Best Built-In Microwaves 2019

Homes and kitchens all over the world will have a microwave sitting somewhere. This is because they provide such a great alternative to cooking full meals. You can easily make your dinner in ten minutes or less, and with the high-end models, it can be more tastier than using a more traditional appliance. However, microwaves come in all different forms, such as solo’s (basic), grilled, and combination.

But what’s so great is you do not always have to have one of these bulky appliances sitting on your table top.  Which is why we have decided to write this review of the best built in microwaves.

Now, you can have the freedom of cooking many different foods, without losing such vital work top space.

Best Built-In Microwaves: Buyers Guide

When buying a new appliance, you probably get a headache from all the information provided. With many features, modes, energy uses and all the other jargon, it’s really difficult to filter through and get a good understanding of what you really need to know. For you, this buyer guide will help you know what’s important and how to choose the best built-in microwave.

Space For Installation

As they are built in or you could say integrated, it’s essential that you have the space to install a certain model within your kitchen. Generally, integrated microwaves are H46 x W60 x D55CM. Size does vary depending on the brand and type, so make sure you know what you are buying.


In your home, you may require frequent use, or need to cook larger amounts of food. Therefore always check the capacity of a microwave, which is measured in litres. Standard types, like solo microwaves, range from a 13-27L. There is a correlation with built-in types and solos, as they are similar in size. However, some integrated versions can go up to 32L like the Russell Hobbs RHBM3201 combination model. (Review below).


The fundamentals of a microwave are to cook food. The power is measured in Watts. With more power, your food will cook much faster. Built-in models range from a 700W-1000W output. It’s always good to check you can adjust it, and most models have the function to change power levels, for tailored cooking.


Do you want a basic one or a more versatile microwave? I guess it depends on personal preference and what you plan on using it for. There are more advanced ones like a combination microwave which has both solo and grill functions. These are the most flexible, but they come with a price tag. If you just want a grill microwave, then they are also available built in. The capabilities of a grill compared to a solo are vast. With a grill model, you have more freedom to cook other types of food, with fantastic results. Check the reviews below to see the best ones.


We covered some of this above. However, I just want to outline the most beneficial functions microwaves can have for you. Here are some:

  • Auto cook/defrost/heating – Most good microwaves will boast this feature. Simply put in the contents, add the weight and it will calculate the time itself.
  • Timers – To ensure you do not overcook your food, find models that have countdown timers on board. Its a pretty basic feature but not all have it.
  • Turntable – Most have these, however, to ensure food is cooked thoroughly it needs to turn. A bonus is to buy a unit with a dishwasher friendly turntable.
  • Child lock –  Prevents accidents children may have by opening the door to hot contents or tampering with cooking times.
  • Design/Looks – Other than the front, it does not matter what a built-in microwave looks like. But, most people like one that matches their kitchen.

Customer Reviews

The most reliable way to find out how good a certain model is is to check what people who have one say about it.

Pros & Cons

I want to make you clear of what’s good and what’s not about buying a built-in microwave.


  • Save space
  • Many options available
  • Very high quality
  • Able to crisp/roast/bake


  • More expensive
  • Need a space to install
  • Installation can be tricky

Last but not least!

Follow this guide and make a note of what you need. If you read through our reviews, I am positive we will find the perfect fit for your home.

If not, contact us via the contact page here, let us know what you are after and we will choose a microwave that is ideal for you.

Best Built-in Microwaves

#1 Russell Hobbs RHBM2001 (Best Built-in Solo Microwave)

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Best Built-in microwaves

If you’re looking for a practical, reliable model for your kitchen, that won’t break the bank then you will want to check this one out. The RHBM2001 from Russell Hobbs is a standard built-in solo microwave, which does more than you would expect from its type.

What I most love about this one, is it makes cooking very easy and simple. With 8 auto-cook menus to choose from, all your favourite meals can be done within minutes. Now, most built-in microwaves will be able to do more with their extra functions and different modes, what stands out with this, is how cheap it really is!

It’s a basic model, and won’t burn a hole in your pocket, and there are more great things to show you, check it out:

  • 20L capacity means it’s ideal for smaller homes, or households that don’t rely too much on a microwave.
  • 800W power gives you enough output to cook, defrost and reheat almost anything perfectly.
  • Beautifully designed with a mirror door. It looks great in any kitchen.
  • Does exactly what you need it to, and only a fraction of the price of others in its category
  • It has a child safety lock for peace of mind so, if you have kids they won’t cause any harm.
  • Has a handy timer and will notify you when your food is ready
  • Very easy to use, as the interface is designed for simplicity.

There is more to this model which I think you should take a look at.

What’s more is people who own this have written many great reviews on Amazon. They love the simplicity and value for money. Why don’t you take a look for yourself with the link below?

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#2 Russell Hobbs RHBM2503 (Best Built-in Combi Microwave)

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built microwavesLooking for an affordable built-in Combi microwave that gives you the versatility to cook almost anything, and saves you parting with a lot of cash for a similar model? I definitely recommend you check this one out, and the reason why I say this is that, this model has a 25L capacity, which gives you enough room to cook most foods at once. Plus, it doesn’t cost half as much as a similar model.

What I enjoy the most about the RHBM2503 is how great it is on all three modes. Whether you just want a quick snack or you are cooking a lasagna for 4 people, the results are incredible. It can bake, crisp, roast and brown just as good as the more expensive models. Also, you get 10 auto cook menus too!

If that’s not enough here’s what else you get.

  • A maximum microwave power of 900W. Very good for a 25L.
  • Grill Power is 1100W
  • Oven power output is 2400W
  • 5 different power levels for tailored cooking
  • Auto cooking mode makes quick snacks easier -Starts at one minute.
  • Fan assisted oven produced better results all around for your food.
  • Childproof door lock.
  • Defrosting function makes that job a lot easier. Unfortunately, it is not weight censored.
  • Very easy to install. Fitting this microwave should take no longer than 1-hour providing you have the space ready.

We have shown you a lot to love right here and what’s impressive, there are even more reasons to buy this Combi microwave. On Amazon, many customers who have bought it, have left some really impressive reviews. Why don’t you click the link below and have a read for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.

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#3 MyAppliances ART28603 (Best Built-in Microwave with Grill)

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black builtin microwavesDo you want a grill microwave, with a decent capacity but also adds class and luxury to your kitchen? Then, I cannot recommend this model enough. Why I say this, is the black glass and stainless steel frame, makes it one of the most aesthetically pleasing microwaves about. Plus, the LED ice blue display gives it an even more desirable look.

Although MyAppliances is not one of the household names, this microwave also boasts the qualities to stand tall aside from well-known brands such as; Sharp, Samsung, and even Russell Hobbs. What makes the ART28603 great, is its ability to produce fine results, whilst being completely uncomplicated to use. Also, this model is under £150 which compared to others is exceptionally cheaper.

There is a lot more to love about the ART28603, and here are some cool functions it has to offer:

  • 25L capacity which makes this perfect for fitting larger sized dinner plates
  • 10 different cooking functions give you the flexibility to cook how you want to with ease
  • Young prying hands are safe with the child lock door, so you don’t need to worry
  • A handy defrost setting available if you forget to take food from the freezer the night before
  • A maximum output of 900W, allows you to cook better and easier
  • Incredible warranty from the manufacturer MyAppliances, with 5 years parts and 2 years labour guarantee
  • 30-second auto start button
  • Grill function for more versatile cooking

You can clearly see there is a lot to love about this one. What’s more impressive is what people have been saying about it. On Amazon, nearly all the reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Why don’t you take a look for yourself using the link below?

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#4 electriQ TF944EU5 (Best Large Bulit-in Combi Microwave)

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Are you in the market for a combination microwave that is twice as large as a normal model, and produces exceptional results when it comes to cooking, then the electriQ TF944EU5 is one I recommend you take a closer look at.

Reason being is due to it is large 44L capacity and additional cooking functions you can make large quantities of food with ease. Also, because it is a combi model you can microwave, grill and bake with just one appliance.

My most favourite feature of this model is the 3D hot air function which is really handy when baking. What happens is, the air is blasted around the inside so the contents are evenly baked/cooked ensuring you will get no cold spots and the whole plate tastes delicious.

That’s not all though, there is much more to the electriQ which you will love!

  • 13 auto cook programs take the guesswork out of microwaving, making cooking really simple for you
  • A pizza function which is handy for foods alike as more heat is produced from the bottom to cook it perfectly
  • Crisp the top of your food when you combine the grill+fan together for a more yummy dinner
  • Top grill has a power of 1100W
  • Bottom grill max output is 600W
  • Just standard microwave power is 900W and that is fairly good for a microwave function
  • The convection mode max power is 1750 Watts

As you can see there is a lot to get excited about with the electriQ TF944EU5, What’s more, impressive is the reviews people have left on Amazon about it. I suggest you check them below and see what others have been saying about it. If you have any questions, you can ask me, or ask on there!

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#5 Neff H53W50S3GB (Best Small Built-in Solo Microwave)

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If you’re looking for a small, built-in solo microwave with advanced features then this is the one for you to check out.

The reason I say this is that this model boasts many abilities others do not, like auto modes for reheating and defrosting items.

Due to the weight sensors, all you need to do is put in the contents and the Neff will choose the right amount of time, in correlation with the weight. These make defrosting or reheating much easier for you as you will not have to spend time checking on it or worry about getting it wrong.

What’s most convenient about this model, however, is its only has a capacity of 17L which, really does make it ideal for a household with 2/3 people, that need an extra hand when it comes to dinner times. Not only that, its very pleasing to the eye, and it will add a touch of luxury to your kitchen.

Now there is a lot to like about the Neff, but here are some more things you should know:

  • Has 5 different power levels ranging from 90-800W which is the maximum
  • Does not have a child lock door, although it’s not ideal for families of 4+ people
  • Has an energy rating of A+, making it great for your bills as well as your food
  • 24.5cm turntable, that you can remove easily and is dishwasher safe for easy maintenance
  • 1 recipe memory position for your favourite meal
  • A total of 7 auto cook menus to make it simple for you to cook great meals

This model is fairly expensive, but its worth remembering all the extra features that it comes with. You will not find these on more standard microwaves. However, I do recommend you check it out below for more information!

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There is a huge variety of best built-in microwaves available. However, the majority are simply solo microwaves. What we have written for you is a few of the best from each type.

Overall you probably want a standard integrated microwave and our top pick for that is the Russell Hobbs RHBM2001.

It does the basics exactly how you would want it too while being extremely cheap.  If you are looking for something a bit extra than a basic cooking machine, then the MyAppliances ART is one we highly recommend.

If you have a particular built-in microwave you would like us to review then please leave a comment below or get in touch with us via our contact page.

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  1. I need to replace my Bosch microwave – it is built in and the depth is only 300cm as it is housed in the top cupboards and not over the oven, so the depth is restricted. Your recommended microwaves all seem to be for 500cm depth as an ordinary oven. Can you help with a recommendation for a 300 depth, please?

    • Hello, at the time of writing this review, we only believed the built in microwaves stated to be worthy of purchasing.

      However, in terms of a built in with a 30cm depth we’ve looked in to a few. The one that we decided was the best, is the CDA 17L slim design.

      We hope this helps!
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