4 Best Mini Ovens

Mini ovens are beneficial for homeowners and renters alike for a variety of reasons. They’re compact cooking appliances that can replace a broken cooker/oven combo or fit neatly into a small kitchen. Versatility is also a major factor too.

While they can fit on a countertop, they are also able to slot into place within the kitchen cabinets (as long as the appliance doesn’t come with hobs or hot plates (like the Andrew James product reviewed later).

With modern mini ovens, they’re highly flexible cooking appliances. They may be a convection oven or a fan-assisted one. Making a chicken or preparing a cake for dinner guests is possible. A few models may grill well, air fry chips or cook pasta on the hob at the top. There’s often different sizes and litre capacities to think about too. Therefore, larger families or couples can choose a model with a large capacity to prepare a Sunday roast that’s enough for everyone.

4 Best Mini Ovens Available In The UK

#1 VonShef 20L Mini Oven Cooker and Grill – Best Value Mini Oven

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VonShef 20L Mini Oven Cooker and Grill

The VonShef 20-litre mini-oven serves a dual purpose as both an oven to roast chicken or bake veritable delights and as a grill too. The metal rack to use for grilling evenly or utilising the oven tray for baking can be positioned near the bottom of the mini oven or higher up near the mid-level. The higher level is better for grilling or for getting food a little crispier before serving up. A removable handle is also supplied, which makes it safer when removing trays with hot food.

The 1,350-watt power capacity leaves no doubt that this oven can do what’s required of it. Temperature options run from 70-degrees Centigrade up to 230-degrees. This wide range of heat levels provides plenty of choices depending on whether you’re baking or cooking poultry which needs a higher temperature to cook right through.

The knob dials at the front on the right side allow you to adjust for temperature, cooking function (oven, grill, etc.) and duration. The timing can be set from one minute up to 2 hours which is great for larger birds with stuffing inside that requires an extended cooking time.

The mini oven can sit proudly on your countertop. Its external dimensions are very reasonable at 44.6cm wide by 27.1cm in height by 37.8cm in depth.

Also, there’s a two-year warranty included from the manufacturer.

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#2 Andrew James Mini Oven with Hob – The Best Mini Oven With Hob Included

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Andrew James Mini Oven with Hob

The Andrew James mini oven is a little different because it comes with dual hobs at the top too. Therefore, it’s best situated on the countertop and not be expected to slide it into kitchen cabinetry with only the front oven door exposed.

The 33-litre capacity is plenty to cook large turkeys or chicken at Christmas time or bake all weekend if desired.  The 1,300-watt capacity provides controllable oven temperatures up to 230-centigrade. Also, the two hobs at the top of this appliance provide up to 700-watts and 1,000-watts, respectively, to boil up soups, cook pasta, fry bacon or produce an Asian-inspired stir fry.

The control knobs on the right side start with temperature controls for the 700-watt hob before moving onto the 1,000-watt one. The third knob is for the oven temperature setting and then the last knob selects the function for the oven (grill, oven, etc.). The oven isn’t set with a timer, so it’s necessary to start the baking or roasting process and set a timer yourself to avoid overcooking food.

There’s also a two-year warranty from the manufacturer with this product too.

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#3 Klarstein MasterChef 45L Mini Oven – Best Choice Large Counter Top Oven

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Klarstein MasterChef 45 Mini Oven

The Klarstein MasterChef is no slouch in the cooking stakes. It has a 45-litre capacity, so it has a significant internal capacity for roasting large turkeys to feed all the family. The black and stainless-steel design is certainly high-class and won’t look out of place in a fancy new kitchen makeover either.

This mini oven has internal lighting to see how food is cooking. It has a circulating Rotisserie function with the ability to roast a big bird thoroughly over a period of time for a more consistent result. Alternatively, a gyro or kebab can be roasted on the rotating spit too. The secure double glass front door makes it easy to observe the cooking process to learn the best cooking times too.

The oven works in the aforementioned Rotisserie mode or as a more traditional convection oven too. Temperature controls run from 100-degrees Centigrade up to 230-degrees. The cooking timer runs for up to an hour with an audible alarm when the time has elapsed. There’s also a useful smart mode that works to ensure the oven or Rotisserie works best to deliver a crispy, juicy, or both, finish to dishes.

There are various accessories included in the box. These include a baking tray and removable handle, a grill and its removable handle too, and the Rotisserie spit.

The appliance is made in Germany, so it comes with an EU plug and a converter for use in the UK. This is supplied in the box, so it is ready to immediately plug the appliance into the UK mains and start cooking.

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#4 KitchenAid KMQFX 33910 – Best Quality Table Top Oven

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KitchenAid Freestanding Microwave Oven

The KitchenAid KMQFX 33910 is a tabletop, freestanding 33-litre convection microwave model that is capable of roasting, baking, air frying, steaming and performing other cooking feats. It has a slick appearance with a digital display, LED temperature/timing indicators and a dial knob to make quick adjustments.

With roasting, it can roast up some beef, prepare a minted leg of lamb or a turkey without losing its natural juiciness or flavour.

The baking mode includes a double rising facility that helps to encourage the dough to rise perfectly with your cakes and other baked goods. The temperature control with a 5-degree incremental adjustment allows for fine control of all your baking to ensure practice makes perfect.

An air fryer functionality is present here as well. This allows frying with up to a 40 per cent reduction in saturated oil in the finished product, which makes it healthier and less messy to prepare too.

It’s also possible to produce curd or yoghurt inside this mini oven. There’s a programmed function just for this purpose which is easily selectable.

The steam function is a surprising extra that can replace a steamer that’s seen its best days. Certainly, a healthier way to cook vegetables without losing all their nutrients in the process.

Also, if you have something like butter or hard chocolate that you’d like to melt down a little bit, then there’s also a function for this too.

Perhaps best of all, there’s a 5-year warranty with this product as a testament to its expected reliability.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are mini ovens good for baking?

Mini ovens are designed to be excellent for baking all types of cakes, pastry, and other delicacies. The varied temperature settings down to a few degree adjustments provide excellent control. Some appliances even have special functions for different types of baked goods including making curd. They can melt butter and soften ingredients too.

Can you bake a cake in a mini oven?

A cake is perfect to bake in a mini oven. Most ovens have a large enough capacity to prepare cakes to feed all the family too. Some ovens have different modes depending on the type of baked goods being prepared that day too. There’s even a few with functions to help the cakes rise at the end for the perfect finish.

What can you cook in a mini oven?

It depends on the litre capacity of the oven as to what size it can handle. A good 12-inch pizza will usually fit. For a 20-litre oven, a small roast chicken can cook nicely complete with crispy skin that the family can fight over! With a 33-litre capacity model, a larger chicken or turkey to feed an extended family will be fine too.

Are mini ovens cheaper to run?

The answer to this varies from model to model. Most mini ovens are smaller than ones that come with a freestanding cooker/oven combo. Therefore, they tend to use less energy than traditional gas or electric cookers. While this isn’t usually the main motivation when purchasing a mini oven, owners usually happily discover that they’re energy-efficient to own and use.

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