Klarstein Amazonia 6 vs Klarstein Amazonia 8: Counter Top Dishwasher Comparison

One of the most popular counter top dishwashers is the Klarstein Amazonia 6. It has many excellent features, is affordable and ticks many boxes. The newer Klarstein Amazonia 8 is also of interest to our readers. It’s larger and dearer, so it doesn’t suit everyone because of those reasons.

To give our readers the best idea when trying to decide between the two Klarstein counter top models, we’re providing this article that reviews each product and provides some useful comparisons too. We hope this resolves any confusion and will help you decide on the right model for your circumstances.

Klarstein Amazonia 6Klarstein Amazonia 8
Klarstein Amazonia 6 (Front)Klarstein Amazonia 8 (Front)
Dimensions55cm (w) x 49.5cm (d) x 43.5cm (h)55cm (w) x 49.5cm (d) x 59cm (h)
Capacity6 place settings8 place settings
Energy RatingA+A+
Annual Water Consumption1,820 Litres2,240 Litres
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Klarstein Amazonia 6 Table Top Dishwasher

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Klarstein Amazonia 6 (Front)

The Klarstein Amazonia 6 is an excellent helper in the kitchen that works tirelessly on your behalf.

This countertop dishwasher saves space beneath the counter providing dishwashing capabilities for up to 6 place settings at one time. The pull-out tray includes multiple sections to slot in plates, dishes and also cutlery in the centre section too.

The energy usage is rated as Class A+, which demonstrates its low power demand. While the dishwasher needs 1,380 watts to power it, the annual power consumption estimate based on nearly 300 wash cycles per year is still only 174 kWh. The water usage for a year is expected to be 1,820 litres. As such, the model won’t boost the water or utility bill by much while saving you many hours of time at the sink with the rubber gloves on!

Klarstein Amazonia 6 (Inside)
A look inside the Klarstein Amazonia 6.

There are six washing modes in all. The most thorough mode requires 3 hours to complete. The washing modes are selectable from the control panel at the front of the unit. Several buttons let you pick the right mode and indicators confirm the current status of the unit and when refills (i.e. salt) are needed.

There’s a fast cycle mode for quick washing for lightly soiled dishes that don’t take much more than half an hour and an intensive cycle that take longer but handles stuck-on items that don’t want to shift off the plate. The Eco mode reduces the temperature of the wash to cut energy usage. There are also other modes for glass wear and a dedicated spot to place the glasses too.

The Aquastop feature in the inlet hose allows the unit to cut off the water supply to prevent flooding issues. The drying system is excellent with an A rating too. The unit weighs 21 kilos, so it’s far more portable than many other dishwashers.

While the Klarstein Amazonia 6 sits happily on the counter top, it can also be built into a kitchen cabinet too. It does possess feet that are can be adjusted to increase its clearance too. The supplies drain and inlet hoses are both 1.5 metres in length. The power cable is also 1.5 metres too.

The expected noise during operations is 49dB.

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Klarstein Amazonia 8 Table Top Dishwasher

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Klarstein Amazonia 8 (Front)

The Klarstein Amazonia 8 is the newest counter top dishwasher in the range.

It has two cutlery trays installed which hold 8 place settings for larger families. There are six programmable wash modes to choose between. The fastest which handles lightly soiled kitchen wear, plates and glasses can be finished in just 35 minutes. However, the intensive wash mode requires 180 minutes to complete.

The display on the front provides a simple button layout making it easy to understand how to work this dishwasher. The maximum power usage per year is estimated at 205kWh with just under 300 cycles. The expected water usage is approximately 2,240 litres for a year.

The maximum plate size is approximately 27cm in diameter with several smaller 25cm diameter plates that can also fit inside the trays.

Klarstein Amazonia 8 (Inside)
A look inside the larger Klarstein Amazonia 8 model.

The Aquastop system is present to control the water supply to allow just enough water inside but never too much to avoid any overflowing. The inlet, outflow and power cables all measure 1.5 metres. The hoses come pre-installed too.

The weight of the unit is 28 kilos. The expected noise during operations is 49dB.

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Significant Points of Difference Between the Klarstein Amazonia 6 and 8 Models

There are a few differences that are worth noting between the two models:


The first significant difference is that the Amazonia 6 is 43.5cm tall whereas the newer Amazonia 8 is 59cm tall. The width and depth of both the model 6 and model 8 are identical. For some people, the height difference won’t matter much. However, when wanting to fit the dishwasher inside a cabinet or on a countertop beneath a fixed kitchen unit above it, then the increased height might be a deal-breaker.

Klarstein Amazonia 8 Dimensions
The Klarstein Amazonia 8 is 59cm high, 1.5cm taller than the Amazonia 6 which is 43.5cm high.

What does the taller unit get you? Two trays internally rather than one and an increased capacity of two extra place settings.


The weight of each model is different too. The Amazonia 6 weighs 21 kg whereas the newer Amazonia 8 tips the scales at 28kg. Given that the counter top dishwasher needs to be more portable to use in different situations, the lighter weight might be preferable.

Why is the Amazonia 8 heavier? Ostensibly, it was a design decision to provide greater capacity for renters and homeowners.

Place Settings

The place settings are the industry’s way to give a better sense of capacity.

In the case of Amazonia 6, it has a 6-place setting capacity. For the newer Amazonia 8, it has an 8-place setting capacity.

This is easy to remember because of the naming difference.


With the slide-out trays, there’s one cutlery tray with the Amazonia 6 whereas the 8 model has two of them, along with a funnel to distribute a salt mixture for the washing cycle.

Power Usage

While technically, both the Amazonia 6 model and the 8 models are rated A+ for energy efficiency, that’s not where the comparison ends. The Amazonia 6 requires 1,380-watts of power and 174 kWh over a year to run whereas the large 8 model needs 1,620-watts and 205 kWh over a year.

Water Usage

The water usage varies depending on the modes used and the number of dishwashing session per year. However, using a standard measurement from the manufacturer, the Amazonia 6 will require 1,820 litres of water and the large Amazonia 8 needs 2240 litres for a year.

Adjustable Programs

Both the Amazonia 6 and the 8 models have the same six programs that can be adjusted. These modes are Fast, Normal, Eco, 90 minutes, Intensive and Glass. The fastest and slowest times are roughly the same.

Making the Final Decision

Trying to understand the difference between the two models is difficult and a bit confusing! Essentially, they offer the same modes and aesthetically they appear similar to each other too.

The larger footprint of the Amazonia 8 model is a deciding factor for some buyers. When height considerations are key, then the Amazonia 6 model is going to win out.

For larger families or people who have guests over often yet still don’t have space for a slimline or full-sized dishwasher, then the Amazonia 8 is the product to choose. It has two extra place settings, two trays instead of one making it easier to load, and the higher price won’t be off-putting.

For smaller families or singletons, needing a high-quality dishwasher, a little less capacity, a bit more compactness, a lower price and no compromise on performance, then the Amazonia 6 model is a winner.

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