Top Rated Deep Fryers For Home Use 2019

Welcome, to this post about the top rated deep fryers for home use.

We are all guilty of loving deep fried food, which is why we can’t deny places like KFC is finger lickin’ good! There is something rebellious we enjoy about eating greasy chicken, chips, sausages, or even doughnuts!

But, to perfect the art of making these delicious foods at home, you will need the right deep fat fryer.

This was our reason for doing the groundwork for you. So, you can cut out all the tedious research work and find the best one, easily.

Before you head down to our top rated deep fryers list, we recommend you read through the buyers guide provided to make sure you choose the correct fryer on the list.

Buying Guide: Deep Fat Fryers

To choose the right appliance for your kitchen, it’s important you know what to look for in a fryer.

We have provided you with this handy buying guide, so you know how to choose a model, the features, and everything else.

With this guide, you will have a brand new understanding of deep fat fryers.

How to choose a deep fat fryer

Knowing how to choose one will help your decision-making process, much easier.

1. Capacity

There are two different capacity factors you need to take into account. First, is how much oil can it hold. The oil storage unit is measured in litres. Second, is the food capacity, how much you can get in. Now, this is weighed by kilograms (same as washing machines) and a standard fryer that can cook 2 portions of chips at once will have a food capacity of 1kg more or less.

2. Power & Temperatures

Just like a microwave, the output of power for a fryer is measured in Watts. The more power, the quicker it will heat up and start cooking.

Most deep fat fryers will have an adjustable thermostat dial. With that, you can change the temperature of the oil for a more personal cooking experience. The heat range is different with models, but generally, they can go from 130C-190C

3. Safety

A big consideration should be the safety elements of a deep fat fryer. Temperatures can be set over 190C, and if you have young children around or, like me, you can be a bit clumsy, then its vital to factor safety in. All quality deep fat fryers have “cool-touch” features. What that does are allow you to move it and lift the basket without feeling any of the heat. Also, certain deep fryers have a locking lid, which can prevent children being exposed to the scalding oil. Finally, you will find a safety cut off features on some. In the event, the fryer overheats or a hazard occurs, automatically it will shut off and start to cool down.

4. Your Uses

I am sure you know why you will want to buy a deep fat fryer. Some models are better for specific foods like fish and chips than others. There are a few models that boast a good amount of versatility. In these, you can use the same oils to cook savoury and sweet foods. Plus, its worth noting how much you’re going to use it and how big the portions are going to be. This will save you much disappointment.

5. Cleaning & Ease of Use

Cleaning is nearly never fun at all, especially oil based products. Deep fat fryer brands know this, which is why they have improved them overtime, to make them much simpler. A lot of the models now will completely come apart, meaning you can easily wash all parts by hand or in dishwashers.

Trying to keep fryers simple is a big part of designs. Some fryers have just two knobs/dials which you set the timer and temperature. Generally speaking, they are all very easy to use.

6. Cost & Value

If you are on a budget, picking up a good but cheap deep fat fryer can be a hard task. Here we have you covered. Fryers range from £15-£140, but it’s not always necessary to pay the big bucks.

Having said that, you need to take into account the overall value. There are some very cheap types available, which are fantastic, and there are some slightly more expensive ones that do the job to a much higher standard. Fried food is a luxury, so it is always worth paying that little bit extra for more quality.

Deep Fat Fryer Features: What To Consider

  • Multiple Baskets: Although not necessary, some come with a 1x large basket, 1x medium basket. It is helpful if you wish to change what you are cooking
  • Built-in Thermostat: The majority have this now, but if you buy one that does not it’s still fine. You can just buy a separate thermostat and dip it in to check the temperature. However, a ready installed one does add convenience.
  • Oil Change Alert: If you want to minimise waste and re-use the oil that’s fine. But when it needs changing a handy alert is always welcomed.
  • Easy Drainage System: Although they’re made to be as easy as possible to clean and maintain, this advanced feature should be on your mind. The most annoying part of deep frying is cleaning the oil out after. With a drainage system, it will do it for you, so you can dispose of it much easier.

We’re confident of helping you find the perfect deep fryer for your home use. If you need additional help, please get in contact with us.

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10 Top Rated Deep Fat Fryers For Home Use: Reviews

#1 – Top Rated Deep Fryer Overall  – Tefal FR804040 Oleoclean

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Top rated deep fat fryer overall

This Tefal is hands down our top-rated deep fryer for home use. How I decided this was the fact it fries almost any food you put in, perfectly, plus the additional features it possesses. I know you will love this top-rated fryer!

Because it has an advanced oil heating system, it is able to help, contain your foods exterior making it healthier and juicier. Why this fryer is able to keep food healthier, is due to the enhanced heating system only using the correct amount of oil and temperature to fry your contents. That makes this deep fat fryer ideal for any household. Fried food has reputation for being unhealthy, however, with the Tefal FR804040 Oleoclean, you can be sure your body will love it!

Although that is great, there is a lot more to love about this deep fryer, such as:

  • 3.5L Capacity which is enough size to cook 4 plates of chips in one go or 1.2kg of food
  • Oleoclean – Filters the excess oil by its self. Once you’re done just turn the dial to Automatic Filtration and it will be sieved into an oil box below, which makes it reusable and clean
  • Can be dismantled very quickly which means it is super easy to clean and maintain
  • 2300W of heating power
  • Due to the carrying handles, this model is very easy to move around your kitchen
  • Transparent lid for viewing your food, so you can check on it, without having to open it up

It is clear to see why we have this as our overall top-rated deep fryer. It has all the bells and whistles you need, frying the best tasting food. What’s more impressive is the reviews over at Amazon about it. 90% are 5*! Check them out yourself below!

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#2 – Best Value  – Quest 35140

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best value deep fat fryer

In my humble opinion, the Quest 35140 is the top rated deep fat fryer for value on the market, anywhere. What makes me say this is the fryer has absolutely everything you could want, plus it does not cost you an arm and a leg. Features such as; the removable oil container and the non-stick pan make the fryer incredibly quick and easy to clean after use. Also, it boasts a generous 3L capacity with cooling-zone technology that preserves oil and stops contamination.

I love how many culinary options you get with this fryer, and all the results are excellent. You can perfectly cook, fried chicken, fish, nuggets, and even sweet foods like doughnuts. It really is an all-rounder, that is made to last. The stainless steel body is also designed with cool-touch technology so you will not have a bad accident.

What’s more about the Quest 35140? It has:

  • Detachable handle for easy storage
  • Comes apart in pieces for nice and easy cleaning
  • 1kg of food capacity, which is enough for two portions of chips in one go
  • Heats up quickly thanks to good technology and design
  • Looks smart in any kitchen
  • Does not cost a fortune – But is great value for its price tag

As you can see, there is a lot to love about this Quest deep fryer. Again I can’t stress enough how fantastic this is for value. A fryer, with these sorts of qualities, will usually cost upwards of £50. For over a half less you can get this one, which many buyers have left reviews of. Use the link below and head over to Amazon, to read their reviews. Most are very positive!

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#3 – Best For Chips – VonShef 13/183

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Best deep fryer for chipsDo you love your chips fried, in a fryer that also self-cleans? Of course, you do! If that is you then I highly recommend you read this VonShef 13/183 review. I say that because this is by far the best chip fryer on the market today. It has a 3L capacity, which is enough space to make all types of food, including fish, chicken, and even sweeter foods like doughnuts and fritters. Plus, it won’t cost you a ton of money!

The most impressive thing about the VonShef 13/183 is the ability to fry the best tasting chips you’ll ever have in your kitchen. This is due to you being able to adjust the thermostat from 130C to 190C. Therefore, you can make fries exactly how you like them. What I love most, however, is how easy it is to clean and maintain. You can easily dismantle it, including the enamel coated non-stick oil pan for cleaning, and then put it away, until next time.

Here are some more things love about it.

  • High-grade stainless steel housing allows it to stand the test of time, whilst looking fantastic in your kitchen
  • Non-slip feet makes it much safer to use
  • Premium stainless steel frying basket
  • Built-in cable compartment for neat storage
  • Viewing window on top allows you to check on the contents without opening the lid up
  • Very cheap

I could talk about this VonShef, and its qualities all day. It’s clear to see it has many reasons why it’s the best chip fryer on the market today. What proves my point more, is what people on Amazon have been saying about it. Nearly all the reviews are 5 stars, and 99% of people say its best for chips. Check them out! Link below.

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#4 – Best Small Deep Fat Fryer – Russell Hobbs 18238

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Best Small deep fat fryer

If you’re wanting to find the best small deep fat fryer for your home then I recommend you check this Russell Hobbs out. Why I have chosen this one is because it is perfect for one portion serving, due to its capacity of 0.9L (or 350g of food). As well as that, it fries food better than any other appliance for its size, which makes perfect sense since it’s a Russell Hobbs appliance.

What I love about the 18238 the most, however, is the fact you can remove the 4-inch basket, freeing up more frying space, allowing you to make different types of meals, such as fish. What’s more, it has an adjustable thermostat control, so you can change the heat at which you fry, which enables you to make food tailored to your preference. Heat levels range from 80C to 190C

As you can see it is a very compact fryer but has some great qualities that make it ideal for a small household. However, there is a lot more to love about it, check these out:

  • The external handle makes it easy to use safely and move about if needed
  • Power light indicator and a metal filter for oil make it practical, which you will love!
  • 1-year guarantee from Russell Hobbs, although it’s a very reliable model
  • Very cheap costing less than £30 and is very easy to clean and maintain
  • Perfect if you live on your own
  • Incredible results when making chips. Chip lovers will love this one!
  • Easily removable oil container

I know you’re probably loving the Russell Hobbs 18238 after reading this review. But what’s more impressive are the hundreds of reviews over at Amazon. Nearly all are positive and rated 5 stars. I recommend you check them out for yourself. Link below!

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#5 – Best Cheap Deep Fat Fryer – Aigostar Ushas 30JPN

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Best cheap deep fat fryer

By a long distance, the best cheap deep fat fryer for home use on the market is the Aigostar Ushas 30JPN. Its price tag is very generous considering its incredible capabilities. It has a spacious capacity of 3L and a power output of 2200W, it can produce the most delicious tasting food quickly and effectively. It also has efficient heating pipes that enlarge the oil area, for more evenly rounded cooking.

Also, the Aigostar Ushas 30JPN boasts a window lid to help you check on your food without opening it up, which can cause your food to lose flavour. But, I love the most how this cheap fryer can be completely dismantled, therefore cleaning it out after use is far more easily than other cheap models.

For a little amount, you get all the benefits of an expensive fryer, which is why this one is here. And there are far more features to love about it, like:

  • Built-in cable compartment for tidy storage
  • Removeable non-stick oil bowl to help with maintenance
  • Stainless steel frying basket, with a detachable cooling handle for easy use
  • Thermostat control to tailor frying to your wishes. Heat levels range from 130C to 190C
  • Very well-built. Stainless steel design which looks fantastic in any modern kitchen
  • Assured quality is proven with the Aigostar Ushas 30JPN as it boasts all GS, RoHS and LFGB Certificates.

This fryer could easily have been higher priced. It ticks all the boxes you’d want in a fryer and the price is much lower than other competitors. It’s definitely worth checking out what other buyers have said about it on Amazon. It’s highly rated by owners, and I definitely recommend you check them out using the link.

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#6 – Best Mini Fryer – Tefal FF220040

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Best Mini deep fat fryer

The best mini deep fat fryer on the market today is easily the Tefal FF220040. It’s elegant, full of features and it only has a 0.6L capacity. Due to its space-saving design, you can carry and store this mini fryer very easily. You will find the Tefal FF220040 very impressive. I say this because all you need is just 1L of oil and with the 1000W power output you can cook 600g of chips or other foods in a matter of minutes.

What I find most convenient about this mini deep fat fryer, is the lid and the basket are removable and dishwasher friendly. Also, the inner bowl is non-stick, so cleaning it is a very simple task. Another cool feature about it is the ready-to-cook indicator light. As it does have only a 1000W power output it does take a little longer than others to heat up, but this indicator will tell you when its ready to start frying.

Our best mini deep fat fryer has a lot of things to love about it. Here are a few other features we wanted to make you aware of:

  • Perfect size for one or two people, depending on your portions
  • Cooks perfectly. Your food will be evenly fried, crispy and taste delicious
  • A handy viewing window on the lid so you don’t have to open it to check on your food and potentially ruin it
  • Ideal if you are short on space in your kitchen, so this is the perfect alternative
  • Change the oil temperature between 150C and 190C with the thermostat dial

Other than being smaller than the most popular fryers, this one still boasts all the features they do too. Owners can vouch for it, the reviews are incredible. Take a look for yourself below.

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#7 – Breville VDF108

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Best easy clean deep fryer

For the best easy clean deep fat fryer available to you, check out this Breville VDF108. What makes this fryer such an easy appliance to clean are many things. For instance, the easy-clean removable lid with a permanent filter allows you to chuck it straight in the dishwasher safely. Also, the removable enamel bowl, gloss finish and stainless steel trim, are all designed specifically, so they can be cleaned easily.

What’s also great about this easy clean deep fryer, is the capacity and power. With a generous 2L oil capacity and 1KG of food frying bowl, this model is ideal for medium size families. Fortunately, if you have young children or are like me, clumsy, the Breville has some safety features to protect you. First, the cool-touch body and the safety lock lid ensures its safe on the kitchen side, and no prying young hands can have an accident opening it up.

I love a lot of features about this one, and here are some more for you:

  • See-through viewing window so you can keep a close eye on your food
  • Variable temperature control allows you to cook exactly how you like your food. It works best when you really want to crisp a specific item like chicken.
  • The rise and fall basket easily drains off excess oil from food keeping it, nice and tasty
  • Digital timer and sound alert, which takes away the guesswork of frying
  • Cool cable storage unit, so you can pack it away neatly

There are so many good reasons why this is the best easy clean deep fat fryer. What proves my point the most though, is the reviews written on Amazon from previous buyers. Over 300 people have said good things about it. I suggest you head over there and have a browse yourself.

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#8  – ProfiCook PC-FR 1038

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Best twin deep fat fryer

After hours of hard research and testing, the best twin deep fat fryer is the ProfiCook PC-FR 1038. How I came to this decision was not easy, but what stands out the most for me, is the built-in odour filter. No others have this technology, and when it comes to frying, it’s not always the most pleasant smell. Also, the price for this dual fryer, will not break the bank which is always good.

As cooking goes, the ProfiCook stands tall among the best fryers around. With the thermostat dial, you can change the oil heat to make food more or less crispy and juicy, or simply how you wish it to be. Additionally, they have designed it with you in mind. The model can be stripped down in a matter of minutes which makes cleaning it out less stressful.

There are some great things to love about it, but here are some other features it has to offer:

  • 2 baskets that fit into one frying bowl
  • 5L oil capacity – Easy to fill, empty and clean when required
  • 3000W of power means it will heat up and start cooking very quickly
  • Cable tray for tidy storage
  • Overheating protection system
  • Viewing window so you can see it in action

There is one negative which is worth mentioning. If you purchase this in the UK it will come with a two-prong plug, so you will need an adapter or change the plug over. However, it is worth it.

To prove that, I looked through the reviews on Amazon, and most are overwhelmingly positive about it. I suggest you go over and read them. They will best help you make the right choice.

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#9 –  Swan SD6080N

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Best deep fryer for fish

Nothing beats a good ol’ plate of fish and chips from the chippy. It is in our blood to love fried fish! That’s why we researched the best deep fryer for fish, so you can make it at home! Were recommending the Swan SD6080N. Due to its efficiency with oil, this fryer cooks fish in fewer amounts than others, reducing the greasy taste you would normally get. Honestly deep-fried fish has never tasted so good! What’s also great, it has a 750g capacity for food and a four temperature gears for functionality.

However, what I enjoyed the most about the Swan SD6080N is the overall versatility. Of course, if you’re reading this then you want to fry fish, but it would be cheaper to head down to your local and pick some up. Thankfully, you can fry all sorts of foods with it including; doughnuts, fritters, churros for those with a sweet tooth.

The Swan will get you excited, and here are some more functions it has to offer:

  • Fixed oil container makes sure no hot oil is able to spill or spit out causing potential harm
  • Uses robust cool-touch handles including on the basket so you will be kept away from the action
  • Easy to clean with a non-stick inner pan and with a wet cloth you can wipe away all the debris
  • Odour exterminating technology
  • Safety cut out and overheating protection

As you can see there is a lot to love about this deep fat fryer. To summarise it, it is a very safe, versatile and healthy fryer, that makes the great tasting fish. There are other reviews online, especially on Amazon where over 180 people have commented on it. Use the link to have a look.

Check Price On Amazon

#10 – Klarstein Quickpro XXL

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Best Large deep fat fryerWith a 5L tank for up to 1.5Kg of food, the best large deep fat fryer for home use is the Klarstein Quickpro XXL. Due to its large size, not only is a perfect fryer for the home but it’s also a good choice for some commercial places. Regardless of where you are buying it for, the stainless steel design will add a touch of class to any kitchen. Plus Klarstein has given the Quickpro XXL a price tag that will not fry your pocket.

What I do love most about this fryer, is its cold-zone technology. What that means is all the heat is evenly distributed in the oil, so all parts of the food are thoroughly fried, leaving no cold spots you tend to find with fried foods. Secondly, the simple controls are a really good design point by Klarstein. This fryer only has two dials. 1. The thermostat to change the oil heat. 2. So you can set a timer, which will alert you when you are ready.

I wanted to point out a few other attributes the Klarstein Quickpro XXL has:

  • Completely dismantles for easy cleaning
  • 3000W power output, with a maximum temperature of 190C
  • Perfect for large families, or people who cook large quantities of food
  • Comes with 1 large basket and two small ones, so you can change up what you cook

There are a few issues people who have bought it has said. Mainly the instructional booklet is hard to understand, but considering how straightforward it is to use, I don’t see that as a huge problem. On the other hand, a lot of owners have given it good reviews, with the majority saying it is the best large deep fat fryer on the market. Check them out at Amazon, with the link.

Check Price On Amazon

Verdict – Top Rated Deep Fryers For Home Use

Overall for the standard kitchen, the best deep fat fryer for home use is the Tefal FR804040 Oleoclean.

Because deep-fried foods are known to be unhealthy, its a breath of fresh air it cooks using minimal oil consumption making your food that little bit better for your body. All whilst making your food, more crispy and juicy, giving you a better tasting meal. So, I highly recommend the Tefal Oleoclean for any household.

The Aigostar takes our pick as the best cheap deep fryer. Although it is not jam-packed with features, it does the basics extremely well. For a little over a takeaway for one, you can get your hands on it, and start making home dinners just as desirable.

If you are after the best large fryer, then we highly recommend the Klarstein.

It’s massive food capacity enables you to cook multiple portions in one go. So, if you have a large family or you regularly throw parties, then grab yourself one of these.

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