Is Coway Water Filter Good (Should You Buy It?)

We expect tap water to be 100% clean water, but the sad truth is this is not always the case.

Due to the piping system aging fast and rusting taking place, tap water can have lots of impurities, which can be harmful to human health.

But thanks to the development of water purifiers like the Coway water filter, it is now possible to drink clean water without worrying about impurities.

Nevertheless, there are a lot of questions that a buyer or anyone who uses water filters might ask. One of these questions is whether the filtration system used by Coway is good enough.

Let us help you answer this question…

Many systems use reverse osmosis filter technology, which is how a Coway water filter works.

Through this reverse osmosis filter technology process, pressure is utilized to force water molecules through a semi-permeable membrane.

The impurities are filtered and flushed out, making the water safe for drinking. Let’s see what this filter is about.

Features Of Coway Water Purifier System

The first feature that we will look at is the easy operation and change over the faucet. This very useful feature helps you change the water temperature with ease through a selection knob.

This filtration system has an overheating temperature control feature. This feature works when the water dispenser or tank has enough water.

The control system will monitor the water level in the tank and adjust the temperature to prevent the heat from damaging the machine and the filter.

Most of the time, this overheating temperature control adjusts the temperature to align with the temperature in the room.

Another great feature that Coway installed in its water filters is the Micom control setup. This setup monitors the whole water purification process at all times.

This ensures no complications that might lead to the water becoming contaminated. This setup also works hand in hand with another excellent feature found in the Coway purifier system.

This integrated overflow sensor monitors and detects any problem caused by overflowing water from the main tank and prevents leakages from other parts. 

The Coway water purifier has an airtight tank. It is essential to have an airtight tank to prevent contamination caused by foreign objects like bugs and dust.

In addition, this ensures that you have clean water all day, every day. 

The advanced micro dust filtering system is one of the smart features that Coway considered.

The micro dust filters reduce the entry of dust into the tank, ensuring your drinking water is fresh and clean all the time. 

There is also the hot water safety faucet. This prevents burns that are caused by hot water. 

Let’s look at some of the filters that Coway company has to evaluate how good the company is in making filters. The first is the Coway Aquamega.

As the name suggests, this filter removes contaminants from water. This water filter utilizes a two-stage filtration system by combining dual carbon filters into one block to remove cysts and lead from the water.

The Coway Aquamega also has a sediment filter to remove infusible particles from feed water.

These include rust, cyst, and sand. What’s more, the carbon filter reduces odor-causing materials and chlorine that can make your water have an unnatural taste. 

Another great feature is that the Coway aquamega has a filtration capacity of 150 gallons of water. This means that it will take some time before you need to refill your tank. 

You can also monitor the filtration process from the comfort of your phone through the Coway IoCare app.

The app will send you reports if there are any changes to the filtration system or new filter delivery. 

Coway also has an air filter known as the Coway Airmega. The Coway Airmega is a state-of-the-art machine suitable for large, medium, and small spaces.

It has an intelligent feature that automatically switches to the necessary mode according to the air state. 

The Coway Airmega is an important machine to have in your home as there are a lot of contaminants in the air that we do not see, but thanks to this invention, you can breathe clean air in your home.

In addition, Coway makes replacement filters if your filter becomes faulty or is damaged.

The Coway AP-1512HH is a replacement filter designed to remove 99.99% of allergens in the air through the use carbon filter, ensuring your home or office space has lots of fresh air.

 child examines the water with a magnifying glass in a glass after using the coway water purifier

Cuckoo vs. Coway Water Filters

It is essential to distinguish between these two big brands when buying a water filter for your home. This will help you determine which one is better. 

First, let’s look at the type of water filter each brand produces. For Coway, the system uses a mineral water filter type that has an R.O. water filter.

The advantage of this type of system is that it is convenient to use with alkaline water.

This means that this filtering system is suitable for a standard home as the filtered water is clean and smooth for drinking.

The Cuckoo water filter uses a nano positive innovation system that filters all unhealthy foreign objects and contaminants, leaving behind the valuable minerals, salts, and bacteria needed by your body. 

Another difference between these two companies is the type of water filter tank used.

Coway utilizes a plastic water tank, whereas Cuckoo uses a stainless-steel water tank.

The advantage of using a stainless-steel water tank is that it reduces the user’s power bill, is corrosion-resistant, improves water quality, is resistant to chemical build-up, and can maintain the temperature and coolness of the water inside. 

The size of the tank is also essential when choosing a filtration system. This is because a smaller water tank limits the amount of water you can consume.

For example, the biggest Cuckoo model can have a capacity of up to 5.2 liters, whereas Coway’s model can hold up to 5.8 liters.

With the Coway filtration water tank, you will not have to queue up for your next refill.

Service frequency distinction is also an important aspect when looking for a filtration system for your home.

This is because the time taken determines how clean your water will be, and this is affected by how frequently you can change your filters.

For example, the Cuckoo filter operation is carried out every four months.

On the other hand, Coway filter services are performed once every two months, and the filtration conversion is after four months. 

It is essential to look at the prices of the different water filters available in the market. In this case, we are going to compare Cuckoo and Coway pricing.

Coway products are more costly (by a small margin) than Cuckoo because of its service frequency operations. Other than that, most Cuckoo and Coway products are approximately the same prices. 

Is Coway Water Safe For Drinking?

Coway water filter dispensing clean water

To answer this question, it is essential to look at some of the impurities that the Coway water filter removes.

First, the water filter system by Coway uses dual carbon filters that effectively remove excess chlorine found in water.

In addition to that, the two carbon filters also remove any substances that can make your water have a foul smell.

The two carbon filters also eliminate volatile organic compounds from your water that can be harmful to your health in the long run. 

It is important to note that the Coway water filter system uses reverse osmosis. The benefits of drinking water filtered through this are more than the drawbacks. 

One benefit of drinking reverse osmosis water is that the process eliminates contaminants that are harmful to your body.

For example, calcium particles can negatively impact your skin, which is where drinking water from the Coway water filter is imperative.

Another benefit of drinking reverse osmosis water from Coway water filters is that it eliminates lead, one of the most common water contaminants in the United States.

Lead is very harmful to your body as it can cause muscle and brain damage, fertility issues, and blood pressure spikes.

This is where reverse osmosis used in the Coway filtration system comes in. 

A reverse osmosis filtration system reduces sodium levels in your water. This mechanism is vital for a person on a low sodium diet.

For example, a glass of water can have up to 12mg of sodium, but reverse osmosis filtration reduces the sodium by 95%, ensuring high blood pressure and kidney problems are kept at bay. 

An R.O. filtration system eliminates parasites and bacteria that are found in water.

These parasites, which are in the form of cryptosporidium, can affect your small intestines leading to cramps and fever. Therefore, this water filtration mechanism is recommended for people living in areas with dirty water. 


The Coway company has filters that excel at cleaning air and water in your home.

The Coway Aquamega is a fantastic example. This amazing machine can remove impurities in your water, leaving clean and pure water for drinking.

We believe we have answered your question about whether the Coway water filter is good. But if you want to compare it to another water filter then check out the recent Doulton water filters review we have done.

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