Brita Filter Indicator Not Working (Instant Fix!)

Brita water filters are a convenient way of cleaning your tap water for use in your everyday life. This helps make it so you can enjoy the water from your faucet without fear of any health concerns.

To ensure that the product helps filter water in the best way possible, there are several features included in both the pitcher filter as well as the faucet filter to ensure you have the freshest water possible, and one of those is the water filter indicator light.

In fact, these little LED lights are one of the most important parts of the Brita water filtration system.

Drinking water is essential, and that is why making sure you keep an eye on the filter so you can execute that replacement timeously is vitally important.

This will ensure that the filters are removing heavy metals and preventing mineral deposits from building up in your system that could cause serious health concerns as well as plumbing issues in your home and appliances.

So, we will take a quick look at what it means when your Brita filter indicator is not working in regards to your filtration system as well as your tap water.

We will give you some ideas of how it should work and why it might be time to fix the problem.

Brita Electronic Indicator Lights: How Do They Work?

These filters themselves are designed to help soften hard water because this is not good for you to ingest, nor is it good to utilize when washing your clothes in hot water.

But because your Brita water filtration system is in constant use, there may be a time when these LED light indicators will stop working.

If you have changed the filter and the lights do not alter, it could be due to a couple of things that we will cover later.

But before we go into what may be causing your Brita filter change indicator not to be working correctly, let us take a look at how these types of Brita filter indicator lights work.

Brita Faucet Filter

When it comes to the faucet filter, the indicator is used to calculate how much clean water is passing from the device and the amount of time that passes for the filter.

This means if the filter is clogging up from heavy metals and mineral deposits, the lights will change color.

So, when the indicator light, for instance, shows red, that means that the filter has been used for approximately 100 gallons which usually equates to four months.

Brita Pitcher Filter

The indicator lights are used simply as a timer for those using a pitcher filter.

This basically measures the time the water pitcher has been in use, and when it changes colors, it is time to replace the filter cartridge.

Glass of clean water and filter for cleaning drinking water on the table in the kitchen

Breakdown Of What The Brita Filter Indicator Lights Mean

Before we discuss the status button, reset button, and all the other features you can use to fix a faulty indicator light, we want to make sure you understand what each of the colors represents when it comes to the light indicators.

As we said above, the lights are designed to show you how well your filter is working.

Each of the different colors that the indicator lights utilize can help you know how close it is to you needing to purchase a replacement filter.

These lights follow an average capacity that has been designated to the filter and change according to the degradation of said filter.

Here is the breakdown of the three colors that the filter is designed to use:

Green Lights

When the indicator light on a faucet or pitcher electronic filter is green, it is in the best condition.

This means that you have about 80 to 100 gallons until the filter needs to be replaced.

Once you reach that, you will find yourself looking at the next light color.

Yellow Lights

When the filter light indicator shows yellow, the filter is in a state of decline.

Basically, this is a sign that it may be time to seek a replacement filter before it goes completely bad.

Red Lights

Red is never a good indication when it comes to anything; just think about that traffic light you stop at every day.

When the red indicator light turns on, just like at that traffic light, it means stop, or in filtration terms, the filter is done.

You will need to find a replacement quickly; otherwise, you will be unable to utilize the water filtration system, which could cause you many problems.

Basically, tap water will no longer be suitable for that glass of water or for that load of laundry.

Why Is the Brita Water Filter Light Not Working?

Brita filter different lights

The biggest culprit is often the non-replaceable sealed battery. These batteries only operate for a two to five-year life cycle, and once that is done, they no longer work.

If it happens prior to this amount of time, it could be a defect in the battery. But this should be covered by the one-year warranty on all Brita filter models.

If the indicator light is not working, can you replace the battery? You can, but it will take a little know-how to do.

In order to change the battery out, you would have to break the watertight seal to replace the battery and then get the seal back in place.

It would be much better to contact Brita customer care and support because, as we said, the one-year warranty covers this.

However, if the warranty is over, they may still be able to help you out somehow.

How Do I Reset Electric Indicator Lights on My Brita Water Filter? Or Fix Them?

So now that we understand what the indicator lights are and how they work when it comes to Brita water filters, we can then take a look at how to fix them if they are not working.

If you go to your water filter, whether it be a faucet filter or a pitcher filter, and see that the lights never change, there is something wrong.

The very first thing that should be done is to attempt to reset the filter indicators.

On all Brita pitcher filters, no matter the base unit, there is a button labelled either reset button or status button.

You want to take a look at the filter instructions to ensure that you are resetting it at the appropriate time.

So here is a breakdown of how to reset the pitcher filter as well as the faucet filter before you go to the next step, which would be the replacement of the batteries.

Battery Warranty Explained

Because the most likely reason the light indicators are not working has to do with the battery, you may want to understand the battery warranty.

Because all Brita filter warranties effectively cover all LED smart light meters and memo indicators, you will be able to understand what you can do if there is something wrong with the battery.

Each unit is outfitted with a non-replaceable battery that, as we said, has two to five years of life expectancy.

You can read about all the intricate details of the warranty in the user manual that comes with the unit. Of course, you don’t necessarily have to fix the light indicator.

You can manually calculate how long the filter has been in and how much longer you have to use it.

Resetting Pitcher Filters Light

With older models, when you’re looking to reset or activate the indicator, press the reset button for approximately eight seconds.

When you do this, the light should blink three times, and then it should flash green three times.

This will show that the light indicator is reset, and then it should begin working appropriately once again.

On newer model Brita pitcher filters, you’re going to want to press and hold down the status button for two seconds if it’s a standard filter and six seconds if it’s a long-last filter.

Then the lights should follow the same patterns as the older models.

Replacing/Resetting Faucet Filters Light

When it comes to the Brita-style faucet filter, you have approximately four months before you have to change the filter.

But if the indicator light is not working appropriately, you may want to reset the filter status to ensure that you are using it optimally.

In order to do that, you’re going to look at the filter indicator and see what the light is.

Of course, you want to buy a filter replacement system in case the indicator light shows that it is time.

You will turn the knob on the faucet function handle so that water begins running through the filter.

Once that is done, you will release the button on the filter cartridge and then remove the old filter.

Once you have removed that, you can push the replacement in, and by changing the filter, you should be able to reset the Brita filter indicator lights.

You want to make sure that you allow water to run through it for about five minutes using a high water pressure before the filter becomes activated.

If these resetting and replacement of the filter do not fix the light problem, then it is your battery.

This means you will either need to get a new filtration system or reach out to a professional to replace the current battery in your filter.

pouring glass of water from tap with filter in kitchen

Final Thoughts

No matter if you’re using a Brita water pitcher or a faucet filtration system, it’s critical to be able to understand when it’s time to purchase that replacement filter.

Understanding this will allow you to keep heavy metals and mineral deposits from affecting your life in a multitude of different ways.

Life is not infinite in the battery or with a filter. We hope that by covering how to reset your Brita filter systems and what may be causing your indicator light not to work, we have helped you just a little.

Having a filter clogging issue or utilising one that is not at maximum filtration capacity will affect your everyday life, and that is something that we strive to help prevent.

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