Top 10 Rated Dishwashers 2020

Welcome to this post where we look at the 10 top rated dishwashers which includes our 5 top freestanding full-size dishwashers and our 5 top integrated full-size dishwashers.

On previous posts, we have looked at the slimline models and table top versions, where we gave bite-sized reviews. This post will be dedicated to full-size dishwashers covering both freestanding and integrated dishwashers.

If you are unsure of what type you need to buy for your home then please take a look at our dishwasher buyers guide here.

It’s a fairly common asset in the majority of kitchens these days. The dishwasher helps keep the place clean and tidy without you having to do much work. A full-size model is more desirable than any other variant purely because of the internal capacity and cleaning power. If you have space to install the right choice dishwasher in your kitchen then we highly recommend you do so.

But before going to Google and buying the first one you see, we have provided you with the best and current dishwashers below with mini-reviews. Just before the reviews, we advise you to take a look at our short buying guide for a large dishwasher, which will give you a better understanding when you come to the reviews.

Choosing the best dishwasher

We have a dishwasher buyers guide should you wish to read it.

When looking for a new dishwasher there are some factors that will come into play.

Do you have the space to fit a specific machine? Always take measurements before buying and check the unit you want is suitable for the area. We highlight in our reviews the dimensions for you.

How much washing up do you have? If you have a lot, then you ideally want a bigger model with more place settings. Also, a good rated wash power will be essential, although most of these dishwashers are slightly more expensive. You should always spend a little extra for quality.

What design do you need? Are you looking for an integrated model or freestanding? Freestanding dishwashers are a lot easier to install and move. On the other hand, integrated will require some labor and can become tricky to install. None the less they are more aesthetically pleasing and you can add a cupboard door, for blend within your kitchen.

Want to lower your bills? I assume you do! The energy ratings give you an indication of how Eco-friendly a dishwasher is, on the environment and your bills.

We have covered the basics if you wish to look for more information check out the buyers’ guide.

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5 Top Rated Full-Size Freestanding Dishwashers UK

Here we take a look at the best full-size freestanding dishwashers available on the market today.

White Knight DW1460WA review#1 White Knight DW1460WA

White Knight has a very good reputation with dishwasher owners. The efficiency, quality of build, and performance results are top quality.

The White Knight DW1460WA proves everything stated above. Its boast an incredible energy rating of A++ and it’s jam-packed with many other features that are, not so common on a machine that is as cheap as the white knight.

This model has 14 place settings, that’s more than the majority on the market in its price range. Not only that, it comes with adjustable racking and removable cutlery trays.

The washing performance rating is also considerably better than most at A++. Ratings that high is the maximum, therefore you can be sure you will have the best clean for your items with this model. Also, the drying rating is A, so not only will you have clean dishes, they will also be bone dry, ready to put away!

What’s more special about this dishwasher, it boasts 6 different wash programs including; Pre-wash, quick wash (40 minutes) Intensive, Eco, and sensitive. What’s great about the White Knight, during all cycles it never loses its ability to provide you with squeaky clean plates at the end.

To benefit consumers this model only produces 49dB of sound. You can set and forget your washing up, without being irritated by the dishwasher! Because of that, you can set a cycle overnight and not be rudely awaken.

Due to the design, using this model is very simple and unsophisticated. There is 5 buttons in total and a LED display screen. Changing cycles is easy, just use the correct button to alternate between the 6 then press start. The display screen has light indicators which flash up when; the salt is low and when the cycle has finished.

Many consumers who own the White Knight DW1460WA all say in their reviews, this is the best dishwasher they have ever owned. It’s clear to see why. The internal space offered with 14 place settings is fantastic. The Economical benefits are vast, saving precious resources and saving on bills. The multiple different wash programs mixed with the performance. Lastly, for all that’s featured about the dishwasher, the value is incredible.


Check the price on Amazon

Indesit DFG15B1 white#2 Indesit DFG15B1 – Best Indesit Freestanding Dishwasher

The Indesit DFG15B1 boasts 13 place settings with adjustable racking and removable cutlery baskets, ensuring you can load every item you have (near enough) inside. It owns an A+ energy rating that’s kind on your bills and the environment.

The Indesit has 5 wash programs, including delicate. Using this mode will give your fragile items a soft touch during the cycle without compromising the cleaning. The other four programs are; Intensive – For hard soil items such as a baking tray. Economy – For minimal energy and water usage and the last, a quick wash – A 40-minute wash program. This machine does also boast a pre-wash mode.

Operation of the dishwasher is very easy. A little dial on the front can easily be turned to the preferred setting or cycle. What’s more, the DFG15B1  has a salt-low indicator light, which will flash up to alert you.

Washing power in all modes is fantastic, just see the reviews on Amazon! The official rating is A which is pretty good considering the price and other qualities. Another A rating is given for the drying quality of this model. Many built-in dryers often lack the power to complete a cycle how you would want, but the Indesit is an exception.

With the owner in mind, Indesit is aware accidents can happen. That is why this dishwasher has built-in flood protection system.  Should a leak occur, to prevent kitchen floods, the water supply will be cut off immediately.

Customers who have bought the Indesit run a common theme in their reviews. The quietness of the machine whilst operating is something they are incredibly happy about. Only emitting 48dB is extremely low, considering table top dishwashers operate at 50dB. Also, the build quality and cleaning power are considered 5*. It’s no wonder this particular dishwasher is the second best-seller on Amazon!

This model is also available in black and silver.


  • Dimensions: 60 x 60 x 85 cm
  • Performance Rating: A
  • Dryer Rating: A
  • Energy rating: A+

Check the price on Amazon

Beko DFN04210W best dishwasher under 230#3 Beko DFN04210W – Best Rated Beko Dishwasher

A Beko full-size dishwasher with many impressive features. This model has 12 place settings, which means it’s ideal for a family’s everyday needs. Folding cup racks are an added feature, allowing more room for larger dishes and pasta bowls. For even more space, the cutlery baskets are removable, so you can fit pots and pans.

Half load function is ideal for everyday use. Not all the time can you fully load the dishwasher and it would not be practical to wait until you can, so the half load function will use 50% fewer resources, whilst maintaining a quality performance.

The washing performance of this machine is rated: A. This unit has 4 wash programs, not as many as most, but some very effective selections. Quick wash mode takes 30 minutes. The most impressive program and it is exclusive to Beko dishwashers only is the Clean&Shine program. Claims it will make your dirtiest items completely clean within 90 minutes is true!

Most Beko appliances are extremely efficient and it’s no surprise this model owns an A+ energy rating. Beko prides themselves on offering the best for their customers, so you can be sure they have done a lot of testing to keep your bills and energy use very low.

It’s a very simple designed unit and again for the consumer, using the Beko DFN04210W is relatively easy. A knob dial changes programs and a button allows you to increase the temperature. Because of the simple design, they have not included a LED display screen. Two indicator lights flash up for salt-low and cycle complete.

Most consumers who bought a Beko DFN04210W are satisfied with its performance quality, and it’s simplicity. All in all, for the price, this machine is a fairly good choice. If you need a bit more than basic, then you probably want another model. But to get the job done for cheap, here’s your pick.


  • Dimensions: 85 x 59.8 x 60 cm
  • Performance Rating: A
  • Dryer Rating: A
  • Energy Rating: A+

Check the price on Amazon

Bosch Serie 4 SMS46IW02G best over 350#4 Bosch Serie 4 SMS46IW02G – Best Buy Dishwasher Over £350

The Bosch makes number four on our dishwasher best buys list, but purely down to price. It is the best dishwasher over £300 without a doubt.

The highly impressive features, efficiency and performance make it a clear stand out dishwasher on the market. It is a freestanding model which makes mobility and installation much easier then integrated models.

Many exclusive Bosch features are included within;

Active Water technology–  For complete efficiency, the specific distribution of water with a higher pump rate is used on the load. Increasing the water circulation, with quicker heating will shorten the cycle times.

EcoSilence: The noise level of the SMS46IW02G is only 46dB. Because of this feature that does not use brushes, less electricity is used, but wash quality stays the same.

Load Sensors: Automatic sensors detect the weight of the load inside so the dishwasher can distribute the exact amount of water and energy required to clean. For larger loads more water is needed, for smaller, less water is needed. The load sensors reduce the amount of wastewater.

Aqua-Sensor: Brilliantly detects the stains on all items. The aqua sensors will then monitor how much water is being used to completely clean items. If the sensor detects food particles and stains, it will continue washing until all are clean.

It’s pretty clear to see why this model has an A++ rating. Everything about Bosch dishwashers is brilliant. Consumers love it, and so do we! For value, it is the best dishwasher you will find. Although it’s quite pricey, in reality, it’s not.

What’s more this model boasts 13 place settings. However, with their flexible loading design, you can move the top racking 3 spaces, plus 6 folding plate racks. Essentially the Bosch ends up with 15 place settings.

Other incredible design features include; Child proof lock, leak protection system, salt refill indicators and a self-cleaning 3 piece corrugated filter system.

If you require a dishwasher with all the bells & whistles and value quality with a drop of luxury then this Bosch Serie 4 SMS46IW02 – Is perfect.


  • Dimensions: 84.5 x 60 x 60 cm
  • Wash Performance Rating: A
  • Drying Performance: A
  • Energy Rating: A++

Check the price on Amazon

Siemens iQ300 SN236W01IG#5 Siemens iQ300 SN236W01IG – Best Dishwasher UK Over £400

Here’s the best Siemens dishwasher available. The freestanding iQ300 is a well designed all round fantastic dishwasher, with every added quality you could imagine.

Starting off the overall design is great. This model is as easy to look at, as it is to use. The buttons are straightforward to use which makes operation easier. Especially when choosing between the 6 standard programs, including delicate wash, plus 3 special modes for extra benefit.

A standout feature is HydroDry – An excellent setting for drying plastics by upping the time and heat without compromising bills. The iQ300 would not cause high water and energy waste, however, due to the A++ energy rating it owns. Supporting the Eco-friendly dishwasher is the auto-programme which adapts to the load and uses the minimal amount of water and electricity to complete the job.

The final finish is one to be proud of. Siemens have rated the washing power A+, with that you know you will get the best results.

Noise levels are quiet, only 46dB during operation. You will only likely hear it on a cycle if you stand close by. Effectively this dishwasher can run a cycle overnight without disturbance.

13 place settings are available inside, including adjustable racking and folding plate holders. There is enough room inside for enough dirty dishes from a dinner party!

The LED display is beautiful. Display features of this dishwasher are, time to end of a programme, salt low indicator, and a delay timer. Every option you choose, the display will tell you how long each cycle will take, which makes picking a lot easier.

Child lock is built-in so there’s no need to worry about the kitchen getting flooded. What else this unit has flood protection, so in the rare situation a leak occurs, water to the dishwasher will be instantly cut.

The Siemens iQ300 is one of the best on the market. We believe it’s very comparable to the Bosch serie 4, but the price difference is huge, with the Siemens being more expensive.


  • Dimensions: 84.5 x 60 x 60 cm
  • Performance Rating: A+
  • Dryer Rating: A
  • Energy Rating: A++

Check the price on Amazon

5 Top Rated Full-Size Integrated Dishwashers UK

Here we take a look at the best full-size integrated dishwashers available on the market for consumers.

Indesit DIF04B1#1 Indesit DIF04B1 – Best Integrated Dishwasher UK

Another Indesit dishwasher makes the list! This time it’s their best-integrated dishwasher.

It holds an A+ energy rating and only uses 11 litres of water per cycle. During every wash, absolute minimal resources are used, making the Indesit DIF04B1 a very economical dishwasher.

Keep your dishes out of your ear. With this model, only 49dB of noise is emitted during any cycle. That means you can be at peace in the kitchen without hearing the buzz some other machines will make.

13 place settings are available. With that, you have a top tray that can be moved up to fit larger than normal items and a removable cutlery basket. This dishwasher will suit the needs you have regardless of how much washing up you have. (Unless you own a restaurant!).

Once you have filled the best integrated dishwasher, there are multiple wash programs to choose from.  A pre-rinse will loosen up the hard stained pots and plates before the main wash starts. You will get excellent results using a pre-wash mode beforehand. An intensive cycle is also available, in which strong bake stains will be pressure blasted to ensure full removal and an exquisite clean. This model also has Eco cycle which will use less water and energy and it’s not as taxing on your bills.

A fantastic feature with Indesit models is the drying power. This model dries perfectly. Most other models lack in terms of washing and drying, but this definitely tops them all as an all-round model.

Many Amazon reviews, state this is a perfect, good value, but the basic dishwasher. It is, we agree. But all factors weighed up, including value for money, we believe this is the best buy integrated dishwasher.


Check the price on Amazon

Smeg DI612E#2 Smeg DI612E – Best Black Integrated Dishwasher UK

This beautiful Smeg 12 place fully integrated dishwasher in black is extremely popular with consumers.

There is enough internal space to fit over 20 plates, 5 pots, 12 glasses, and all your cutlery. This model has an A+ energy rating, meaning it’s not only kind on the planet, but also your bills. The Smeg also boasts an A drying performance which is good to know if you don’t want to re-dry after a cycle.

The Smeg is perfect for small households. It does not have all the bells and whistles, as it is very basic in terms of build. Owners will get to choose from 5 wash program, all which give a great finish as the Smeg owns an A rated performance rating. A half load setting is available with this model.

Quick wash is available and runs for 27 minutes. You will have to run a drying program unless you do it yourself.

Due to the basic design, there is no childproof lock built on the machine, nor is there a time to end of programme display. There is adjustable racking on the inside, which comes in handy if you need to load more than usual. What it does have is a flood proof device.

Although it’s very nice to look at, it is an integrated model so you can add a cupboard door for blend within your kitchen.

Many consumers who have bought the Smeg enjoy its qualities, including the quietness of the cycles. It operates at 49dB and behind a kitchen door, you will barely hear it. The price is good, and many owners believe they got great value for their money.


  • Dimensions: 59.8 x 55 x 84 cm
  • Performance Rating: A
  • Energy Rating: A+
  • Cost To Run Yearly: £44.04

Check the price on Amazon

Hotpoint Aquarius LTF 8B019#3 Hotpoint Aquarius LTF – Best Integrated Dishwasher Under £300

The fair price Hotpoint is easily their best integrated dishwasher. It boasts 13 place settings, with flexible loading, enabling you to load all your items. One key criticism of loading this machine is the door does not lay flat. Causing an issue with moving the bottom tray to fit items inside. It does take time to get the hang of it.

However, this machine does a great job of washing but does lack the drying power of other top brands. But what you do get is more wash programs with this particular model owning 8 cycles.

Of the 8, three are special programs not seen on many basic models. Sanitizing, soak and glass are the standout modes. Glass cycle is for delicate items that need a more gentle approach.

The cleaning power of this machine is highly regarded by many owners. The majority say they are happy with their purchase, bar the awkward door issue.

Other than more types of wash programs, this Hotpoint is fairly basic and does what it says on the tin. If you’re looking for a standard integrated dishwasher that has a little bit more than most in its mid-price range then this is what you need.


  • Dimensions: 82 x 59.5 x 55.5 cm
  • Performance Rating: A
  • Dryer Rating: A
  • Energy Rating: A+

Check the price on Amazon

Montpellier MDI600#4 Montpellier MDI600 – Best Dishwasher Under £250

The Montpellier MDI600 is arguably the best dishwasher for loading. It has 12 place settings with adjustable racking and it’s easy for pots and pans to accompany all other items. Compared to most integrated dishwashers, this stands out in that department.

Five wash programs are available with this model. Quick wash is not as effective as others such as the top pick although, it is ten minutes faster. The time and speed really make a difference on the quality of finish, mind.

This model is considered somewhat loud. The sound produced is 54dB, the highest of any dishwasher on the list. However, because it is an integrated dishwasher, it will be hidden behind a cupboard door that muffles and reduces noise pollution.

It’s good to know, this machine has many good ratings. The energy rating is an A+, which will save on bills and protect the environment. Both the wash and drying rating is an A. In terms of getting crockery cleaned and dried to a good standard you can rely on the Montpellier MDI600.

A LED display system and two buttons, make this unit very easy to use. The LED indicators flash up when; Rinse aid and salt levels are low. Also, you can see the time to the end of a cycle, which is handy.

Customers who own the dishwasher say many cool things about it. Nearly all say the design is incredible and loading is the easiest they’ve ever had from a dishwasher. Some give credit to Montpellier for their instruction manual being simple to understand and follow. Many brands do not get credit for that.


  • Dimensions: 59.6 x 57.3 x 82 cm
  • Performance Rating: A
  • Dryer Rating: A
  • Energy Rating: A+

View On Amazon

Hoover HDI1LO38B-80 10 top rated dishwashers#5 Hoover HDI1LO38B-80 – Best Price Hoover Dishwasher

The Hoover is a dishwasher we Geeks love because it has its own smartphone app! Yes, this model is all about making life easier for the owner. Not only will it take the washing up off your hands, from the app you can completely control your dishwasher. Changing cycles, stopping, and troubleshooting issues from your smartphone application is possible. Unfortunately, only android phones can use this feature.

This model on average only consumes 3120 litres of water a year. That’s why it has an A+ energy rating. Saves you time, effort and money so far!

If you need plates spotless in a short time, utilising the quick wash program will them done in 29 minutes. You will have to manually dry after though.

Installation is a common problem with integrated dishwashers. With the Hoover HDI1LO38B reinforcing the issue. The instruction manual provided, is not the clearest and some said from unpacking to up and running takes over two hours.

However, buyers really like this model for the quality of build and performance. It’s worth noting it rated A for washing and drying.


  • Dimensions: 82 x 59.8 x 55 cm
  • Performance Rating: A
  • Dryer Rating: A
  • Energy Rating: A+

Check the price on Amazon

Our Rationale For Choosing The 10 Top Rated Dishwashers

Before we end this post, we wanted to inform our readers as to how we decide which dishwashers make our top ten list. We do extensive research into each machine, then compile all that information and decide what we think is best. These posts are in our own humble opinion. Some readers may or may not agree.

This is how we make our decisions (in no particular order).

Ease of Use

We believe that any appliance should be simple to operate and that is no different with a dishwasher. With all the many features and functions available, it is important to us that the least appliance aware people are able to use the dishwashers without struggle.

Build Quality

We do tend to find certain manufactures are the best dishwasher brands, but more of the smaller companies tend to have a better build quality. White Knight being a prime example. What is build quality? We take every design feature into consideration such as; Loading, display, indicators, sturdiness. Once we’ve weighed up all the evidence, we rate it accordingly.


A good dishwasher will have a large interior with good design. Therefore you will be able to load all the items you need washed. When loading large items like pot and pans. Dishwashers can become complicated. Due to the door and racking, crockery tetris can be required. But we aim to minimize this problem for you. So again we do our due diligence  to ensure we bring to you the most uncomplicated dishwashers on the market.

Wash & Drying Power

Of course, the main reason for buying a dishwasher is cleaning up mess. Performance is a vital. We take into account the rating it has be given and the customer reviews. What’s more not only do you want clean crockery, with modern technology, it’s not rude to assume they should be dried! Likewise, we look at the rating it has been given, but more importantly we look at what current owners have said about it. In our experience, we know the biggest misconception manufacturers say about their products, is the drying capabilities. If the drying feature is worth noting, we make sure we have in our reviews.

Energy Rating

It is vitally important that all dishwashers are Eco friendly. With the amount of pollution the world is subject to, today everyone can make little improvements to change that. Also, with efficient dishwashers you can lower your bills and cap the amount of waste produced. Many of the top dishwashers will have good ratings. They will only use the minimal amount of resources to complete a full cycle. A dishwasher that costs over £52 a year to run is considered non-economical.

Value for Money

With every individual aspect of a certain model noted, we then check the price for a reflection of quality. When we consider a unit of value we write a review. We also highlight which models are the best for a certain price. Value for money will always be key. It’s easy enough for a machine to say it can do a cycle in such time, but we always double check that it lives up to it’s promise. We believe all the dishwashers in our top 10 are good value for there money. However, some more than others.

Customer reviews

We take the time to filter through hundreds of reviews about every dishwasher. Current owners are the best source of information regarding all aspects. We recommend you checkout all reviews before continuing to make a purchase.

10 Top Rated Dishwashers Conclusion

All models are considered the best dishwashers.  The standout model is the White Knight DW1460WA. For basic needs, it has everything you could want, plus with a sprinkle of extras. It terms of integrated models, we suggest the Indesit DF104B1. Just like the White Knight, all across the rationale spectrum it ticks every box.

All other models will have what they are perfect for in their titles, giving you absolute clarity!

We would like to thank-you for taking the time to read our top 10 list. We sincerely hope we have given you the help you need in understanding what’s available.

If you have any questions our queries please leave a comment below and we will get back to you in due time.

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