6 Best Red Microwaves 2019

Are you looking for the best red microwaves for your kitchen?

We have surfed and searched the whole internet to find you the best six models available. We have written reviews below for each type so you can filter out exactly which one suits your home the most.

A red microwave will add a touch of class and colour to your kitchen, while making sure your food is cooked to perfection.

Most red models are solo microwaves, but there are some built-in, combi and grill types. This post is more focused on the best red solo microwaves, which are the more familiar versions. Standard (solo), are very useful in completing the most common cooking tasks, such as reheating, defrosting and cooking. Also, they are generally much cheaper than an advanced microwave.

However, they do still have some cool features, like preset menus for the most popular meals like pizza, fish, meats and popcorn. And to make matters even easier, most brands have added special features like weight defrost, to take the guesswork away from you.

If you need more help, check out our handy microwave buying guide here. All your general questions can be answered there.

Updated for 2019.

Best 6 Red Microwaves

#1 Russell Hobbs RHMM701R

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best red microwaveThis Russell Hobbs red microwave is ideal for everyday use. It is an extremely stylish appliance, that can complete the basic cooking tasks to a high standard. You will fall in love when you buy this model because it has some really cool features like the power changing mode which allows you to tailor to your cooking preferences. What’s more this red microwave will not cost you an arm and a leg!

The design is really cool, especially the dials, which have been created to give a sleek retro look. Along with that, it has a 17Litre capacity and a 25cm glass turntable. The size is easily enough to cope with everyday uses, like heating foods or defrosting items. A bonus is the turntable is dishwasher safe, which is very handy considering they can be a pain to get clean.

It’s worth mentioning the design a bit more. It is built to be very easy-to-use, microwave. In a recent buyers review, they said: “It was bought for my 86 year old grandmother who loves it, and has no problems using it.” With that comment, it is fair to say Russell Hobbs clearly have achieved their user-friendly goal with it.

The maximum power output is 700W but with the Russell Hobbs RHMM701R, you can, in fact, alter the power, with five modes available.

Here are some other cool things about it:

  • A stylish and compact microwave that will improve the aesthetics of any kitchen.
  • Easy to clean
  • Handy ringer bell to alert you when the food is done
  • Defrost function
  • Highly rated for overall performance

As you can see, it’s clear why this model made our best solo microwaves list. It has fantastic ratings and we believe it to be the best red microwave.

Buyers Reviews

The reviews for this model run a very common theme and that is it’s fantastic to look at with the retro-styled dials, incredibly easy to use and does basic jobs very well. A lot of buyers have stated how much quality you get for your money. Considering it is a Russell Hobbs appliance that should not surprise anyone! I think it is important you check out a few of the 500+ positive reviews it has received on Amazon from owners. Use the link below to head straight there!

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#2 Russell Hobbs RHM2079RSO

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russell hobbs red microwaveThe RHM2079RSO is both modern and stylish solo microwave, that is very powerful with 800W of power. Also, it has a generous 20L capacity, making this red microwave ideal for medium-sized households, or for those who rely on one to cook many meals. Although it is slightly more expensive than the Russell Hobbs RHMM701R, it boasts a bigger capacity and has more power for better cooking results.

What’s more, this model has many more features that come with it such as the 8 auto-cook programs for your favourite foods like pizza, popcorn, pasta, meats etc. Once you put in your popcorn, choose the correct menu, and the microwave will pick the ideal cooking time required for best results.

Another handy feature you get is the auto defrost settings. With the weighted defrost all you have to do is input the contents, set the weight and let the microwave complete the task.

For a tailored cooking experience, it’s good to know, that you can alter the power levels. Using the buttons changing between the five different power modes, you can make your food exactly how you want it. Some microwave recipes require alternate cooking power, so with this feature, you can be sure you will be able to carry out such tasks.

I know there is so much to love about it, so here are some more features:

  • The mirror reflected front door. Adds a touch of class to your kitchen, and you will love looking at this model, and yourself!
  • Reheat function allows you to finish that pizza from the night before
  • Maximum countdown timer up to 95 minutes
  • LED digital display
  • Very easy to clean, and also comes with a dishwasher-safe turntable to make life easy.

Buyer Reviews

People who have bought the Russell Hobbs RHM2079RSO have nothing but positive things to say about it. Many love the added oomph it gives their kitchen, but all are saying what a powerful and wonderful model it is. It’s not going to be a world beater and buyers know that, but in their reviews, they give the highest compliments for a solo microwave you’re likely to see. What is obvious, which is usually rare about appliances, is the instruction booklet is very easy to understand.
I suggest you head over to Amazon, where all these positive reviews are and check it out for yourself, using the link below.

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#3 Tower T24009RN

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tower red microwaveIf you’re in the market for a superb 800W red microwave that boasts a generous capacity for your family meals, then I suggest you take a look at this Tower T24009RN. The reason I say this is that the 20Litre interior gives you room to fit one full-size dinner plate, plus many other items. But what makes the Tower even more incredible is it has built-in vents to reduce condensation on your foods, which will make them less soggy and more crunchy. For those who want the benefits of a grill microwave but don’t want to pay the price, then this is your best alternative.

To make things really convenient for you, Tower has designed this model to be completely simple to use. The T24009RN only has two dials, one for power and one for timing. With the power dial, you get the option of choosing 6 different levels, all of which will suit standard day-to-day microwaving needs. The manual timer can be set all the way up to 30 minutes, which becomes very handy especially when defrosting or reheating.

The glass turntable is easily removed for cleaning and maintenance, but what’s also cool is it’s designed to rotate at such a set speed that all contents are evenly cooked thoroughly. Plus, when you choose one of the six auto-cook programs, the speed will alter to that specific food type for best results.

Here are some more cool functions and specs:

  • Mirrored front door for a stylish effect
  • An auto-defrost setting for functionality
  • Large dial controls make it easy to use

There is a lot to like about this model, and Tower has made matching items to go with it. However, I do recommend the Russell Hobbs RHM2079RSO if you want the best 20L red microwave.

Buyer Reviews

Although my opinion for a 20L microwave is a different model, many consumers who have purchased the Tower T24009RN say lots of good things about it. The most common reason they love it so much is how simple it is to use. There are no buttons to confuse you, no digital displays and no pinging noises to get on your nerves. For pure simplicity then this is the one. Check out what people have been saying about it, for yourself, with the link below.

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#4 Morphy Richards Microwave 511502

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morphy richards red microwave​The Morphy Richards 511502 is a beautifully designed red microwave, that is part of their Accents range. It’s a more premium model than the others on this list and that is reflected in the price. However for what you pay for you are getting an exceptional solo microwave.

It will be a fantastic asset for any kitchen, based on looks alone. Also, thanks to its 20L capacity, all families can really enjoy the benefits of it. You can fit in a standard size dinner plate, and have a meal cooked perfectly in minutes, due to the 800W power output. More so, the five power levels cover all your cooking needs will be covered. To make things a bit more interesting, you get 8 automatic cook programs for the common foods like pizza, fish, and popcorn, plus more!

​Putting the beautiful colour scheme aside, this microwave has been designed really well. It is straightforward to use, as there are only five buttons and two dials. In many of the reviews written on Amazon, buyers tend to comment the most about its simplicity, which makes this the ideal microwave for any person. What’s more, to complement the user controls, it also has a stylish LED digital display screen that shows the current time and the countdown timer.

As you can see there is so much to love about this Morphy Richards solo microwave. Here are some more cool features:

  • Compact design means it fits into small spaces
  • 2 Auto defrost options: Time & Weight
  • 95-minute countdown timer
  • Childlock door safety feature for those with young children nearby

There is a whole lot more to the Morphy Richards 511502, and I really suggest you check it out if you want a bit more luxury then the others!

Buyer Reviews

​Many buyer reviews are similar to mine here. Generally, they love the style and added luxury and vibrancy it adds to their kitchen. Also, many comments on how fantastic it is and what a great job it really does. Some reviews have people complaining about the condensation when heating liquids. So, we contacted Morphy Richards before writing this review and the 2018 updated model has rectified the issue. So, now many people are buying this model as they kit out their houses with the Accents range from Morphy Richards.

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#5 Daewoo KOR7LBKR Retro Style

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retro red microwave​Daewoo starting making microwaves all the way back in 1971 and this red microwave really takes you back to that era with the fantastic retro design. The Daewoo KOR7LBKR is an extremely popular model amongst buyers thanks to its incredible looks, features and quality. Like most standard microwaves, it has a 20L internal food capacity, and 800 Watts of power output.

But what is really cool and separates it from others, is the concave reflex system. By using reflectors in the cavity, this added feature ensures heat is evenly distributed over your food, to eliminate the cold spots. Common issue standard models have. Also, the KOR7LBKR has a zero standby ‘eco’ function. By using no energy when idle, you will save money on your bills, and also retain valuable resources.

All the features required for everyday tasks are built-in this model. The power level can be changed up to 5 times and depend on what you plan on making this option can become really handy. As well, to make cooking even easier, there are four auto-cook programs to chose from, helping you take away the guesswork.

There’s a reason the Daewoo is so popular which we can see above. Take a look at the other features:

  • The auto-defrost function that hygienically gets food prepared for cooking
  • Childproof safety door, to minimise the risk of serious injury to young bodies
  • Removable glass turntable for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Kitchen timer with alerts when food is ready
  • Simple to use, nothing complicated and frustrating
  • Very popular with consumers who love red microwaves
  • Small and compact so very easy to store in a small area
  • Excellent cooking results
  • Digital display

And that is why consumers love it so much. Nothing extravagant, just simply class. ​

Buyer Reviews

​We know it is hugely popular, and we know why. But what most buyers are saying is the style and looks really have added something extra to their kitchens. It has so many great reviews on Amazon which I suggest you check out with the link below. There, you will see proof that for the daily tasks it really excels as a solo microwave. The concave reflex system is a really cool feature according to most, and that has solved a huge problem for them, that previously owned microwaves have not been able to. Head over to the reviews and have a read for yourself. You won’t be disappointed!

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#6 Swan SM22030RN Retro Digital Microwave

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best swan red microwaveIf you’re in the market for a stunning, powerful and large, red microwave then I recommend checking this one out. Bar its beautiful looks which it gets from being part of the “Swan On-Trend Retro Range” this microwave also has a 20L capacity and 800W of power. For all family sizes, the SM22030RN will be a fantastic asset to have in your kitchen. Due, to the size and power you will be able to complete all everyday cooking tasks, quickly and efficiently, whilst having great tasting food at the end.

The Swan red microwave boasts a lot of cool features. My personal favourite is the 270mm tempered glass turntable, which is designed to evenly cook food. And, considering finding cold spots on meals made in a solo microwave is not too uncommon, the tempered turntable hugely benefits your cooking experience.

The Swan also has 5 different power levels and a defrost setting. So, if you need to reheat, defrost or even cook a certain meal type, with this red microwave you carry out all your cooking tasks with the push of a button.

As amazing as the features are, the design is also incredible. The Swan SM22030RN is a retro-styled microwave, that has won awards for their appearance. However, it’s not completely retro as they have incorporated an awesome looking digital display screen. But only two buttons and two dials make up the control panel. Therefore for those who want something that’s easy to use this model fits the bill.

Some other features:

  • Available in a 25L capacity for large families, or households more dependent on microwaves
  • 60-minute digital timer
  • Cooking end signal
  • Very popular with buyers

As you can see, there is a lot to love about the Swan retro-style.

Buyer Reviews

It is one of the most popular red microwaves on the market. And the fact it has thousands of buyer reviews online just cements that point. In many of the reviews, owners are positive about the overall quality of it. For standard tasks, it excels really well. Plus, with the design and looks, their kitchens are looking much brighter and alive. However, since these are honest reviews we have noticed people are saying it’s a bit pricey for a microwave that has no enhanced features. We understand that, but it is a basic microwave, and what it is built to do, it does really well. I suggest you go over and have a look at the reviews yourself. Check them out!

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FAQ’s- Frequently Asked Questions

When people buy a new microwave, there tend to be some questions that get asked. Here are the most common Q&A’s.

Does microwave paint wear off?

Yes, on some models it will, but they are usually the cheap versions. Stay away from poor build quality models. You will pay more for a big name brand, but it is worth the value.

Do red microwaves cost more?

It does depend on the brand, and the range they are advertising it with. In general, they are usually cheaper than a metallic model or so, but only 10-15 pounds cheaper.

Do red microwaves have the same features as other microwaves?

Yes. All types of microwaves are available in red. Nothing is different other than the colours.

If you have any more questions you’d like answered, please leave us a comment below.

Best Red Microwaves Conclusion

It’s fair to say overall the best red microwave is the Russell Hobbs RHMM701R.

The model is hugely popular in kitchens due to it’s incredible yet straightforward design. The colour scheme is well crafted, and for everyday use, you should be looking to purchase it.

If you want a more ‘retro look’, then I would suggest the Morphy Richards. Again, the look and feel of the microwave is incredible. But, also there are many more appliances within the range that match it.

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