10 Best Upright Vacuum Cleaners UK (2020)

Updated January 2020 / Posted June 2019 

If you’re in the market for the best upright vacuum cleaners in the UK, then you have come to the right place.

Vacuuming is an unavoidable chore that we all have to do, especially if you have a lot of carpet in your home.

All homes are different, and all though some people may have a small stick vac, others will require something a bit more industrial, like an upright.

But again, they are all different, and many people do not realise how so. Some are designed specifically for homes with pets, and others are made for the user to enjoy and feel comfortable.

Upright’s are extremely popular due to their well known powerful suction abilities. Most have rotating bar brush built into the head, to dislodge the most deep-rooted hairs in carpets.

These bar brushes can be adjusted in height, allowing you to glide over hard floors. But, because pretty much any other type can do the same thing on a wooden floor, with a cheaper price tag we recommend a different version.

We have written a short, handy guide for you to read before you see our reviews below, to give you clarity and a better understanding of upright vacuum cleaners, and how to choose one for your needs.

Should You Buy An Upright Vacuum Cleaner?

​If your home is mostly carpet, then you should definitely consider one.

An upright vacuum cleaner will be effective on a hard floor but, because of their design features, they are more suited for carpets.

They can be quite heavy, which makes them difficult to handle for long times. However, upright vacuums are easy to operate, because of great innovations, such as The Dyson ball.

*If you want something a bit more lightweight, you are better off looking at a cylinder model.

The suction power, along with rotating brushes is what make upright vacuum cleaners so good.

If you have pets, and the hairs get deep in the carpet grain, then a powerful vacuum will get them out.

how to choose an upright vacuum

Frequently Asked Questions When Choosing An Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Choosing the best upright vacuum cleaner for your home requires a little think about your needs and demands.

Because there are a plethora of models out there, this can be a brain-busting task, that’s why we have put together this mini upright vacuum cleaner buying guide to put you on the right track to making a good choice.

What Is The Difference Between A Standard And A Lift-Away Upright Vacuum Cleaner?

There are two different types of upright vacuums. Standard and Lift-Away.

Standard is as essential as you get, but they are still fantastic. They possess all the features you would want, and the suction power is no different. However, it can be difficult with these to clean the stairs and places like that.

Lift-aways provide you with great freedom to clean every corner of your home. They have the same looks as a standard version, but you can separate the handle/hose away from the main body, giving it more functionality.

They are perfect if you have a lot of stairs, furniture or even wish to use it for your car.

How Much Should You Expect To Pay For An Upright Vacuum Cleaner?

Upright vacuum cleaners vary a lot in terms of cost due to features, branding and size. The most crucial part of buying a new appliance is knowing what budget you have to spend.

We recommend you stay away from the cheap models (under £50), and always do thorough research before purchasing a high-end model.

You can purchase a budget vacuum cleaner for under £100, but a mid-price model will be £150-£200 and expect to pay over £200 for the higher-end models.

​Also, if you own pets and you want a vacuum cleaner to remove the hairs from your carpet, you will likely have to look at models in the higher price range.

What Vacuum Cleaner Should I Buy If I have Pets or Allergies?

​If you have a pet or you/anyone at your home has an allergy or asthma, then you will need to consider the filters.

A HEPA filter is the most effective for these types of problems, as they can contain the majority of particles.

Dyson vacuums are the best-filtered designs, with over 6 different allergy associations approving of their filters.

Do Upright Vacuum Cleaners Possess High Suction Power?

A vacuum cleaner needs to have powerful suction. Some versions are better than others, though the majority of upright vacuum cleaners have incredible power.

This level of suction power is why upright vacuum cleaners are so popular because they leave your carpets and floors looking brand new.

If you are a pet owner, or your carpets are prone to dirt, then you want a vacuum with powerful suction.

What’s the Difference Between A Bagged or Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner?

​Having a vacuum that deposits dust into a bag can cause some issues. Most bags will have to be replaced, which means your vacuum will cost you more to use in the long run.

Other problems are common also. Bagged hoovers are not very hygienic and can cause a lot of  mess if not disposed of correctly.

A bagless model is much more efficient and easy to empty. They usually have a transparent container on the front, which comes apart by pressing a single button. Emptying it is also much more straightforward. More often than not, they have a release lever that opens the top allowing you to quickly put waste straight into the bin without ever handling it.

An appealing factor about upright vacuums is they’re mostly bagless.

What Other Factors Should I Consider When Buying An Upright Vacuum Cleaner?

Upright vacuums are not the lightest of items you’ll come across, and they need some manual effort. Since you will be using it frequently, you should consider the weight before you make a buying decision. You can do this by paying a little extra attention to the item specs and view the weight of the vacuum.

A lightweight upright vacuum cleaner that is easy to manoeuvre is well worth the money and will make vacuuming feel like less of a chore.

You also need to consider bin capacity, as a small-capacity bin will be more time consuming for you because you will need to empty it more often. Ideally, we recommend at least 1.5L bin capacity.

Best Upright Vacuum Cleaners Available In The UK

#1 Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor Vacuum Cleaner

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Dyson Light Ball Multi FloorThe Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor upright vacuum is the best overall on the market.

The reason we love it so much is down to the incredible design, versatility and power. It should come as no surprise the Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor is highly rated and loaded with amazing technology, purely because it is a Dyson product.

It is also very lightweight and durable, weighing just 6.9kg.

What I love about it is how versatile it is on all floors. Unlike other vacuums, the Dyson does not lose any suction quality when changing surfaces. This is due to the active base plate in the machine cleaners head, which automatically sets its self for optimum contact with a floor type.

The high suction power stays the same, due to Dyson’s patented ‘radial root cyclone technology’. It has been proven that Dyson cyclones clear up more dirt than others. Capturing dust, pollen, mould and bacteria is a speciality of this vacuum, as it can hoover microscopic particles. You can be 100% sure with the Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor you will have a fresh home, plus the best upright vacuum cleaner.

There is a lot to love about it. Here are some more reasons:

  • Instant release wand, to make your life easier getting the hard parts, like stairs, corners and behind radiators
  • Clear bin, so you can see when it needs emptying. Clearing the waste is very easy with a quick-release button, which means you are unlikely to get dirty yourself
  • Ball technology is a feature of most Dyson’s, and this has it. With a ball, moving your hoover becomes a lot easier and manageable. Rather than lifting and turning, you simply swivel the vacuum
  • 40% quieter than the previous DC40 model
  • Impressive 5-year warranty from Dyson, although it is highly likely to serve you for years after

What I like

I really do love how deep the Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor cleans carpets and own one myself.

Personally, I truly believe it to be one of the best vacuum cleaners. At home, we have 2 dogs, and their hairs are almost everywhere. Before purchasing the Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor, I had real struggle to remove the deep-grained hairs from the bottom of my carpet, but now they come out with absolute ease due to the excellent cleaning brush. I enjoy my vacuuming now, whereas before it seemed like a chore. A nice bonus is the Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor leaves a fresh smell after use because it has an air filter. I can’t recommend it enough. By far the best upright vacuum cleaner.

To prove my point, even more, it has hundreds of reviews online, and the majority are overwhelmingly positive. I suggest you go over to Amazon and have a read of them with the link below. It helped me choose, and I am sure the current owner reviews will aid you too.

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#2 Shark DuoClean with Powered Lift Away NV801UK

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Best upright vacuum cleaner uk shark

Shark is well known for producing some of the best vacuum cleaners in the world. Especially for pet hair. It does not stop there as the brand is well renowned for creating extraordinary steam cleaners. Clearly, they know how to create amazing products for the consumer. The Shark DuoClean NV801UK is no exception. You can expect immense quality and a highly reliable vacuum when you buy one of these. Ideally, pet owners will reap the best benefits from it.

The DuoClean technology is a unique feature on Shark vacuums and it’s designed to make your look brand new and seamlessly switch to hard floors with no loss of ability. How it works is, there are two rolling brushes. The soft brush directly targets stuck-on dirt and microscopic dust particles on hard flooring. While the hard bristle​ brush works deep into the fibres of your carpet removing everything it comes across. Because you do not need to change the head to alternate the brushes, it’s really functional and easy to use.

What’s more, it boasts complete allergen seal technology, which captures and holds 99.9% of dust and allergens inside the vacuum, so they are not in the air. That feature is a must have for your home if you have people who suffer from asthma, hay-fever and many others.

You can clean all around your home and even the tricky areas with ease, thanks to the powered lift-away feature. Although, many vacuums on the market have a lift-away purpose which turns your upright vacuum into a handheld one. The Shark DuoClean NV801UK goes one step further. The powered lift-away delivers power directly to the brush head instead of using suction alone. Therefore you end up with a better cleaning experience.


  • High power suction
  • Lift-away feature
  • DuoClean technology
  • Highly rated brand
  • Bagless
  • Perfect for those with allergies
  • Ideal for homes with pets
  • Good on all floor types
  • Washable HEPA filter


  • Dust container could be larger
  • The short lead which can be a pain

As you can see, the ​Shark DuoClean NV801UK is an exceptional upright vacuum cleaner. It is highly reliable boasts great suction power, gives you fantastic cleaning results, and it good for allergies and pet hair. If you’re in the market for a vacuum of this type, then it really does tick all the boxes. What’s more, there is no juiced up price tag attached to it. Although the power lead is quite short, which is irritating, it is a better product than others on the market.

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#3 Hoover Breeze Evo TH31BO02

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best upright vacuum from hooverThe Breeze Evo is from a leading brand in vacuum cleaners, Hoover. They are well known for designing and creating fantastic, reliable, and powerful vacuums. This one is no different. It boasts a 4.5m stretch hose, which allows it to clean a thirteen step staircase with no issues.

Your stairs will be looking brand new after using it due to the 350W motor that gives it incredible suction power, making sure it leaves no place untouched. Also, the Hoover Breeze Evo has an adjustable bar brush, which makes it a great tool for all floor types. Because it’s adjustable any deep buried pet hairs or dust can be easily removed when you have it on the lowest settings. However, if you have hard flooring in your home as well, use the settings to adjust the brush and it will effortlessly glide over the surface removing any debris along the way.

What’s more, a generous 3-litre bin contains enough space that you will not need to keep emptying it after every go. Cleaning it out is very simple also. An eject button will open the lid and the contents will fall out, without touching your hands. Just make sure you do that over a large bin!

To make life easy for you, it has a 7M long cable, therefore you will not need to carry it or move it from sockets very often. Plus, when you buy the ​​Hoover Breeze Evo TH31BO02, you will receive a good amount of handy attachments. The best one is the mini turbo brush. It is specific for pet owners due to the extra ability it has to up and move the smallest and hardest of hairs stuck within your carpet.


  • ​A+ Energy Rated
  • Great with pet hair
  • Affordable
  • Includes several different attachments


  • No HEPA filter, so bad for people with allergies
  • It is heavy so can be difficult to push about

Overall, the Hoover Breeze Evo is a good, quality, cheap alternative vacuum compared to others on the market.  Plus, it comes from a leading brand, ensuring you will get a reliable asset.

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#4 Vax Mach Air Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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best vax upright vacuum

Keeping a clean and tidy home requires a powerful and reliable vacuum cleaner. The difficult task is seeking out which one is best for you. With all the models, designs and technology out there, finding one that is simple to use, boasts powerful suction, and does not cost an arm and a leg can be tricky.

This is where the Vax Mach Air comes in to play. Vax have created the ultimate affordable vacuum cleaner, which possesses features you will find on some of the more expensive vacuum cleaners. It has multi-cyclonic technology, therefore you will feel no loss of suction between hard floors and carpeted areas.

The 820W motor power is responsible for such suction power, and it’s really easy to understand why people are loving it. No floors will be uncleaned, and no dirt will remain after use. If you have stubborn dust, hair or particles the Vax Mach Air comes with additional attachments to completely eliminate it. The turbo tool is a fantastic attachment, that will remove pet debris, so pet owners and lovers, you can be sure this vacuum will work for you too.

On the downside, the mobile hose length is only 1.3m and it causes a problem when it comes to hoovering the stairs. But, you will get a detachable handle for that hose that adds another 1m. It does not completely solve the problem although it helps.

However, since it is lightweight (4.9KG) mobility is not really an issue. Using it a moving and manoeuvring is good. Unlike some heavier upright vacuums, you will not strain yourself too much whilst operating it.

Because of the dust that is disturbed when vacuuming, its essential for some they have filters. The VAX boasts a HEPA filter for allergies.


  • Powerful Pick-Up
  • No loss of suction between floors
  • Additional attachments for all your needs
  • Energy saving technology A+ rated
  • Very good value for money


  • Only has a 1.5L capacity which will require emptying often
  • The short hose means it is difficult to use in hard places like stairs

Overall the VAX Mach Air is a fantastic vacuum cleaner. Within its price range (less than £90) it’s by far the leading model. The real design downside we found is. Because the suction is very powerful and it picks up a lot of dirt, the 1.5L bin is not big enough, so emptying has to be done frequently. However, it has simple and hygienic cleaning, but it can be a pain nonetheless.

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#5 Bosch BCH625KTGB Athlet

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best bosch upright vacuum

A stunning, well-designed cordless upright vacuum, the Bosch BCH625KTGB Athlet boasts a vast amount of advanced technology.  Although the Bosch vacuum range is minimal, this model is the best cordless upright vacuum available on the market. It’s highly efficient bagless-technology, and the high power all floor brush gives you a great performance on all floor types.

It boasts durable and high-powered, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that give you over 60 minutes of running time, and a short charging period. (3 hours).

Impressively this model has three performance levels:

  1. Normal jobs and general cleaning. The battery will last for the maximum time.
  2. Medium and more stubborn areas, but the battery will last for 40 minutes.
  3. The big issues and most stubborn areas to clean. The battery only last half the maximum time.

To ensure you do not need to resort to level 3, for the big jobs. You get a nozzle brush roll, which is well-designed to dislodge and remove the dirt, hair and dust on all carpets. In addition to that, it comes with an ‘All floor high-power brush.’

What I find most impressive is the performance sensor control. The Bosch will let you know if you need to go back over a certain spot and will alert you, when you need to clean the filter, by displaying a notification on the digital display screen. Having that feature is really helpful, and saves you a massive headache from trying to find out any issues.

Using the Bosch BCH625KTGB Athlet is nice and easy. Due to it being cordless you get a lot of freedom to move. And again, it’s great design means it has fantastic manoeuvrability, and added tools for targeting the more awkward places.


  • Cordless with rechargeable batteries
  • Only 3kg in weight which is very light for an upright hoover
  • Ideal for cleaning furniture and cars, due to its battery life and suction power
  • Very effective on all floors
  • Works quietly


  • Must be recharged after every use, to ensure maximum performance.
  • Only has a 0.9L capacity, so for 3 bedroom homes or more, it’s not the most ideal model.
  • Quite pricey, for its size. But fair for the quality you get.

Overall it completes the job just how you’d expect a vacuum cleaner too, and it boasts some extra cool technology!

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#6 Vax UCNBAWP1 Power Nano

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best vax upright vacuum cleaner

The Vax UCNBAWP1 Power Nano is a fantastic vacuum cleaner. It is compact lightweight and very powerful. It’s no surprise why it is one of the most popular hoovers on Amazon. The suction power makes it ideal for pet owners, specifically if you have dogs and your current vacuum struggles with their hairs! We love the design of the Vax, it has amazing aesthetics and handles very well. Although in our opinion hoovers with a ball such as the Dyson DC40 are generally the best for handling, this one is very lightweight (5.2k), which ensures easy use.

What we love most about this upright vacuum, is the effortless clean between hardwood and carpet flooring. Due to the power it contains, you will really appreciate the all-around clean it will give to your home. Not only that, pet owners will again love the fact that is has a pet odour filter built in. Most vacuums do not take away the bad scent of pets, but you can rely on this hoover to do so.

There is a lot to like about the Vax UCNBAWP1 Power Nano. Here are a few more things.

  • Bagless vacuum, with a large capacity. Easy to empty dust and other contents straight into a bin.
  • Folding handle ensures you can store it away in tight areas, to save space.
  • Very cheap for what you get. More expensive models, cannot achieve what the Vax can.
  • Very easy to use, move and store away.

Clearly, the Vax UCNBAWP1 Power Nano is an impressive upright vacuum. But what’s more impressive is what other buyers on Amazon are saying. There are tons of reviews all mainly positive. I recommend you check them out as well.

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#7 Dyson DC25 Animal Lightweight

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best upright dyson vacuum

Dyson is a well trusted and reliable brand, and one that the majority of people find excellent for building the best vacuums. As we take a closer look at the Dyson DC25 Animal you will clearly see why.

This vacuum is an extremely popular model among consumers, because of the qualities it boasts. It is a lightweight model weighing only 7.3kg and considering it is quite clunky, that’s, to say the least. What’s more, it has the Dyson pattered ball technology, which makes it incredibly easy to manoeuver around your home.

An animal by name, but also an animal by nature. It is named for a specific reason, and that is due to the DC25’s ability to combat any pet hair that may have found itself lodged into your carpet or furniture. This vacuum has been engineered for powerful pet hair removal. Thanks to the patented root cyclone technology, it loses no suction power across any flooring you have. Plus, with the motorised brush and special attachments. You can clean, skirtings, stairs, upholstery and even your car with complete ease whilst achieving awesome results.

The internal HEPA filter makes it great for those who suffer from asthma or allergens. Incredibly, Dyson uses the same HEPA filter any hospital would use, as it traps even the smallest of particles. For even more peace of mind, this upright vacuum has been approved by 12 allergy associations worldwide, including; BAF. Finally, the filter is washable with some cold water, and will not need to be replaced.

The Dyson DC25 Animal is a bagless hoover, therefore it is good if you do not wish to pay for more bags. As well, the bin is transparent so you can clearly see when it needs emptying.


  • Fantastic value
  • Has additional attachments and tools for all parts of your home
  • Comes from a trusted brand with a 5-year warranty
  • Works on all floor types
  • Approved HEPA filter – Suitable for those with allergies


  • 1.4 Litre capacity bin

Overall, the Dyson DC25 Animal is an outstanding vacuum cleaner, and worth every penny.

The price tag will not burn a hole in your pocket, as another top quality product would. We highly recommend it, and we believe you should use the link below to check out hundreds of reviews from current owners. ​

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#8 Shark Lift Away NV601UKT

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shark nv601ukt best upright vacuumThe Shark NV601UKT​ is a specifically designed vacuum for the easy removal of pet hair. In our opinion, pet owners will love it. Our research and testing concluded it is the best vacuum for pet hair! The reason we like it so much is due to the engineering behind it. For example, the pet brush attachment is easy and quick to assemble and use. It works like a treat, thanks to the immense suction power it possesses.

However, the feature we like most from the Shark NV601UKT​ is the lift-away ability. What this means is for those who need to, you can very simply turn the traditional upright vacuum into a portable one in an instant. What’s more, there is no loss of suction power at all. So, even if your cats or dogs happen to leave a trail of hair up the stairs you will be able to deep clean it, no problem.

Sounds incredible right? Well, here are some other reasons why you will love it.

  • Works perfectly on a carpet and hard floors
  • Shark extended reach – A telescopic extension allows you to get to the hardest parts of your home such as ceilings
  • HEPA filters, anti-allergen seal technology, plus being a bagless vacuum gives extra assurance to those with allergies.
  • Enhanced swivel steering gives you total control over hoover. Also with it being lightweight, using it will not involve a warm up!
  • LED lights, light up the dust making it very easy for you to suck away!

As you can see, there is so much to like about the Shark NV601UKT​. It is no surprise this model is popular. Take a look at what others are saying about it. There are hundreds of reviews on Amazon. Use the link below to see for yourself. ​

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#9 Vax UCPESHV1 Air Lift

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vax powerful vacuum cleaner

If you’re in the market for the lightest upright vacuum in the UK then this Vax UCPESHV1 Air Lift is the one you are looking for. It still boasts immense power with cyclone technology that will not leave you disappointed or your floors dirty. What’s more, it has lift-out technology which is handy for getting in those hard to get areas. Because of the lift-out function, which makes the cylinder portable, this particular Vax becomes really versatile. Many consumers who have brought it, say it is the perfect vacuum for cleaning a car. To ensure you have a smooth time hoovering it has excellent control with the steering technology.

Although the overall design and looks are fantastic. The most impressive feature of the Vax UCPESHV1 Air Lift is definitely its ability to keep suction power. It has been given a performance rating of AAAA which is the highest that can be awarded. Plus, you will also get the TurboTool, something which pet owners will love. By attaching the TurboTool to the hose, any embedded pet hairs will be brushed and sucked away for a perfectly clean floor.

Just some more reasons to really like the Vax UCPESHV1 Air Lift.

  • 1.5L cylinder capacity, therefore, you will be able to use your vacuum multiple times without having to clear out the dirt.
  • Very easy to use due to steering technology and the portable cylinder.
  • A Vax product, so you will get great service, and an overall great hoover.
  • Cheaper and better than most alternatives.
  • Fantastic suction power, so it is ideal for pet owners.

Generally, it is a great little vacuum. It is no surprise as to why so many people have left positive reviews. Go to Amazon with the link below and check them out.

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#10 Shark NV800UKT DuoClean

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Shark NV800UKT DuoClean

Another brilliant vacuum from Shark, the NV800UKT is a combination of technology, power and performance, all to give you lush results.

Talking of technology, the first innovation is DuoClean. Unlike most vacuums, this has two brush rolls working together seamlessly to remove the three common types of dirt found on floors. The soft brush is ideal for hard floor types, because the direct contact instantly removes the stuck-on grime, dust and other particles, very easily. Giving your floor a pristine look.

By using the DualClean control located on the handle, you can effortlessly switch to using the second bristle bar, for carpets. The reason it is so efficient is that this bar sinks itself deep into the fibres removing and embedded hairs, particles and dirt.

The second innovation is the powered lift-away ability. Lift-away means you can release the cylinder away from the frame, essentially turning your vacuum into a portable hoover. What sets the Shark NV800UKT apart from others, is the power it holds, whilst being used in lift-away mode. The brushes will continue to rotate for a deep clean of stairs, hallways and other difficult areas like upholstery. Unlike most vacuums that rely on suction alone.

To conclude this Shark vacuum is a perfect fit for any home that may have pet hairs, dust, and dirt. This model has tremendous suction power, with assisting technology. The performance levels are great and it’s no surprise consumers who bought one, really love it. Over at Amazon, the NV800UKT has hundreds of reviews. Nearly all of them are positive and share a common theme. I highly recommend you take a look at it over there, to see if it is for you. Use the link below.


  • Great for pet owners
  • Incredible cleaning results due to the DualClean technology
  • Can be used for cleaning cars due to the lift-away mode
  • LED lights to illuminate dust particles for easy cleaning


  • No allergen or HEPA filters
  • Quite Heavy

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It’s no secret the best upright vacuum cleaners are quite pricey. However, some on our list are good value for money. We have tried our best to cater for all budget types, with the models we’ve reviewed.

It’s worth noting, these top 10 vacuums are on here because of their quality and reliability.  If one is more pricey than the other, there is a good chance it’s for a reason. Such as; better suction power, better filters, higher rated.

We have done our utmost to represent every UK model without any bias.  We wish you happy shopping and invite you to ask any questions you may have about any appliances.

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