American Style Fridge Freezers: A Buyer’s Guide

The American style fridge freezers have been becoming much more popular of late. Fuelled perhaps by larger modern home sizes, expanding family needs, and greater access to American-sourced media, interest in these larger refrigeration models is growing steadily.

There are different considerations when considering purchasing an American style over one with split French doors, a smaller internal storage capacity, and fewer useful features. You may want a water or ice dispenser on demand, an LED control panel on the front, an internal camera to see your fridge’s contents while at the supermarket, or just need great capacity. Typically, these features are reserved mostly for American style, expansive fridge freezer models.

These models are in high demand and certainly have their place. We feature what we consider is the best American style fridge freeze model today and also one that sits around the £1,000 mark, give, or take the current pricing that day.

Below that, we’ve answered some of the most pressing questions that homeowners are potentially confused about with this newer style of refrigeration in the UK market.

Best American Style Fridge Freezer

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Samsung RS68N8230S9 617L Silver Fridge Freezer

The Samsung RS68N8230S9 is our best American Style fridge freezer. Which Magazine voted it a top pick, so we’re not alone in our belief that this is the best model available in this category.

Made from stainless steel, the model is available in silver or black colours. It will fit into any kitchen with a modern design and is no slouch in the looks department. There are multi-flow cooling and twin cooling systems to keep everything at the right temperature.  It’s A+ rated for energy efficiency. The annual energy usage is estimated at 450 kwh which is fair. It is also not noisy with only 39db during use. Furthermore, the backplate is flame retardant for safety too.

The model has a crowd-pleasing 617-litre capacity This is divided between the fridge section (407 litres) and the freezer section (210 litres). Samsung’s SpaceMax technology is used via better insulation to improve internal space vs. unit dimensions.

The fridge freezer measurements are 1,780mm (H), 912cm (W), and 716mm (D).

This Samsung model does need to be connected both to the water supply and mains power for electricity too. Samsung recommends the Hafex/EXP brand of external water filters to keep the water clean.

The fridge section provides 4 shelves and 5 pockets in the door for additional storage for upright bottles and the like. Separate drawers for both fruit and vegetables, a container for fresh eggs, and a convenient wine rack are included. The LED lighting provides ample illumination throughout.  There’s also a door alarm and a handy Vacation mode too.

The freezer section provides excellent freezing capabilities as demonstrated by its 4-star rating. There are 3 freezer shelves, a couple of drawers for loose items, and 3 door pockets to store slim items upright. Separate LED lights bring illumination to this interior compartment. As well as the expected Frost-free technology, there’s the ability to freezer 12 kilos of produce in a day.

Also, there’s a 5-year warranty with this fridge freezer model too.

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Our Recommended American Style Fridge Freezer Under £1000

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LG GSL761PZXV American Style Fridge Freezer

The recommended fridge freezer in our budget section is the A-rated LG GSL761PZXV American style fridge freezer. It packs a punch while not breaking the bank in the process!

It has an elegant design using stainless steel to create a stylish appearance. Nothing looks cheap or plasticky here. There’s a multi-flow air cooling system, a child lock for parents, BioShield to prevent germs, a reasonable 479 kwh yearly estimated energy consumption, and a 39 dB sound level. The Inverter Linear Compressor helps to reduce energy consumption leading to the A+ energy rating for this larger fridge freezer.

Water plumbing is not required for this model. Water is added by hand to be turned into either cubed or crushed ice accessible from the dispenser at on the freezer door.

The unit measurements are 1,790mm (H) x 912mm (W) x 738mm (D). It weighs 124 kilos.

The fridge section is considerably larger than the freezer section, as is common with these designs. The fridge has a 405-litre capacity whereas the freeze section is 196-litres.

The fridge side accommodates 4 shelves made from stronger tempered glass, and both a Fresh Zone and Moist Balance feature that can be set at a lower temperature for salad lovers. There are also cooling LED lighting, and a deodoriser too. Additional storage space is provided inside the door. Also, the Super Chill mode accelerates refrigeration when new items are added to ensure they remain fresh; a nice feature for people who live a distance from the nearest supermarket.

The freezer sports a 4-star rating, a Fast freeze facility, and 4 shelves and 2 drawers. LED lighting and transparent containers allow greater visualization of what’s stored inside. Extra storage space is found in the interior door for quick access to ice lollies, etc. In addition to the Frost-free feature, 12 kilos of food can be frozen in a day. Also, frozen food will stay that way for up to 10 hours in a prolonged power cut (just don’t open the freezer door).

Overall, the stylish looks and expansive capacity with many new features coupled with attractive pricing makes this our budget pick. The 10-year warranty provided is also nice to have.

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American Style vs French Door Fridge Freezers – What’s the difference?

With American style fridge freezers, there’s a choice between American style (side by side) refrigeration and French door fridge freezers. Both can be similarly tall with a reasonable width, but each has different configurations.

Side-by-Side aka American Style Refrigerators

The side-by-side is an elongated fridge freezer typically with two doors that each open from the centre out in either direction. With both doors fully opened out, it’s possible to see all the frozen and fresh food inside to visualise what’s available. There are few, if any, issues with not seeing items because they’re hidden under packets of frozen peas or fried potato wedges.

A side-by-side design tends to offer more space for fresh food and plentiful space for frozen items (though some areas may be convertible to accommodate more fresh food at an appropriate refrigerated temperature).

This type of fridge freezer design is better for individuals or families where they consume more fresh food than frozen food but require a good capacity with both.

French Door Refrigerators

French style fridge

Some American style models do have French door designs instead of the side-by-side one.

These are larger, possessing an upper section with two doors that open out in either direction to visualise all the contents in the fresh food areas. But it also has a lower frozen section that either pulls out like a drawer (or occasionally it has a door that opens separately).

The most common French door design for American style refrigerators is the pull-out drawer to access the frozen food section. This is a little like having a separate freezer chest. It does make it difficult to see everything stored in the drawer because different items are pilled one on top of the other! As a result, you’ll spend more time crouched down trying to find everything.

On the plus side, there are usually wider spaces between each shelf to accommodate a cake or something else.

On the negative side, accessing the frozen food may involve getting on your hands and knees to rummage around to find what you’re looking for. That’s fine when you’re twenty, but less fun in middle-age or in your senior years when your knees will seriously object! Also, in the refrigerated section, it’s harder to see what you have because it’s not as obvious as with a side-by-side fridge freezer.

Kitchen and Fridge Freezer Size Considerations

Take careful measurements of the space to fit the fridge freezer into. Even if it will be freestanding in a space of its own, still consider the height and the depth as the very least.

Never assume a larger American Style model will fit. These are considerably bigger than the older style UK fridges of old. This mirrors the expansive square footage of the typical American kitchen. While our kitchens have often been remodelled to enlarge them, they still do not compare in size. Therefore, taking detailed measurements and checking twice is imperative to ensure the new fridge will fit.

Door Blockages

With side-by-side doors that open outwards from the centre, they span the full length of the model. When opened, they block out the visual. Everything from the sunlight to people walking near to the door will be blocked from view.

Again, this is different from a smaller, French door or single door opening out which usually isn’t either large enough or tall enough to block things visually.

Delivery Concerns

American style fridges are only delivered to the pavement or driveway. They are not delivered inside the home and into the kitchen. This can be something of a shock to homeowners who expected the fridge to be installed and fitted for them. Usually, that will not be the case!

Therefore, you should plan to have a couple of strong lads available to transport the fridge inside and where you want it positioned.

Also, do bear in mind the exact path that the fridge freezer will travel. What alleyway, doorways, hallways, and other spaces will it need to be carried through to reach the kitchen? With smaller homes, the hallways can be narrow. In other situations, the front entrance doesn’t allow an American style fridge freezer to fit through the gap.

In such a situation, it might be necessary to remove both doors from the model to get it through the entrance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an American Style Fridge Freezer cost?

Budget image

There are American Style fridge freezers that cost around £1,000 at the lower end of the price scale.

You can also find recommended products around £1,300-1,400 as well.

However, there are also enormous fridge freezers with additional features like glass viewing panels, an internal fridge camera (to check the contents while shopping in the supermarket), a minibar door, touch displays for controlling fridge freezer settings, and convertible zones (to give more space to the fridge or freezer space) as needed. To include these features in your model, the prices leap up to £2,500 and sometimes way beyond that.

Ultimately, as the number of features increase, the price jumps markedly. The same can be said of the prices when a model has a greater total capacity.

What size is an American Style Fridge Freezer?

The American style side-by-side models usually have two doors that open out in either direction.

Quite often, the right-side door is larger because that compartment is bigger. The left side is smaller because it’s the freezer section. The interior left-upper area of the freezer section is usually reserved for ice cube storage and chilled water area to facilitate a water and ice dispenser feature included with many American style fridges.

As for size, the tallest American style fridge freezers are 196cm. However, the height does vary from model to model and isn’t standardized. So, don’t assume a new American style model will fit into space previously occupied by a French door style model.

For the width, the internal capacity and features included will mostly dictate that. The width varies from 70cm up to 92.5cm.

The depth is around 78cm at the largest.

Will an American Style Fridge Freezer Fit in my Home?

Size dimensions vary considerably from model to model, especially with American style fridge freezers. Never assume a fridge freezer that you’re about to order will fit into your existing kitchen.

Does an American Style Fridge Freezer need to be plumbed in?

Some, not all, American style fridges require connecting to the existing plumbing system. When connecting to the utility’s water supply, adding an inline filter may help to remove any remaining water contaminants.

Other models include a water tank capable of holding around 3-4 litres that needs periodical refilling. In this case, they aren’t connected to the water supply coming to the home. In a hard water area, it’s often best to have a refillable water tank model that gives owners the option to pour in purified or filtered bottled water.

Either option can make the dispensed water from the American style fridge taste better. It also avoids ice looking cloudy too. It depends on your local water supply as to which option is preferable, but water filtration is a good idea in either case.

Furthermore, these fridge freezers will also be connected to mains power too. So, just like with a regular fridge, they’ll need electrical access too.

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