Do Brita Filters Have Batteries? (Can You Replace Them)

What is great about the popular Brita water filter system is that not all require batteries to work in your home. Some models need batteries, such as the water filter jug, but the indicator battery in some systems will last for a while.

In this article, we will look at whether you need batteries in a Brita water filter system. Replacing batteries in Brita systems is not easy, so we will also investigate how to do that.

Read on and find out more about this very important question whether Brita water filters have batteries and if they need them.

Do Brita Filter Systems Have Batteries?

do brita filters have batteries

The simple answer to this question is yes, and no. Brita filter systems do not need batteries to clean your water.

But the indicator on the pitcher that reminds you to replace the filter does come with a small 3-volt battery to power it.

What is good about this is that this battery will last for a long time, and some people have had their pitchers for five years.

The word from Brita is that the indicator battery will last anything from two years and can last up to five years.

Another great thing is that you do not need the battery for the pitcher to keep on cleaning your water.

This means that you need to decide for yourself when to replace the carbon-activated filter to be on the safe side.

How To Replace The Battery

When your battery finally decides that it is dead, you can replace it yourself if the Brita filter system is not under warranty anymore.

Replacing the battery will not be that easy. And you may damage the waterproof seals, which means they may not work anymore.

An indicator unit is a sealed unit that houses the electronics and the battery that provides power to it. The following section provides you with the necessary steps to replace the battery of the Brita Maxtra water filter system.

On top of the lid of your filter system, there is a little digital display unit that is inserted and embedded into the lid of the pitcher. It would be best to pop that out by lifting it from its seated position, so it comes completely out.

  1. The first step is to remove the bottom of the sealed unit, which is glued and sealed.
  2. You can use a sharp knife to carefully pry it loose at the corners, then lift it completely away from the rest of the unit.
  3. To loosen the backplate, gently rock the knife back and forth so you do not damage the inside of the unit.
  4. You now have access to the battery, which you can slide out to the open side of the unit.
  5. Replace the old battery with the same type of battery which in this case is the 3V CR1620.
  6. Just slide the new battery in the opposite direction you removed the old one.
  7. After replacing the battery, you can press the start button and hold it in until all stripes are filled in on the digital display.
  8. You can try to replace the backplate of the unit and seal it again to regain some of the waterproof capability.
  9. Or, you can place it back into its place on the lid without the backplate, and you can use your filter again.

For the complete instructions on how to replace the battery and if you want to see how to do it, watch the following video.

Plumber changing brita water filter

Do Brita Filter Systems Need Batteries To Operate?

The Brita faucet and pitcher filter systems all have an indicator to remind you when to change the filter.

Luckily if you have used the Brita system for some time, you will know how often to change the filters just by observing.

This means if the battery dies on you, you will still be able to use the filter system without the indicator.

If the battery dies while the system is still under warranty, you can easily contact customer services and ask for advice.

You can also replace the battery yourself if you feel unsure when to replace the filter on your Brita system.

Many people will keep using their filter systems without replacing the battery and instead just estimate the time the filter has been used.

The indicator is just there for your convenience to save you the time to determine when to replace the filter.

Function Of The Indicator

The indicator will remind you when to replace the filters in your Brita water filter system.

When the light is green, you are still safe and if your filter is still new, it does not need to be replaced.

A yellow light tells you that the filter is nearing its end and will need to be replaced soon. This early warning will prepare you and give you time to buy a new filter or set of filters so you can replace them.

When the red light is on, the filter has been used up and is not effective anymore, which means immediate replacement is necessary.

The manufacturer recommends that you replace the filter every two months, so you can still use your Brita filter system if the battery dies.


As you can see, your Brita filter system will not stop working to remove harmful contaminants from your water when the battery dies.

Replacing the battery is not crucial, but you can easily get a replacement from the supplier for those who need the reminder.

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