

This model has 6 operational programs ranging from economy cycles to intensive. It owns a 10 place capacity setting with adjustable drawers, making it ideal for tight spaces and small wash loads. The White Knight DW1045WA holds A++ energy rating so you can be sure it’s not only saving you money but doing its part for the environment.

Users of the white knight slimline dishwasher, have no faults. They appreciate the build quality and how great of an asset it is to their kitchens.

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7 Best Integrated Slimline Dishwashers

Integrated models still posses that slim feature. Therefore, it makes them a great option for those with tight cabinet space and wishes for their model to blend in with the kitchen style.

Integrated slimline dishwashers are quite limited on the market. In turn, they are generally more expensive than freestanding. However, most models available are great assets.

#1 Bosch Serie 2 SPV25CX00G Fully Integrated Dishwasher

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Bosch Serie 2 SPV25CX00G Fully Integrated Dishwasher

The Bosch Serie 2 is dominating our list, with the freestanding version of the model ranking at #1 on our previous list, and now Bosch’s Serie 2 integrated slimline dishwasher getting our #1 vote here too.

It operates quietly at just 48 dB, so it will barely be noticed when running a cycle.

The two pull-out trays store 9 place settings are more than enough for most families. The top tray can also be adjusted for height, so taller dishes can still fit below when making the right adjustment. Conveniently, there’s also a built-in child lock system to prevent children from reaching up and pulling the door open while a cycle is in mid-flow. For drinking glasses and other delicate items, there’s the Aquamix protection system for them too.

There are also various wash modes including energy-efficient ones that can determine the total load and modifies the water and energy expended. The detergent detector is useful to avoid running a cycle and forgetting to add any suds! The Aqua stop – is a lifetime warranty protects against any water damage caused by the machine too.

Product manuals:

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#2 White Knight DW1045IA 10 Place Slimline Fully Integrated Dishwasher

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White Knight DW1045IANot all slimline dishwashers can boast 13 place settings like the White Knight DW1045IA can, whilst still maintaining its neat aesthetics.

It covers all bases with its features; 6 wash programs (including intensive & economy cycles) and automatic wash temperature selection. Where space saving is a big priority for your kitchen, the White Knight delivers a compact look without losing out on function.

Added bonuses are the overall lightweight feel, quiet and efficient programs (brilliant for open plan living/dining areas) and even a pots and pans setting for deep cleaning hard to shift stains. Its A++ energy efficiency shows how far dishwashers have come in being as good for the environment, and your pocket, as possible.

Owners like the fact it’s lightweight, which makes it easy to move and install. The wash programs are a big hit in the reviews because they can accommodate the load accordingly. A bad point within reviews is an issue with the tablet tray. Because of the design, pots and pans can get in the way; however, a simple fix is just to chuck the tablet in freely or before you load!

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#3 CDA WC432 10 Place Slimline Fully Integrated Dishwasher

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CDAWC432The first CDA branded dishwasher on our list is the WC432. CDA is not a household name in home appliances, but it is worth noting their products come with 5-year parts and 2 years labour warranty. It boasts a great loading capacity with a height-adjustable top basket, a feature many others do not have. Not only that, the CDA WC432 offers more internal space than most integrated models. Where some slimline dishwashers lack with their drying ability, this particular model has an “active drying fan”. If you want a good washer and dryer combo, then this is ideal for you!

A lot of the buyers of this dishwasher are very vocal about the capacity inside. It’s uncommon to see on an integrated model, which is why this particular dishwasher is rather popular. What’s more, the quick wash setting gets a lot of love from owners, purely down to the efficiency, speed, and quality.

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#4 White Knight DW0945IA

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white knight dishwasherMuch can be said about the White Knight DW0945IA, good and bad. The cleaning power is by far the strongest attribute it posses. Other notable points include; the quietness, it’s A+ energy rating and the adjustable top drawer. We take consumers opinions into consideration also, and one thing we agree with them is there is a lack of space inside this particular White Knight dishwasher. You will struggle to get a standard size dinner plate on the bottom rack; however, you can adjust the top tray, which will give ample room below. Furthermore, it only has 5 wash settings to choose from.

This is a great dishwasher if you are on a tight budget and your washing up pile is not too large. The DW0945IA will get the job done (clean dishes) as good as any other slimline; however, you will be sacrificing quality elsewhere.

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#5  Bosch SPV40C10GB Fully Integrated Slimline

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Bosch SPV40C10GB

The Bosch is a slimline, compact and reliable dishwasher. It comes with many great features such as; Load recognition, Vario speed, Activewater technology, and EcoSilence drive.

What do these do?

Load recognition: Does exactly what it is. It automatically recognises how you have loaded your dishwasher and then chooses the appropriate cycle, to ensure maximum quality whilst having an eye on being Eco-friendly.

Variospeed: Reduces the wash time by 50% and, you still get the same clean as a full cycle regardless.

ActiveWater technology: Common amongst most dishwashers, however, the sole purpose is to maximise efficiency and Eco-friendliness. It saves water and energy through a specific distribution of water and higher pump rates to deliver excellent results.

EcoSilence Drive: Works without brushes, and uses less electricity, however cleaning results are affected. This is an exclusive Bosch feature!

Consumers who bought the Bosch SPV40C10GB give it a good rating because of the many features it has to offer. Although many owners are vocal about the lack of drying power it has. Other than that negative, they believe it’s a good machine and worth the price.

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#6 Cookology CBID450 Fully Integrated, Built-in Slimline Dishwasher

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COOKOLOGY CBID450Very few slimline dishwashers can boast an A++ energy rating like the Cookology CBID450. The clever design makes this machine a friend of you and your bills! What’s more, it has 10 place settings, with enough room on the bottom tray to store pots and plates without having to make room. The Cookology has 6 different wash programs, ranging from; Eco all the way to intensive.

This integrated dishwasher also holds a rapid mode in which you can get clean dishes in 30 minutes without compromising quality! It’s compact and ideal for tight spaces. You can attach a cupboard door so the washer flows with the rest of your kitchen.

Owners, really rate the versatility of this machine for the range of modes and the room inside. For the low price, it is worth every penny.

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#7 AEG F78400VI0P Slimline Integrated Dishwasher

A clean looking stainless steel slimline model, which has an A energy rating and 9 place settings. From researching the market, we decided not to recommend this machine to you. Our reasoning behind this decision is based on value alone. The AEG is expensive for what you are getting.

The lowest price we found was almost double that of our number 1 pick for an integrated slimline dishwasher, and in comparison, there’s nothing to talk about.

How We Decide The Best Slimline Dishwasher For You

Here is our rationale for choosing our picks. We thought we’d let you know otherwise you may have thought we don’t care, but we do, were Geeks!!

Let’s take a look:


We check every specification of the appliances we are rating, to make sure they live up to their price tags. We research into the make and design, washing & drying capabilities, Eco modes, the capacity, ease of use, and many more! We literally cover every nut and bolt, every feature, to find out for you if they are worthy purchases.


We find out all the information about how it works, and what doesn’t work so well. We know a quality machine is well built and does exactly the job required when used on any mode. Price tags on freestanding and integrated models vary considerably. We make it our job that no matter what we put in front of you it is a quality product.

Owner feedback

While we do try and test each individually, it does get time-consuming and not practical. So instead, we find out what other people who have made purchases are saying. Which helps us give you a better understanding.

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