11 Top Rated Washing Machines for 2020

Finding the top rated washing machines for your home can be a long hard slog, but we have done all the research and testing for you to bring the most top rated washing machines in our opinion. It has taken hours of our time to bring you all 11 high-quality models on the market today.

We know, it’s the one appliance you cannot live without, and although you probably do not want to spend your hard earned cash on one, if you choose the right model from this list, it will serve you for many years to come.

With all the new technology, features, prices and sizes around today, we have made it easy for you to select the type you want by sub-categorising them into what they are best for.

Although there are the many popular brands such as; Whirlpool, Miele, Samsung and Beko, there will be some unfamiliar washing machine brands within. This is because of the extensive research we have done including; real testing, current owners feedback and hundreds of trusted online reviews.

11 Top Rated Washing Machines

Top rated washing machine#1 Top Rated Washing Machine – Hotpoint WMBF944k

If you’re in the market for, hands down the best washing machine around, then I highly recommend you check this Hotpoint out. The reason, we have rated this the highest out of all 20 machines on this page is due to its all-around quality. What makes this machine so special, is the design, technology and ability.

The Hotpoint is jammed with brand new technological features including and anti-stain cycle. In this mode, the washer will use intelligent controls to monitor the water and temperature, enabling it to remove all the toughest stains. My personal favourite cycle it boasts is the anti-allergy mode. Using a combination of rinse stages and alternate water temperatures, your clothes will be free from all allergen causes such as pollen and dust mites.

Also, the WMBF944K washing machine has received an A+++ efficiency rating, and along with innovative cycles you will get the highest performance, whilst using minimal energy and bills to get the job done.

As you can see there is a lot to love about it. Check out some other features:

  • 9KG capacity means its large enough for all sized families
  • Wool mark cycle, which has been approved by the Wool-mark company as a valid cycle to use on woollen garments, as they won’t lose their original feel
  • Looks the part and will add a touch of luxury to your kitchen
  • Very quiet when in use. You can almost forget it is on!

As you can see this is really an incredible washing machine. There is a lot more to love about this one, and the best way to see how good it really is is to head over to Amazon and check out all the incredibly positive reviews. You will love it even more!

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best cheap washing machine#2 Best Cheap Washing Machine – Electra W1224CF2W

If you want the best cheap washing machine, that can fulfil all your needs, without slacking in any quality, then I suggest you take a look at this Electra W102242CF2W. Small households will benefit from owning this, due to its 6KG drum capacity, that mountain of washing will soon be stripped down and put away. If you have a larger family, but this is the only one in your price range, then its worth telling you it has a quick wash program that is only 15 minutes long.

This also boasts some extremely cool features like allergen rinse, which targets dust particles and pollen deposits on your clothes, to keep you and your family safe from any reactions. Also, it has an energy rating of A++ which will effectively and efficiently be kind of your bills and the environment. Incredibly this washing machine has an estimated energy a year cost of £22.64. Including the price and one year of use, it is still cheaper than any other machine on the market.

Here are some more cool things about the cheapest washing machine:

  • Very straightforward to use
  • LED display
  • Fuzzy logic technology. Uses sensors to detect the load and uses the perfect amount of resources for best results
  • Max spin speed: 1000RPM
  • 15 wash programs to chose from
  • A rated wash performance
  • Special rinse cycle for sensitive skin

For a lot less than £200 you can own this washing machine. There are so many good points and reasons to love it. Although, during our research, we have noticed that many people have said one main issue with it. The noise level is not great, however, consumers who own it cannot fault its overall quality and value. Click the link below and take a look at it for yourself.

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best compact washing machine#3 Best Compact Washing Machine – White Knight WM105VB

During our research, we noticed a lot of people are after the best compact washing machine. What we found, was the White Knight WM105VB takes this crown. It is a perfect alternative for those who don’t have enough space for a bigger model. It has a great 5KG capacity, which makes this a real asset for smaller homes. Plus, it does not dent your pocket.

Apart from being nice and compact, it is also a very luxurious looking machine. The clean black design will add class to any kitchen and improve the aesthetics. However, the great thing about it is the pure simplicity. It has been designed for the most uncomplicated of use and even has built-in features to automatically set the temperature of the water for you, so you can stop the guessing game.

Because its energy efficiency has been rated A+, it is not the most economical washing machine out there. However, an A+ is still a very good score, meaning it will not roast money on your utility bills.

This is a basic, compact washer with much to love, and here are some other features:

  • 12 Wash programs, including an Eco-friendly mode at 20C
  • Simple to use, with a dial to choose your program and a start button, to get it underway
  • 1000RPM maximum spin speed. It is not often you will need a higher rate
  • Cold wash functions
  • Great build quality, meaning it will last for a long time
  • White Knight has a good warranty

Clearly, you can see why we recommend this as the best compact washing machine. It is a very good standard washer, and you get exactly what you’d want from one. The reviews on Amazon are particularly positive. Consumers are very pleased with it, take a look!

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best energy efficient washer#4 Best Energy Efficient Washer – Hoover DXC58BC3

If an energy efficient appliance is what you are after then, this is the best energy efficient washer. The average cost on your bills to run the Hoover DXC58C3 for one year is estimated at £17.32, as it has an annual energy consumption of 197kHw. With that, it’s no surprise to see it has an A+++ energy efficiency tag, which is rather impressive for a washing machine with an 8KG capacity.

Due to its generous drum size, this Eco-friendly washer is ideal for households up to 5 people. A feature I really love this has is the Kilo Mode. According to Hoover, it can add the correct amount of water at the optimum temperature by weighing the load, with scientific precision. Meaning, you will not be wasting valuable resources during any cycle.

What’s more, a cycle called Activ Eco Wash program allows you to throw in all your different fabrics and colours together, such as cotton, and synthetics etc. Then at 20C, the machine will wash your items, without compromising any quality, so you will still end up with a clean and fresh load.

Here are some more features:

  • 12 washing programs in total, giving you a great choice of options
  • 1500 RPM drum speed, so less moisture is left on the clothes at the end, meaning less time in the tumble dryer.
  • Beautiful to look at in black with a silver trim door, for a luxury finish
  • Easy iron button
  • A rated washing performance
  • Spin and temperature selection

Hoover, has definitely designed this to be economical, which is why we have rated it the best energy efficient washer you can buy. Another impressive point is the price tag, and the reviews it has on Amazon. 79% of people rate it 5*, take a look now!

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Best budget washing machine#5 Best Budget Washing Machine – White Knight WM126VB

If you’re on a tight budget and looking for a washing machine then this is one of should consider. The reason I say so is that it’s not only very cheap but because it’s a White Knight appliance it is very well made. You tend to pay for what you get with home appliances, but consider this as an exception, on washing quality alone.

Unlike it’s smaller twin, the WM105VB it has an energy efficiency rating of A++, so not only does it do good for the environment, but also lowers your bills. Although it only has a 1KG larger drum, this model boasts 8 more wash programs compared to its compact twin. For a few pounds less, you get much more for your money with this one, including the extra 200RPM with the WM126VB being able to do 1200RPM, removing more moisture from the load. Therefore, drying times will be seriously shortened.

More features:

  • 20 wash programs, including rapid, Eco, delicates etc.
  • Spin rate and temperature control
  • Beautifully designed and looks great
  • Smart LED display with a countdown timer
  • Very quiet when in operation
  • Child lock & adjustable feet

You probably understand that on a budget you are not going to get a world beater, but for what it’s worth, this White Knight is the best budget washing machine you are likely to find. The bonus features you receive for the money you pay is a fantastic value. Not only the great value, but the price tag is incredibly low. For less than £210, you can add this to your home.

Many others have, and some have left great reviews on Amazon. I recommend you head on over to its listing and read all the reviews. You will learn firsthand, which will help you make a decision.

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Best hotpoint 7kg washing machine#6 Best Hotpoint 7kg Washing Machine – Hotpoint WMAQF721

Assuming you are looking for the best 7Kg Hotpoint washing machine is why you are here, you have come to the right website. This stunning machine will be a real asset in any kitchen, due to its looks, features and qualities. What’s more, it will not force you to break the bank.

7Kg washing machines are desirable because they are the ideal capacity for a normal size family. But what makes this the best, is the additional features Hotpoint installed. For example, like the WMBF944k, this machine boasts a mark of approval from the Woolmark company, due to the sheer quality of the wool cycle. Some washers can damaged wool garments, but the Hotpoint is above the rest, if you have a lot of wool clothing then you should definitely look into this model.

Also, it has an anti-allergen cycle, that removed dust, pollen and any other fine particles that could cause you discomfort. The cycle also benefits people who may have sensitive skin, so if you or anyone at home suffers, do not worry any more.

The reasons above are why Hotpoint is one of the best washing machine brands. Here is some more handy information about it:

  • Energy efficiency rated: A++
  • Max spin speed: 1400RPM
  • Time remaining indicator for your benefit
  • Spin cycle control
  • Extra rinse feature ensures maximum efficiency always
  • Child lock door, for those with small humans about

I could write all day about this, the best Hotpoint 7kg washing machine, but the best thing for you to do is, go read reviews from consumers who have bought it already. Over at Amazon, buyers are in love with it. Mostly all the reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Use the link below and go have a read. It will benefit you in the decision making!

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Best large washing machine#7 Best Large Washing Machine – Cater-Wash 18KG

Efficient, reliable, and outstanding performances is the best way to describe this large washing machine. If you need something that can take care of huge loads of washing then this is the one for you. Its 18KG capacity is enough for it to be a commercial unit you would find in a launderette. Although it is a large machine, it has many another cool features it boasts.

The garment adds feature is really handy on this Cater-Wash. It allows you to add another item, even after the cycle has started. It pauses the water and temporarily drains, so if you forget an item of clothing, and you have this washer, then you need not worry.

Normally with an appliance this large, you tend to find major issues with noise and movements during operation. That can definitely not be said for the Cater-Wash. It has been so well-designed, you will forget it is running a cycle. Built with vibration control features to ensure it remains silent throughout, and it even has shock absorbing legs to minimise the risk of collapsing and noise pollution. What’s more, the drum has been designed in such a way, that the whole load gets washed evenly. Something that is actually quite rare to find.

More features:

  • 18KG capacity, means its ideal for BnB owners, AirBnB landlords, large families, and some commercial places.
  • Spin speed variable up to 1300RPM for maximum moisture removal
  • 10 Pre-programmed wash cycles
  • Add steam – adds steam to remove bad stains and odours.

There are many more qualities this machine has to offer. I highly recommend if you own a home you rent out to travellers or a bed and breakfast, the Cater-Wash is the most ideal washing machine for you. See more about it on Amazon.

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Best Washing Machines Under £350

Best dishwasher under £350#1 Zanussi ZWF91483WH

If you are in the market for an absolutely stunning washing machine, that boasts top class cleaning performances and can handle big loads with no issue, then I highly recommend you look at this Zanussi ZWF91483WH. The reasons being is it has a 9kg capacity, 1400RPM spin speed, and an A+ cleaning rating. Also, it is cheap for what you’re paying for.

What I love most about this washer is the AquaFall system. It delivers water and detergent to the middle of the load quickly to even out distribution, ensuring all clothes are cleaned evenly. Another great feature is auto-sense, which saves time, energy and water by altering the cycle to suit your load.

The beautiful aesthetics come in handy as well. The chrome door is XXL sized, to ensure easy unloading. So now, you can forget about fighting with the drum and getting clothes all tangled up!

I highly recommend this washing machine for any sized family, and it has the functions to back you up. With a 30@30 mode, you can have clean clothes efficiently and quickly.

More features:

  • A+++ energy rating. It will take care of your laundry, bills and the environment
  • Very quiet, you will have to double check its actually running a cycle!
  • 20-hour delay start function
  • 8 wash programs so you can pick the perfect one for any situation
  • 20-minute fast wash option

This is by far the best washing machine under £350. It could have made the best rated, in all honesty. However, if what you are after is real quality and a machine that has a goal to help you in mind, then I suggest this. Take a look at the reviews on Amazon. So many buyers are crazy about the Zanussi. Take a look and read them!

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best washing machine under £300#2 – Hotpoint WMBF844G

Hotpoint is well respected for their washing machines, and with this one, you can see why. All the reasons you want a washer come with this one. It has many cool specs and it has received some fantastic ratings. The most impressive being the A+++ energy efficiency tag. Even though this rating is common on washing machines now, what’s most impressive about the Hotpoint WMBF844G is the estimated yearly run cost is a little less than a takeaway pizza. (£17.69)

Due to the manufacturer of this washer its no surprise to see it filled with a bunch of useful features. My favourite that this has to offer is the wool mark cycle, which is dedicated to protecting your Wool garments. Incredibly Hotpoint washers have been given the mark of approval for this cycle by the Woolen Company, for its ability to maintain the quality after washes.

I have to say for larger families, you will benefit from this one, due to its large 8KG drum capacity. This washer will help you keep on top of your dirty washing pile, and you will love it.

Another cool feature is the Anti-Stain mode, which tackles 20 of the most common stains found on clothes. It works amazingly well, even on tough ones like grass. Plus, this even has a quick 1-hour mode to make it all that better.

More features:

  • Washing rating: A
  • Spin speed: 1400RPM – Variable
  • Half load option
  • 16 programs for any type of load
  • Anti-allergy cycle, which removes dust and other irritating particles

As you can see there is a lot to love about the Hotpoint. I suggest you head over to Amazon and read the positive reviews about it. Also, shop about because you may find it cheaper elsewhere.

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best washing machine 2018 uk#3 – Beko EcoSmart WMB81243LB

If you have a medium/large sized family are you are looking for an energy efficient, and wonderfully designed washing machine then I suggest this Beko Eco-smart. In terms of performance, it is highly regarded among people who have previously purchased it. The black colour gives it a fantastic look that will pucker up and kitchen and be an incredible asset.

As its name states, it is very economical, with a rating of A+++, meaning less valuable resources wasted, so effectively your bills will come down. Not only that, the environment will also feel the benefit from your own this Beko WMB81243LB.

It has some useful features, such as the countdown timer on an LED display that is very handy when you have a load running. My most favourite feature is the AquaWave drum, that makes this Beko standout even more. The drum is designed to be non-abrasive, for better protection of your clothes. Also, it creates enough soft friction to assist in removing bad stains. Where you may find snags and pulls on your clothes, with this feature that will be massively reduced.

Other features:

  • Delay start ability
  • Child lock door
  • 8KG drum capacity meaning it is ideal for med/large families
  • Half load system – Automatic water level reduction system, no input needed by you
  • 16 ready-to-go programs for easy washing
  • Very silent and economical

This is a really cool washing machine and definitely one of the best under £350. The reviews I have read from people who own the Beko Eco-smart are really impressive. Most of the owners, love it for its efficiency, design, looks, and washing quality. One person said they will always stay with Beko for washing machines after having the WMB81243LB. It’s over at Amazon if you want to take a further look.

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best hotpoint washer under 300#4 – Hotpoint Ultima S-Line RPD 8457J

For tough stains, this Hotpoint washing machine is the best appliance you can get. It boasts wonderful technology, which directly attacks scuffs and stains for the ultimate clean. This Direct Injection Technology does what no other washer can do. By premixing the water and detergent together before it starts, creates a superior cleaning foam, which makes your clothes smell fresh and look brand new. Along with that, the changeable spin rate and auto-controlled water temperature, penetrate deep fibres in your garments, to completely destroy any stain.

The Hotpoint Ultima is perfect for those with, pets, children, hard labour jobs where clothes can become very dirty. Why it is ideal, is because of the direct injection technology goes hand-in-hand with a Steam Hygiene feature. At the end of a cycle, the washer will infuse your clothes with steam, ensuring you get the highest quality of performance and cleanliness.

More features to love:

  • 8KG drum capacity, perfect for med/large families
  • 1400RPM max spin speed, which you can change
  • Super economical and that is why it has been rated A+++ for efficiency
  • Hotpoint wool mark care feature
  • Colour care program
  • LED display including ‘time until finish’ countdown timer
  • Very quiet when running a cycle

For pure cleaning quality, this is the best washing machine you will get for under £350. However, unless you really require things get deep cleaned, I would suggest the Zanussi instead. But for those who are interested, it does have some good reviews on Amazon. I really recommend you have a read of them before making any decision to buy. Nearly all reviews on Amazon are great with it providing the best cleaning results being the common theme. Check it out with the link below.

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Final Verdict

For us, choosing the Hotpoint WMBF944k as the top rated washing machine was hard. I say that because, also on the list there is some fantastic washers, that held a great argument for being the best rated. However, after all the extensive research we done, including reading reviews from current owners, we decided it had to be top. I have never seen so many consumers that excited over one appliance. It really is an incredible front load washer and I highly recommend it to anyone.

How To Choose A Washing Machine

Because washing machines come in all shapes and sizes, this handy buying guide will give you the informed knowledge you need to know, before choosing and buying a model for your home. If you wish, you can find our reviews of the best top loader washing machines here.

This will take 5 -10 minutes of reading, however, we highly recommend you do so as it will much benefit you further down the line.

Washing Machine Capacity

The capacities of washers vary from 5kg all the way past 18kg, depending on the size of your family or your loads, you will want to choose one that can cope. For a family of 4+, we recommend anything 8KG and over. A smaller household should look at 6-7KG drum capacities, and for those living on your own, a 5KG should do you just fine.

Energy Ratings

Most machines are assigned an energy rating of A or higher. The better the rating the more economical it is. For example, our rated: best energy efficient washer – Hoover DXC58BC3 has the best rating possible at A+++. This means, less energy, water, and time are used to complete tasks. If it has a high energy tag, then it is likely to have sensor features that will automatically detect load sizes and use the minimal resources to do so.

RPM – Spin Speed

RPM or rotations per minute is how fast the spin speed is. With a high spin speed, it will reduce moisture content in the garments, meaning drying times are much quicker. The majority of washing machines will have a top RPM of 1200-1400. Also, you can vary the speed on some models to protect certain items like any delicate.

Performance Rating

Just like the efficiency rating, washing machines also have a performance rating. Ideally, you will want to choose a machine that has been rated A. All of the models we have reviewed do boast it, so if you take our recommendations you can be sure you have a quality performing washer.

Washing Machine Features Explained

There are countless features available on washing machines but here are our most important ones.

Add Wash

Some machines like the Cater-Wash 18kg will allow you to add items mid-cycle. Samsung also and other brands also facilitate Add Wash features on their machines.

Spin Rate Control

Change the speed at which your washing machine will spin it. Most settings are pre-set with a spin speed, however, if you wish to wash a particular item that requires a gentle touch, then you can benefit from the spin control.

Delay Timer

Choose when your washing machine starts its cycle. Usually, you can delay a start for 6-12 hours which is handy if you go out, you can get home just before it’s completed.

Temperature Control

Change the heat at which your clothes are washed. Some machines have auto-sensors that detect the state of the load and choose the correct temp & spin rate for best results.

Wash Cycles Explained

Most are basic cycles, however, there are some more advanced ones as you will see.

Delicate/Hand wash

To prevent damage to items like silk, wool, and synthetics, this cycle will run on a low temperature and slow spin rate.


Again a low spin speed, and temperature, this cycle is more specific for cotton and silk items. You will see better results for those types of garments than from a delicate wash.


Directed at dark clothes only. It is a bit more intense than a standard cycle you would normally use.


Built to directly attack sweat residue and other foul odours from competing in sporty activities. Quite intense by does not damage fabrics.

Quick Wash

Depending on the model, but these options usually take 15-30 minutes. With a high-quality washing machine, you will get the same results as a normal full cycle.

Baby Care

An intensive wash that is designed to remove detergents from the fabrics so babies do not have a bad reaction.


The main purpose is to save energy. Nearly all washing machines now will have this option. They can take a few hours to complete, but they do save you money on your bills.


For the toughest of stains. This mode will remove almost anything but, it should be used wisely as overuse can damage clothes.

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