10 Best Cylinder Vacuum Cleaners UK (2020)

The best cylinder vacuum cleaners are powerful, lightweight and they also come with very affordable price tags. But what they are renown for is being great at cleaning hard and awkward areas like stairs – This is due to their compact designs which allows them incredible mobility – But with thousands of different models and brands to choose from, how are you going to tell which one, really is the best? It’s not an easy decision, and the research can become tedious. You cannot just search through Amazon anymore and find a perfect fit for your home. So we created this article which has detailed reviews of our top 10 cylinder vacuum cleaners for the UK market.

How to Choose a Cylinder Vacuum

As stated previously, there are many versions of these about. Picking and understanding which one is best for your home can be tricky. Read through this quick guide, which will help you have an idea of the type you are looking for.

Bagged v Bagless

Cylinder vacuums can be bagged or bagless. Both have their pros and cons, but we recommend getting a bagless model. The reasons why is because they are less expenditure, and more hygienic. You will not need to spend a penny on your vac after you have brought one that boasts a dust container. Also, they are easier to empty, as most of them are transparent.

However, some bagged versions are very hygienic, and they only use special bags designed for them. These bags, are usually scented and are self-sealing so no dust will escape when you come to replace it.

Because not all of them are designed this way, you may find a standard vacuum bag will be more hassle then it is really worth.


The capacity is measured in litres (L). And it ranges from 1 to 4L. The more litres the more dust and dirt it can contain. The bigger the better is definitely true when it comes to a vacuums capacity because more space means less emptying.

But it also means, the bigger the capacity, the bigger the vacuum will be overall.

We only recommend getting a 4L if you have a large home. For standard homes, a 2L or more will easily be able to cope, without you spending much time emptying it. For small homes/flats/apartments, a little 1L will be absolutely fine.


Some are specifically designed for homes with fluffy friends. They usually come with special tools and are quite powerful. If you have pets at home you will need a high-quality cylinder vac that can tackle the hairs with ease. The best on our list (Dyson DC39) is absolutely fantastic for it.

Although they are usually premium prices, the correct one is a worthy buy.


Many models have filtration systems installed, to reduce the harmful particles kicked back into the air by the exhaust. These filters are made by all different experts. But the best has to be HEPA. It contains 99.9% of particles that can cause many allergies to start off such as; Hayfever.


Cylinder vacuums are lightweight and usually weigh around 5kg. This makes them easier to move around your home than upright vacuums. Also, many come with well-designed carry handles so you can carry it up and down the stairs, or any other place when needed.

Many have soft wheels to make sure it won’t damage any surfaces. Some Dyson’s have the ball technology, which is the best for manoeuvring.

Overall, using a cylinder vacuum is very easy and does not take much labour on your part.

best container vacuum cleaners

Best Cylinder Vacuum Cleaners UK

#1 Dyson DC39 Multi Floor

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best cylinder vacuum cleaner UK

The Dyson brand has become one of the largest and leading brands in the vacuum cleaner space. It is common knowledge they produce some of the most innovative and best vacuum cleaners in the world. Their most popular creation was the Dyson ball technology as seen on many of their best upright vacuums. However, this cylinder vac is another reason to prove why it is a hugely successful company.

It boasts the free moving, classic ball technology, which makes this thing fantastic to use. You will have no issues getting around obstacles or switching from room to room. No other cylinder has such easy mobility as this does. It is truly something you will love using, as you seamlessly glide around your home.

The suction is very powerful because the DC39 has patented ‘Radial root-cyclone technology’. (Another great invention from Dyson). The use of a cyclone makes the air inside spin at very high speeds creating a force many times more powerful than gravity. Therefore, even the most microscopic of particles will be picked up.

The musclehead tool is a fantastic piece of equipment for those who have hard and carpeted floors. What’s great about it, is it self-adjusts to the surface you have it on, without any manual work by you. This allows you to (almost) fly around your home cleaning every corner.

Plus, if you have allergies or asthma you need not worry. Some cylinder vacuum cleaners do not have filters to trap the dust produced. However, the Dyson DC39 has a built-in HEPA filter which is designed for cleaner breathing air. Finally, it has been engineered for lower noise levels, so you can enjoy using it without wearing ear defenders.

There is a lot more to love about it:


  • Built by a world leading brand
  • Quality suction
  • Freely moves with ball technology
  • Comes with extra tools
  • Suitable for allergy sufferers
  • HEPA filter which is easy to clean
  • Bagless means no more spending
  • Clear dust cart allows you to see when it needs emptying
  • Awesome Price


  • Need to buy the attachment for long grained carpets

As you can see there is so much to love about the Dyson DC39 Multi Floor. It has everything you could ask for from a cylinder vacuum. The way in which it has been designed to glide across your home, with the powerful suction, you will really enjoy this one. Having said that, if you have a long grain carpet, you will need to buy an additional attachment. It is worth the money and works a treat.

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#2 Miele Complete C3 Cat and Dog Powerline

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If you own pets, having the best vacuum cleaner is necessary. To find the best models, you need to look towards the leading brands, like Miele. They have produced some fantastic appliances over the years, including the other vacuum on this list. The C3 Cat and Dog Powerline are right up there as one of their best cylinder vacuum cleaners.

The reason this one is ideal for pet hair is due to the many features it boasts. The most prominent one and our favourite is the Active AirClean filter. Inside, there is something called active charcoal. The charcoal absorbs bad odours and smells, then emits a more pleasant freshness to the air. With dogs and cats getting up to all sorts, it really is a great addition for a vacuum.

The suction is good for an 890W motor, which makes it easy for the C3 to easily pick up pet hairs. The only issue is for longer carpet you will need the attachment (TurboBrush) to really get deep into the fibres and release all the stubborn dirt. But, without the added tool, you can use it across most floors without losing any suction power. However, when changing flooring it is best to change the suction. You can easily do this on the Miele with easy foot controls.

This is a bagged vacuum, so you will need to keep buying replacements. However, it is not all doom and gloom because they are fairly cheap. Also, the bags specific to Miele models are hygienically designed. They keep in all the dirt, dust and other microscopic particles, ensuring the exhausted air remains clean.

Because of the compact design, you will have much more freedom. Doing the stairs becomes very easy, unlike bulkier types.


  • Very hygienic and has a good filtration system
  • Easy to empty the bags
  • Made by a reliable brand
  • Excellent suction power across all floor types
  • Easy access controls
  • 12 Metre operating radius
  • Suitable for those with allergies
  • Best for owners of fluffy friends
  • Comes with tools and accessories


  • Suction can lack on thick carpets
  • Only rated C for energy efficiency
  • Costs to replace bags

Overall it is a high-quality product. Pet owners will benefit most from it uses. No other vacuum models on the market offer the desired effect the active charcoal does, so if you have smelly pets or other issues, it really does give you a great solution. The Miele C3 provides you with fantastic freedom. You get a generous mains cable length which will reduce the amount of changing sockets you do. In terms of price and value, it is very fairly priced.

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#3 NUMATIC HVR200-11 Henry

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best henry hoover ​The Numatic HVR200-11 or to me and you, the Henry Hoover is by far one of the most popular cylinder vacuum cleaners in the UK. You can find one, in schools, offices, hotels and homes all around the world. The main factor is because it’s simply a fantastic cleaning machine. Another reason he has been part of our lives for so long is that he’s built to stand the test of time. You can be a million per cent sure that when you buy a Henry vacuum you are getting a strong, powerful, and robust vacuum cleaner.

It’s extremely practical to use one, since it has a long 2.3m stretching hose which makes getting to the difficult areas, like stairs a straightforward task. What’s more, there is 26.8m of mains cable coiled up inside his head, which means, unlike other models you will not need to keep moving from socket to socket, saving you a great deal of time and effort.

He has great suction power, that holds itself across all floors types. This is due to the 660W motor powering him, meaning you will feel no difference from cleaning the carpets to cleaning a hard surface. It is a bagged cylinder vacuum, however, and they cost a few pounds to replace, but because of the generous 9-litre capacity, you will have lots of cleaning time before you need to change it.

Some issues people have with cylinder vacuum cleaners is they can be quite noisy. Not Henry! Although he will eat everything in his path (a good thing) he does it in a very quiet and pleasant manner. What’s more, if you have an allergy or Asthma sufferers at home, the high-tech dust filter will ensure the particles will be removed from the air.


  • ​Best built vacuum cleaner
  • Highly trusted brand
  • Incredible suction power
  • Allergy filters
  • Hugely popular and loved by many
  • Reliable and will stand the test of time
  • Incredible value for money


  • ​Have to buy replacement bags
  • Henry’s head does not turn which restricts movement slightly
  • He is a bit bulky and hard to store away

​Overall, the NUMATIC HVR200-11 Henry is an absolutely outstanding cylinder vacuum. By far one of the best ever created, and one that will be here after the others are gone. While it’s not completely ideal for everyone, because he does not have many features and benefits like picking up pet hairs. He is one thing, and the main factor people buy vacuums. It is a no-nonsense, does what it says on the tin, vac. If you decide you want one, you will be making a fantastic decision.

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Looking for a high-quality affordable vacuum for your home can be a difficult task. However, if you are loaded with the correct information and an in-depth non-bias review you can find the perfect model for your home. So if you’re in the market for a budget model, that can fit all your needs, then this Vytronix vacuum can suit all your needs.

Armed with cyclonic technology, to create a powerful vacuum for cleaning up. The Vytronix has wonderful suction power. It can pick up the smallest bits of dust and works fantastically with pet hairs. This is really good if you have a dog or a cat and they malt deep into the carpet. Most cylinder vacuums will struggle with it unless you have an attachment or a high-end model. However, this one deals with them perfectly.

It’s also very good for eliminating allergens. It has 4 stages of Hepa filtration, which separates the unwanted particles from the air. Your home will be healthier and cleaner. Considering the number of people who suffer from hayfever, this is a real bonus for you.

What’s really impressive, is how you can use it with such ease. It is incredibly lightweight and very mobile. The mains cable is a generous 5 metres and the head hose being 1.2m. Therefore if you have stairs to clean, you can do so with very little worry that it will be a hard task.

The Vytronix is perfect for all floor types. Due to the cyclone technology and the powerful motor, there will be no loss of suction between them. It is also really powerful on upholstery. With the tools you are provided, cleaning everything is no issue.

Finally, this vacuum is less than £50. Extraordinary value, for what you get.


  • Fantastic price
  • Hepa filter removes allergens from the air
  • Powerful suction + powerful motor
  • lightweight and easy to move
  • Bagless and has a clear 2-litre dust container
  • 1-year brand guarantee
  • Compact and easy to store
  • Stylish design
  • Ideal for pet owners
  • Perfect if you are on a budget


  • Feels a bit cheap – It is
  • Dust container needs emptying often

To summarise, this is by far the best cheap cylinder vacuum cleaner on the market. It really has all the features and quality of a high-end vacuum. That being said it’s still not one. It does have some design flaws. It is very small and can be a pain to turn on and off because it’s that low to the floor. The suction is great, but not the same as you find on the Dyson DC39 for example. However, for less than £50, you will not find a more affordable vac with the same qualities.

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#5 Miele Blizzard CX1

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Miele Blizzard CX1Miele is another massive brand, in the appliance department, and they have served customers fantastic products for years.
With a stylish design and high-quality features, this model of vac is just another piece of proof, why they are so popular.

This particular model has been specifically designed for owners or cats and dogs. The innovative vortex technology gives it incredible suction power, which removes all hairs and tiny particles from any floor type. Plus, it has a HEPA filtration system installed, so you can be sure no loose particles will make their way back. Even more so, homes, where people may suffer from things like asthma, can be sure the air will be clean after.

Because the suction is so powerful, Miele has given you an adjustable setting so you can set the correct power depending on the floor type. This feature makes it easy for an effortless transition from carpets to wood or tiled flooring. What’s more, to really assist you with carpet cleaning you get a rolling brush attachment.

It is a bagless cylinder which really helps. Many people choose, not to get vacuums with bags anymore because of the added costs of buying new bags are associated with it. What’s more, it has been given an A+ rated energy class, meaning you will not be spending lots of money to run it. Overall as you can see, after purchasing, there is no more money you will need to spend.

The vac itself is very easy to use and operate. The body is very light, and it has a rolling bar that it moves on. You will have no trouble getting around obstacles or any other things that could be in your way. And with the long mains cable, you get a lot of freedom.


  • HEPA filtration – Good for allergen sufferers
  • Perfect for pet owners
  • Adjustable suction for optimum performance on all surfaces
  • Comes from a reliable brand
  • Eco-friendly
  • Bagless and has a good dirt container that is 2 litres
  • Comes with tools and accessories


  • Quite bulky which makes it difficult to use on stairs

As you can see, this is clearly a very good cylinder vacuum cleaner. It’s ideal for homes with pets and allergens. The HEPA filters are great and you will never have to buy new ones. So, once you have purchased it, there is no more expenditure. Comparing to a cheaper cylinder, this one is definitely worth the extra price you pay. You also get some added handy attachments, to help you clean every part of your home.

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#6 Hoover BR71 BR02 Breeze

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If you have pets at home, you will know the struggle of having their hairs stuck in your carpet all the time. So, when you look for a vacuum cleaner, you will need a model dedicated to removing everything from the grains of your floor. This is where the Hoover Breeze can become a really good addition to your home.

It’s cyclonic cleaning technology, with the mini turbo brush attachment is exactly what you need. The performance is excellent, and you can be sure your pet hairs will no longer lead you to pull your own hair out. The purpose of the mini turbo brush is to scrub deep into your carpet, no matter the length. To dislodge the most stubborn pieces of dirt. Along with the powerful suction from the cyclone technology, these two together is the perfect recipe for a tidy home.

What’s more, this is a multi-floor cylinder vacuum, which means it’s ideal for hard floors as well. In fact, it has been given an A+++ rating for its performance on hard surfaces, and it has also achieved the same score in terms of energy efficiency. Considering how often you use a vacuum, it can potentially save you a few pounds every year in energy costs.

The dust containment system does not contain a bag. Therefore this is a bagless cylinder vacuum cleaner. It has a generous capacity of 2L which is handy because you will not need to empty it every few uses. Also, the container is transparent and easy to remove and empty. This is really handy because just by looking at it you can see when it needs it’s own clean.

As you can see there is a lot to love about this. Here are the pros & cons.


  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • Perfect for pet owners
  • Good dust capacity unit
  • From a trusted and reliable brand
  • Fairly priced and affordable
  • Cyclonic technology for good suction
  • Energy efficient
  • Very quiet in operation
  • Sleek design
  • Bagless which means no more money needs to be spent
  • Compact and easy to put away


  • Does not have a HEPA filter
  • The pole could be longer

Overall, this is one of the best cylinder vacuum cleaners under £100. It has top quality features and abilities for less than half the price. The biggest issue is it has no HEPA filter, so if anyone in your home suffers from any allergens, then this could become a problem. But, you are getting what you pay for and a bit more, so it is not going to be the best out there. However, if you do not want to spend an arm and a leg, this is a really good alternative. Use the link below to take a closer look yourself.

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#7 Vax AWC01 Power 3

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High performing vacuum cleaners rarely come on the market at a very good price. Furthermore, many models come onto the scene promising to impress in the functionality and performance department.

This Vax AWC01 Power 3 is one of the few vacs out today that is willing to change that. And the proof is in the pudding, it does what it says.

First of all, it is an excellent choice if you are suffering from an allergy or you are an asthmatic. It has a high-graded HEPA filter which ensures you will be living with clean air after using it.

The features are really handy. Especially the suction adjustment. This is needed because on full power the VAX could end up eating your rugs or mats! Seriously, it is impressive. But because most homes have different floor types throughout, adjusting becomes essential for when you want to clean a hard floored room.

Furthermore, to keep performance levels at a maximum all around your home, you get given different attachments when you buy it. In the box comes, an upholstery tool, a dusting brush, a crevice nozzle, and a good combination floor tool. With all these, your home will be spotless.

It’s quiet, lightweight and compact. This model of vacuum is a dream to use for the points only. You will not disturb the whole house, it is very easy to move around, and you can store it away easily. Due to the small design, it will sit on the stairs easily.

What’s more, this Vax will not cost you any more money after you have made the initial purchase. It is bagless, as it has a 2.2-litre dust container. The container itself is very easy to empty and much more hygienic than a bagged version.


  • Ideal for allergies
  • Pet owner friendly
  • No extra expenditure
  • A rated for efficiency
  • Additional tools for all parts of your home
  • Bagless with an easy to empty container
  • Very powerful suction due to cyclone technology
  • Suction adjustment
  • Good on all floor types
  • Very affordable
  • Well built and reliable
  • Comes from a trusted brand


  • Mains cable is quite short
  • Works best on short carpet
  • The filter needs cleaning regularly

Overall, you get an affordable vacuum with the same capabilities you would with an expensive version. The only real downside is if you have long carpet. It still does a job but it will leave you feeling slightly unsatisfied. You should use the link below to take a closer look and read buyers reviews.

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#8 Numatic HET160-11 Hetty

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When you buy a new vacuum cleaner, the main things you want it to be are; reliable, well built, easy to use, good suction, and does not cost an arm and a leg. If you want all of those, then Hetty is what you are after. The reason’s I say this is because she and the creators (Numatic) are proven for their quality. Most notably, Henry (review above) is another one of their products that is extremely popular in the UK.

Hetty may not be as popular but it does have some fantastic features. The perfect all-rounder, it boasts fantastic capacity for dirt, you can vacuum for weeks without having to change the bag. What makes this different also is the bag its self. Most models are just standard dust bags, Hetty’s one is self-sealing ensuring all the contents remain inside when you go to replace it.

She is built to last. In fact, over 10 million Numatic vacuums are still being used in the UK today. As it due to the simple, but effective design. Also, it has an A+ energy rating, which shows it is energy efficient, because of the high-efficiency long-life motor.

Not enough can be said about the suction. It is so powerful, that you could lose your rug. No, seriously, it is absolutely fantastic, and she comes with additional tools, to tackle every corner of your home.

What’s more, it is easy to use and move around. The mains cable is 10M long, which is really handy for big homes, as you won’t need to keep moving the plug to plug socket. Also, she is very light and works effortlessly across all floor types, and does not lose it’s suction, depending on the surface.


  • 6-litre bin capacity
  • Best rated brand for reliable vacuums
  • Stores away easily and neatly
  • Hassle free mains cord, which can be reeled in
  • Innovative vacuum bags that don’t cause a mess
  • Perfect for pet owners
  • Powerful suction
  • Comes with all the tools you need for every part of your home
  • Ideal for all floor types
  • Smaller then Henry


  • You will need to buy new bags
  • Not great for the stairs due to size
  • No allergy filters

As you can see Hetty is an outstanding cylinder vacuum cleaner. Just like Henry, the basics are absolutely nailed on with it. There are no fancy features to see here. Just pure industrial design, straight in your home. The only real difference between Hetty and Henry is the size. Hetty is compact and lighter.

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#9 Duronic VC5010

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When you look for a vac for your home you want high quality. ​Although Duronic is not the most popular vacuum brand on the market, they still produce some high-quality products. This VC5010T bagless cylinder vacuum cleaner is no exception.

It is small and compact, which makes it great for mobility and doing the tricky parts like the stairs. There is a large carry handle which makes it easy to bring with you, even though pulling it won’t be such an issue because it is extremely lightweight. What’s more, this one boasts and lengthy mains cable with a reach of 5 metres, that gives you a good amount of freedom to clean each room without having to move it all the time.

The best part about this one, however, is it’s built with cyclonic technology for powerful suction across all surfaces. Cyclone technology is what gives the Duronic its power by improving air suction rate.

Furthermore, allergy sufferers and Asthmatics will benefit from it. It has a HEPA filter, capturing and reducing the number of particles put back into the air, and removing any that may lay dormant on your floors.

When new appliances come on to the market, they are subject to energy efficiency tests. This model passed with flying colours. Boasting an A+ rating, it shows that you will save money on your energy bills and mostly, the higher the rating the longer they last.

This is a bagless cylinder vacuum. We, prefer them this way as many others do, purely because you will not need to keep buying new bags. Plus, it is much more hygienic for the users when it comes to emptying the containers.


  • Incredible accessories included, like 1.5m hose, two-floor brush, crevice tool, and a powerful turbo
  • brush for more power on carpets
  • Bagless container with an easy empty feature
  • Very affordable
  • Good for allergy sufferers
  • Small compact and easy to use


  • Not good for long pile carpet
  • The filter needs cleaning regularly
  • Small dust container

​It’s fair to say this vacuum will not set the world alight, as the Dyson does. But it is really good, and most importantly affordable. Pet owners should keep away though. While it is a good powerful vac, it does not have the sufficient power or accessories to really disturb the hairs in the deep grains of a carpet. Other than the main issues, you will be really pleased with it, if you decide to purchase one.

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#10 Beko VCM7180P Bagless Cylinder Vacuum

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Beko is a large brand in the home appliance area. They are more known for producing incredible fridges, freezers, washing machines, dishwashers and many more. Now as you can see they have taken their expertise and applied it to create a vacuum cleaner. But is it any good? Well, we have done the research for you and this review will explain all.

First of all, the bagless design is really useful and handy for you. Because you will not be buying additional dust bags, it makes this a very cost effective product. Also, it has been given a good energy rating which shows its quite efficient with resources, which keeps your bills low.

In terms of performance and suction, it is good. It uses cyclone technology to create it vacuum which gives it powerful suction. However, Beko has not really mastered this as well as a Dyson for example. So, the power is not as strong as it could be. Having said that, across carpets and hard flooring it does remove nearly everything. For pet hairs and other tough pieces of dirt, you will need the attachment that comes with it.

It is well designed, and beneficial for people who suffer will allergies. While it does not have the strongest of filters, the Beko does have a HEPA 13 one. Which is made to remove, 99.95% of dust and harmful particles for the air you breath.

The capacity is very generous. As stated before, it is bagless. Therefore the dirt will go straight into the 2.8-litre dust container. From there you can easily empty it over the bin, without much trouble or causing a mess.


  • Very quiet in use
  • From a strong a well-known brand
  • Good for allergy and asthma sufferers
  • Boasts cyclone technology for suction
  • Comes with helpful attachments
  • Eco-friendly
  • Good mobility
  • Works on all floor types


  • Suction is lacking great power
  • Need the additional tool for pet hairs on your carpet
  • A little pricey for what you get

To be honest it is a really good standard cylinder vacuum. It has some impressive features, like cyclone technology, and it is easy to move. But for the most part, it is lacking. It’s not a top quality vacuum and for the price you pay, I feel it should have a bit more. Having said that, if what you’re after is a reliable, basic, but an effective vacuum from a top brand, then this could be for you. Use the link below to check it out, and read other reviews from recent buyers.

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Conclusion – Best Cylinder Vacuum Cleaners

Our list is made up of the top 10 vacuums we believe are on the market right now. If you’re after size, power, design quality, or a budget model, this list has you covered. But, making sure it fits your needs is essential. We can only recommend, what we find after long and intensive research, and ultimately the final decision is down to you.

However, the reason we chose the Dyson DC39 Multi-floor as the number 1 pick is that it covers everyone’s needs. If after reading a few reviews you still cannot decide, we believe you should get the Dyson, for that reason.

We do welcome you to contact us if you would like more help with your choice. Also, if you think a particular vac should be on here, get in touch and we will check it out!

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