10 Best Stovetop Kettles For Gas Hobs [2021]

We spent hours of our time researching and debating what we think the best stovetop kettles for gas hobs are.

We firmly believe the best to be the Le Creuset Traditional Kettle. The aesthetics are amazing, and it has a real high-end feel to it. But also, it has an excellent capacity for water, very durable, and will stand the test of time. But more, importantly it boils very quickly and has a high whistle. Plus, it’s an ideal fit for other heating sources other than gas hobs.

But because we understand it won’t make everyone’s cuppa tea (poor joke, sorry). We have presented you with nine more stovetop kettles that we feel are very good, from our research.

It’s fair to understand that these are in our own humble opinion good enough to be on this list.

There are thousands of different products out there, and we’ve seen them all. Because you can’t be expected to sieve through the internet and decide which one should be in your kitchen, we have created a buying guide for you.

If you are unsure what kettle you need in your kitchen, scroll to the bottom of this page and find our “How To Pick A Kettle For Your Gas Hob” guide.

Alternatively, use the table of contents provided for quick navigation.

Here are our top recommendations:

Le Creuset Traditional Stove-Top Kettle with WhistleLe Creuset Traditional Stove-Top Kettle with Whistle
  • Enamelled steel kettle with heat-resistant
  • Suitable for all hob types
  • Safe and easy to use and clean 
  • Serves 4 cups
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KitchenCraft Le'Xpress Induction-Safe Whistling Stovetop KettleKitchenCraft Le'Xpress Induction-Safe Whistling Stovetop Kettle
  • 2 Litre capacity
  • Suitable for all heat sources
  • Flip-up spout for safe and simple use. 
  • 10 year guarantee
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Tescoma Tea Kettle Corona with CoverTescoma Tea Kettle Corona with Cover
  • Spout with a safe touch-free opening cap
  • Made of high-grade stainless steel
  • Suitable for all types of cookers
  • 3-year warranty
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10 Best Stovetop Kettles For Gas Hobs

#1 Le Creuset Traditional Kettle with Whistle, 2.1L

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Le Creuset Traditional Kettle with Whistle 2.1L Volcanic

If you’re looking for a top of the range and super stylish stovetop kettle for your gas hob, then you need this Le Creuset one. It’s stunning and is made from enamelled steel, giving your kitchen an extra touch of luxury.

The one we’re reviewing is the Volcanic colour, but there are also five more colour options for you to choose from, along with a stainless steel version.

The traditional style and shape it has give this a fantastic 2.1L water capacity. If you’re a heavy tea drinker like me, then you will be delighted, as there’s always plenty left for more.

For added user safety it has a durable phenolic fixed, cool-touch safety handle, to stop any burns that could occur otherwise. Even more so, the handle design gives you greater control over lifting and pouring. Plus, it’s effortless to clean, which is always a bonus.

Another good point about it is it’s suitable for many heating sources. Not only is it great for gas hobs, but it also works well on induction hobs. The only downside if you have an induction hob, is you will not get the full benefits of the whistle.

But, if you’re not bothered about that, and you just want a kettle that’s a little different then this is for you.

As you can see, there is a lot to like about this one. Here are some more things to love.

  • From a huge cookware brand
  • Available in multiple colours to suit all kitchens
  • Works on all hob types
  • 5-year guarantee
  • Beautifully designed
  • Boils very quickly

You will love this kettle sitting in your kitchen. The kettle is quite pricey, but we think it is worth the spend for something of this high quality.

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#2 Prestige Enamel 2 Litre Stove-Top

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Prestige Enamel 2 litre Stove-Top is a modern kettle that comes with a range of features for making the water boiling easier, faster, and more comfortable.

The kettle has an enamel coat that triggers a glossy exterior, which adds appeal and elegance to your kitchen. The enamel also protects from scratches and makes the structure more durable, and lasting.

The kettle is made of sturdy steel, which prevents any damage and deformation, and protects against impacts.

In case you have to boil large volumes of water, this kettle helps you do it in fewer turns than usual. Its large capacity of 2 litres allows you to prepare many cups of tea, without wasting your time on refilling it and starting a new boiling cycle.

The kettle fits all types of hobs. In case you have an induction stove, it will not make it difficult for the appliance to do its work, as it is equipped with an induction bottom. The induction helps you boil the water much faster.

Convenient handles with a soft touch make it easy for you to lift, carry, and remove the kettle, with a reduced risk of burns, and spills. The lid provides a tight seal, which prevents vapours from escaping, and makes the water boil faster. Both the lid handle and kettle handle have protective layers along their lengths that allow you to take a safe grip.

The kettle has a whistling spout with a lock, which helps you use it safely while filling and pouring the water. The lock is designed to establish a tight seal on the spout, which enhances the whistling at the boiling point.

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#3 Kinghoff Whistling Kettle 3L Stovetop

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This particular kettle is one kettle you can never miss out, especially if you are used to having people over for a tea party.

It is available in both white and black colour and has a capacity of 3 litres, making this kettle an ideal choice to ensure all your guests are well served with hot tea so that they can feel cosy and at home.

Designed for an induction hob, the kettle will always keep you informed when the tea is ready with its whistle.

One thing to note is that when it comes to turning it off or on, you have to do it manually since it has not auto shut options.

It is also compatible with other heat sources, not limited to one heat source, making it more versatile in the kitchen when heating hot liquids.

Using the kettle is a piece of cake, and you do not require a special manual to put things all together. If it is your first time dealing with Kettles like this, you should not ignore the instructions provided.

Everyone wants something durable that will serve them for more years to come. The Kinghoff Whistling Kettle 3L Stovetop is a jackpot in the making. Made of stainless steel the kettle is crafted to serve you for more than just one tea party. You can use it for a long time but still have that attractive look standing out.

Everyone who likes an evening tea or taking some tea should consider acquiring this ravishing beauty. Not only does it add up to that excellent site of your kitchen, but it takes good care of you as well. Make every moment count with this beautiful kettle.

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#4 Tescoma Tea Kettle Corona

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When you need to prepare your favourite tea anytime, this special tea kettle is one that will suit you. The kettle cooks relatively faster as it has a flat bottom to allow for even heating. Second, to this, it also lasts for years since it has been built using the best quality of stainless steel. With this, the kettle will assure you of excellent and long-term service.

Irrespective of the source of heat you use, this is a versatile kettle that works on all types of cookers. It suits the electric, gas, induction cookers, and Vitro-ceramic among others. This implies that the kettle will always suit any kitchen as it delivers just as expected.

The Tescoma Tea Kettle Corona tea kettle has a large capacity of 2.0 litres. This is large enough to cook tea that will serve more people. Since it features the whistle, the kettle will always alert you whenever the boiling circle is done. Due to this, the tea will not overheat.

It is also a very safe tea kettle that has a non-slip and safe handle. You will comfortably hold the handle even when hot since it has a non-slip grip. Additionally, the quality and versatile tea kettle have a spout with a safe touch opening cap. This makes it easier to fill the kettle with water whenever you need to prepare some tea. It also makes the cleaning of the kettle simpler; hence one great option you never wish to miss.

The affordable tea kettle has a classy design, which makes it fit any kitchen. The high-grade stainless steel makes it durable, scratch resistant, and attractive. Why miss out on this great tea kettle? You can now get the kettle delivered when you order today and you will realize how much you have been missing.


  • 3-year warranty
  • High-grade stainless steel construction
  • A clear whistle
  • Safe touch-free opening cap

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#5 Kitchen Craft Lovello Stove Top Kettle

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Kitchen Craft Lovello is one of the 18 collections of the brand.

This product can easily draw your attention for its unique design decorated by both nostalgic and modern features.

Many of our reviewers enjoyed its catchy appearance and practical use, as one of them said: “I liked the design of this product and the idea of using stainless steel because it gives the product a chic look and eliminates the possibility of being rusty.”

Other reviews of the product agree upon its simple use and cleaning.

One reviewer said: “It’s very easy to use as all I need to do is to fill the water into the kettle and wait for it to let out the whistle when the water has boiled. Also, it doesn’t have many parts so I can clean it without much effort.”

Kitchen Craft Lovello Textured Stove Top Kettle gives you different colour options to choose such as Ice White, Midnight Navy and Shadow Grey. It has the capacity of 2.5 litres and with the size of 23 x 21 x 23 cm. As such, some reviewers say that “it is not even spacious despite its huge capacity, so I find it very practical and easy to place in my kitchen”. Moreover, some reviewers thought that it could be a good present for their family and friends as it’s practical, stylish and handy.

Lovello Textured Stove Top Kettle is highly regarded by reviewers on Amazon and other online stores. Have a look at these reviews for yourself, using the link below.

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#6 Enamel Whistling Teapot – Pink Pig Design

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The Enamel Whistling Teapot – Pink Pig Design looks absolutely gorgeous and makes heating water just so much fun.

This high-quality teapot is sure to make you ditch the traditional steel kettle as it gives you many more reasons to get yourself one, apart from it just being super cute.

Here’s why you should consider buying this cool piggy teapot if you’re in the lookout for a good kettle:

  • Its handle is heat resistant and doesn’t get hot, making it easy for you to hold it without worrying about burning your hand.
  • The interior of the kettle is made of enamel just like its exterior, preventing it from rusting as most kettles do over time. This feature also lets you leave water in it to be boiled for later on.
  • This adorable pink kettle ranks well on durability. So you don’t have to be worried about replacing it for a fairly long time.
  • If you’re looking for a kettle whose whistle doesn’t wake the dead, this one is just perfect for you as it doesn’t make a very loud, annoying sound, but still, whistles promptly when the water gets to, boiling point, letting you know that the water has been heated.
  • It also makes pretty gift option in case you’re looking for a giveaway. This kettle is so adorable that anyone would love to have it gifted to them.
  • Its capacity to hold water is surprisingly high, allowing you to easily boil water in it for up to 2-3 people at once.
  • The shape of the kettle makes it easy for you to pour out water from it, and is totally safe to use as the hot steam won’t burn your hand. Making the teapot a safe one to use for children and aged people.
  • The bottom of the kettle is solid and heavy this is designed to resist warping.

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#7 CookSpace 3.5 Litre Stainless Steel

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When you need the ideal whistling kettle for your kitchen, this is a great pick that will suit you. The kettle has been designed using the best quality of stainless steel, which makes it highly durable. With this, it will provide years of service just as expected. Secondly, it also ensures quick and even heating. This is because the kettle features an encapsulated base, which allows for even heat distribution. You will always find it safe to handle, thanks to the non-slip easy grip handle.


The CookSpace 3.5 Litre Stainless Steel has been recommended as the best whistling kettle that will serve all your kitchen needs. It has a number of features that include;

  • 3.5 Litres Capacity – This is the ideal kettle for large families. The kettle has a capacity of 3.5 litres; hence suitable for preparing a large amount of water at once. This will allow you to serve more people at once and, therefore, a great pick.
  • Stainless Steel Construction – For long-term use, this quality kettle has been designed using the best stainless steel material. This makes it suitable for years of service without breaking down. Besides this, the kettle also has a stylish design plus excellent value. The base is about 220mm while the height is 250mm.
  • Non-slip Grip Handle – The safety of the whistling kettle needs to be a priority when buying the product. This is a very safe kettle you can handle even when hot. It features a soft Phenolic handle that is non-slip. With this, you can comfortably handle even when hot.
  • 4mm Encapsulated Base – Lastly, the kettle will always deliver quick and uniform heat distribution. This is due to the fact that it has an even 4mm encapsulated base, which allows for even heating. With this, you will always enjoy excellent and quick cooking.


  • It is safe to handle
  • Ensures even heating
  • Ideal for all hobs
  • Easy to wash
  • Available in multi-colors

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#8 KitchenAid KTEN20SBAC

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Are you looking forward to buying the best stovetop kettle? This is a great kettle that you will find ideal for your kitchen. It has been designed with the best stainless steel material, which makes it durable. Besides this, the kettle has a vibrant coloured porcelain finish, which makes it resistant to cracking, chipping, and stains. With the various colours available, you will definitely find your favourite pick; hence the best selection on the market.

The quality stainless steel kettle also has a large capacity, which makes it perfect for large servings. It can accommodate up to 1.9 litres; hence can serve more than two people. This makes it perfect for both small and large families. In addition to this, it is a safe kettle that you can handle even when hot. It has a very comfortable handle that is easy and safe to handle when taking off the stovetop.

The KitchenAid KTEN20SBAC whistling kettle will always notify whenever the boiling cycle is complete. It features the audible and clear sign whistle that indicates whenever the boiling is done; hence a very reliable and convenient kettle.

You will find it elementary to fill the kettle and pour after boiling. The kettle has a removable stainless steel lid plus a thumb press spout, which makes it easier to pour and fill. This also allows for easy cleaning of the kettle after use. It has been designed t suit any modern kitchen since it features a graceful contoured desirable and trim band. This makes it a classy and elegant kettle that you never wish to miss.

Despite the quality features, it is a cost-effective kettle that will suit your budget. The durable and safe whistling kettle is all you need today for easy and quick cooking. The flat bottom brings about even heat distribution.


  • Removable steel lid
  • Coloured porcelain exterior
  • Clear and audible whistle
  • Stainless steel handle

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#9 Imperial Easycook 2 Litre

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Imperial Easycook 2 Litre is a basic kettle that provides a fast and quality water boiling.

The kettle’s capacity of 2 litres allows you to boil big volumes of water for a tea party, or dinner times. Thus, you will less likely have the need of refilling it and using it once again. No matter if it is a gas hob or an electric stove, the kettle is great for all types of hobs. It also has an induction bottom for working with an induction cooktop. The kettle is made of sturdy stainless steel that makes it last longer, and resist against shocks, and deformation. Also, it prevents rust, which reduces the risk of leaks, and helps you avoid the hassle of cleaning the rusty deposits off.

The appliance is built to make it easy for you to use it. It has a plastic handle, which allows you to take a convenient grip, and prevents you from skin burns. On the handle are found spaces that suit human fingers, which helps you grasp the nettle firmly, and prevent slippage. The kettle’s lid has also a plastic ring on the top that allows you to remove effortlessly it when you need to pour water inside. The lid provides a firm seal that makes the water boil faster.

The kettle has also a practical whistling spout, which lets you know when the water is boiling. The whistle is loud enough to travel around the kitchen and the rooms next to it, but its sound is not bothering at all. It will hardly be able to wake up a sleeping person. The spout opens extremely easy, and with maximum comfort for you. You just have to push a button on the handle, and let the water pour. In addition, the kettle does not have plastic parts inside. This allows you to boil the water faster, and avoid the risk of early deformation.

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#10 KitchenCraft Le’Xpress Induction-Safe Whistling Stovetop Kettle

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KitchenCraft Le'Xpress Induction-Safe Whistling Stovetop Kettle

KitchenCraft is a well know appliance and cookware brand. Their products are highly desirable, due to how well they’re made and how well they complete the tasks you want them too. The Le’Xpress gas hob kettle is no different.

The most notable quality is the overall design and looks. It’s an incredibly amazing appliance to look at and it will fit well in any modern or retro styled kitchen.

It comes with a safe cool touch handle, so you never have to worry about getting burnt. Also, it has a flip-up spout, so you can safely pour the boiled water, without any dangers.

It may well be cheap in price, but it doesn’t look it. The L’Xpress is highly durable and built to stand the test of time. This is why KitchenCraft made this one out of really strong steel and coated with a vitreous enamel finish. Because of this, using it every day is absolutely not an issue.

When it’s finished boiling and it’s time to make tea, you will be able to make one for everybody. Well, that’s if there are only ten people! Due to the generous two-litre capacity, you will have enough water boiled for plenty of cups before having to refill.

What’s more, you will know this kettle has finished, because of the beautiful peeping whistle it let’s out.

Overall, it is absolutely fantastic, and there is so much more to say about it. However, I suggest you take a look at the reviews over at Amazon, using the link below. You can see what others think, which will prove to you even more, that it’s a worthy buy.

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How To Choose The Best Stovetop Kettle For Gas Hobs

Choosing the right kettle is not a simple task. It’s not a case of just going out and buying the first or best one you see.

As every kitchen is different, so are stovetop kettles.

This means that by only going to Amazon, finding the best seller and picking that may not be the correct decision to make.

We have made it our duty to put you in the best position to purchase the right fit for your home by creating this mini-guide.

What to look for when buying a stovetop kettle for a gas hob?

Many varying factors come into play. So how would you know you’re getting a good one?

Here are some points you need to take into consideration.

1. Price

Price is a huge factor because no one wants to pay over the odds for a lousy product. And in this market, there are some terrible ones. But, then again, you can get a perfect kettle for less than £15 or more than £100.

he rest of the points will help you decide your budget, but if you are already on one, do not worry too much.

2. Capacity

The capacity is how much water it can hold. The bigger the capacity, the bigger the kettle is going to be.

Do you need a large one (3L & up)? Will it fit in your kitchen and look good? Or should you choose a smaller version?

As a quick guide, a medium-sized kettle is about 2 litres and can make up to ten cups of tea, no issues.

3. Looks

You are spoilt for choice in the market for the looks.

Many naturally have a retro look, but some have a more modern feel to them.

Looks-wise it does not matter too much if you fall in love with it, but, of course, most people will want it to fit the theme of their kitchens.

Others may want a novelty one, like the Enamel – Pink Pig designed kettle.

4. Boiling Time

If you want a fast boiling kettle, then be sure to check that the one you’re looking for can do so. The best place to find this information is in the product reviews on sites like Amazon.

If you’re not too fussed about the boiling time, and you just want a lovely cuppa tea, then ignore the boiling time advice.

5. Materials Made From

A highly durable kettle will be made with strong graded steel. Also, it will have been coated over with specialised paints and varnish to ensure there will be no damages.

Because a cheaply made one could end up costing you more than a well-built model, it’s worth checking that it’s made from great materials before making a purchase.

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