How To Clean A Deep Fat Fryer – 15 Easy Steps

It’s clear that everybody loves the wonderful flavor of fried food. Right?

Basically, a deep fryer is the one that is mostly used to prepare such delicious meals without any struggle.

Regular and consistent use of deep fryer can result in oil build up on the sides of the fryer and that’s the main reason a deep fryer should be cleaned regularly to avoid affecting the flavors of the food cooked using it.

Old grime and food in your deep fryer can affect your oil and how your food fries, which as a result will determine the flavor of your food.

Also, regular cleaning of your deep fryer can be very economical in term of saving the amount of oil used and replacement cost. This is possible since cleaning is able to remove polar contaminants that can affect oil amounts being added on the deep fryer.

The good thing when cleaning a deep fryer is that it’s very simple, though you need some time to make sure your deep fryer is perfectly clean.

Requirement items to clean your Deep fryer

  • Baking soda
  • Plastic scrubber for those deep fryers coated with Teflon
  • A dish grease dissolving detergent
  • Water
  • Steel wool pads filled with soap for washing metal fryers
  • Soft towel

15 Steps to cleaning your deep fat fryer

  1. Ensure the fryer is turned off and allow the oil in the deep fryer to cool down completely. When the oil has cooled, drain it from the deep fryer and put it in a clean storage container if you aim at reusing the oil. If you won’t be reusing it, it should be disposed off properly and efficiently.
  2. Using a scraper, make sure you scrap all the oil that has build-up from the side of the deep fryer as much as possible. Build up Removed oil should be disposed.
  3. After scraping, fill the deep fryer with water up to the level you would have filled if you were filling it with oil.
  4. Add a little amount of grease dish dissolving detergent to the water and agitate for them to mix slightly.
  5. Turn the deep fryer on until the water boils. For several minutes, allow the soap and water boil in the fryer. This helps in loosening and removal of stuck oil around the deep fryer sides.
  6. Then, after the mixture has boiled for a few minutes, turn off the deep fryer and then allow the mixture to cool down.
  7. Dump off the water and using a sponge or a towel, wipe out the inside of your deep fryer. Try to remove as much oil as you can from the fryer sides.
  8. Using a mixture of water and detergent, moisten the scrubber and then scrub any oil remaining traces from the inside walls of the deep fryer. After, that make sure you rinse the deep fryer with clean water
  9. If any sticky traces of oils remains, you can use a baking soda to remove them efficiently.
  10. When using the baking soda, you first need to make a paste by mixing the baking soda with a small amount of water.
  11. Then rub the paste into the deep fryer surface where there are remains of sticky oil traces.
  12. After that, using a cloth or a sponge properly rub the paste in a circular motion and continue rubbing until all the sticky film has been completely removed from the deep fryer.
  13. It’s good to note that the baking soda paste can also be of essential use in the removal of oil splatter and oil build-up on the exterior side of the deep fryer.
  14. After you are done rubbing the paste on both sides, rise the fryer with clean water until all cleaning products used have been fully cleaned up.
  15. After that dry the deep fryer with a clean towel and then your fryer will be ready to use in preparing your favourite dishes.

Points to Note

For extremely dirty deep fryers, oven cleaners can be used to clean the fryers. Its also very good to note that oven cleaners are very strong chemicals. Therefore all deep fryers cleaned by oven cleaners should be thoroughly rinsed to ensure no chemical that has been passed to cooking oil when using the fryer.

Also, WD-40 chemical can be used to make old oil stains that are difficult to remove fresh. Precautions of proper rinsing should be maintained to make sure food hygiene.

You can also use a mixture of water and vinegar to remove sticky residue.

Conclusion – How to clean a deep fat fryer

To allow a perfect performance of your deep fryer.  After cleaning and preventing it from damage, ensure that the fryer is fully dry before you use it again so,  you will enjoy the experience.

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