Best Integrated Dishwasher Under 400 [2021] – Complete Reviews

Dishwashers are one of the greatest inventions when it comes to kitchen appliances. Having an integrated dishwasher in your kitchen can save you time and money in the long run. When it comes to choosing the best integrated dishwasher, you have to look at a few things, such as features and design.

There are those integrated dishwashers that can cost quite a bit of money, but there are also ones that offer the same level of performance for a much more budget-friendly price. Let’s take a look at some of the best-integrated dishwashers under 400 dollars on the market today.

Integrated Dishwasher under 400 Reviews

#1 CANDY CDI 1LS38S-80

Candy CDI1LS38B-80 13 Place Fully Integrated Dishwasher

The first integrated dishwasher on the list comes from CANDY and is an energy class F unit. This dishwasher is designed with a multitude of features that will make the task of washing dishes so much easier and less time-consuming.


This dishwasher is built using high-quality materials and outfitted with several high-quality features that optimize its performance. The design is built with a 55 x 59.7 x 82 cm frame that weighs in at 33.8 kg. When it comes to the power source, it looks to use 2,100 volts and is outfitted with both button controls and an LED display screen.

In regards to capacity, it can hold 11 liters and comes with six different wash cycle programs. Within these wash cycle programs, there are four different temperature settings, and the unit also comes with an auto-cleaning filter as well as a delay start option.

There is a lot about this integrated dishwasher that stands out when put up against comparable products. This dishwasher offers a lot of value, from the easy-to-follow instructions for installation to the amazing earth-friendly features. Along with this, the unit is designed to run at minimal levels of noise for less distraction in your home environment. For this reason, this dishwasher offers more value than consumers would imagine at a budget-friendly price tag.

That being said, there are still a few issues that should be addressed before any decisions are made. The first major issue is that some may find that the lower basket does not fully slide out, which is a bit of a hindrance. This could mean loading larger dishes may be a little more challenging. On that note, when it comes to loading dishes, the cutlery holder is placed towards the back, which could make placing taller cutlery and utensils there challenging.


  • The unit offers limited noise while running
  • Designed with excellent eco facility features
  • Price versus value is well above expectations
  • Dishwasher is quick and easy to install


  • May find it difficult to load long cutlery in the cutlery holder
  • The lower basket does not fully slide out

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#2 Cookology CBID601

Cookology dishwasher

For those looking for a user-friendly option that is also a full-size dishwasher, the Cookology CBID601 could be an excellent choice. Designed with features that not only make it easy to use but quiet, this integrated dishwasher has so much to offer.


This fully integrated dishwasher is designed with a body that measures 55 x 59.8 x 81.5 cm. The unit is built to hold 12 place settings and operates with an easy-to-use control panel crafted with button controls. When it comes to the noise level of this unit, it is designed to operate at 52dB. Along with this, the unit is crafted with several energy-saving features that give this unit an E energy rating. Regarding the dishwasher cycle programs, the unit has three and is outfitted with a dishwasher salt and rinse aid indicator light and a delay timer setting system.

When anyone spends hard-earned money, they want to get the most they can out of the product they invest in. This dishwasher offers a lot of amazing benefits that someone looking to upgrade or replace their current dishwasher can take advantage of.

For starters, this dishwasher is designed with a salt and rinse aid warning indicator light which means you don’t have to worry about whether your dishwasher has enough salt or not. The dishwasher itself is very simple and easy to use, thanks to the well-designed control panel. The person that opts for this dishwasher also doesn’t have to worry about a noisy machine disrupting their day either.

But even with all those amazing features, this dishwasher is far from perfect. Though it has a decent energy efficiency rating, it is not as energy efficient as other models on the market. For those that are concerned with being eco-conscious, this could be a deal-breaker. Also, the materials used in the construction are durable but have a very flimsy feel, which may decrease reliability.


  • The dishwasher has simple, user-friendly controls
  • Designed with a reduced decibel level for a quieter operation
  • Comes with six dishwashing programs that include eco mode
  • Product is outfitted with a salt and rinse aid warning light


  • Unit is designed with a bit of a flimsy feel
  • Not as energy-efficient as some other models

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#3 Hisense Integrated Dishwasher

Integrated Dishwasher

The super silent integrated dishwasher is crafted with multiple features and programs that help make it time-efficient and eco-conscious. This makes it a smart choice for those that are more environmentally cautious than others.


The Hisense integrated dishwasher is built with a 55.6 x 59.6 x 81.7 cm body and crafted in high-quality materials for a more durable machine. Using premium-grade internal components, the designers of this dishwasher have created a unit that has one of the lowest noise levels (45dB) available.

In the energy efficiency arena, this dishwasher also comes in with one of the highest rankings possible at an A+++. When it comes to dishwasher settings and features, this integrated dishwasher is outfitted with tons of wonderful additions. Not only can it hold 13 place settings, but it also has an auto dry system, a 15-minute quick wash, as well as five different dishwasher cycle programs.

The dishwasher is crafted with a ton of excellent features, and all of these accumulate into making a highly energy-efficient model that will not only save time but money as well. This unit comes with the ability to house 16 place settings and a two-year warranty that will give the user a bit of security when it comes to the maintenance of the product. Along with this, the dishwasher has an air-dry automatic door opening system that will mean less potential leakage when the door is opened to unload the dishes.

There are a few drawbacks, though, when it comes to this model. The biggest of these may be the layout of the rows within the dish trays themselves. Some have found them to be a little too short, and so often, they suffer from the dishes falling off the rungs during the wash cycle. On top of this, some have found the water pressure to be a little inconsistent, making the cleaning cycles inconsistent.


  • Unit is crafted with features that help make it highly energy efficient
  • Designed with built-in 16 place settings
  • Crafted with an air-dry automatic door opening
  • Model comes with a two-year warranty for peace of mind


  • There have been some issues with the consistency of cleaning capabilities
  • Some have found that the dish trays can allow dishes to fall off rungs

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#4 Hoover H-Dish 300 HDIN2L360PB

Some people want to ensure that everything they own is of the highest technological capabilities, and for those, this dishwasher is designed to be connected via Wi-Fi. On top of that, it’s also crafted with many other features that make it an excellent choice for those that are more budget-minded but still want all the convenience of the modern age.


This Hoover dishwasher is controlled via a button system and fitted with an LED display screen that gives it a user-friendly design. Regarding the overall design of the body, the unit itself measures 55 x 59.8 x 82 cm and weighs 35 kg. The unit utilizes a system that is powered by 2,100 volts and components that reduce noise levels greatly.

When in operation, this dishwasher will not produce noise above 47dB. The frame itself is large enough to hold 10 liters and 13 place settings. The unit is outfitted with five different options and a self-cleaning system when it comes to dishwasher program cycles.

This dishwasher is designed to have a large capacity, which makes it perfect for someone who loves to entertain or has a large family. Along with the overall design of the unit being fantastic, the features included make this dishwasher stand out from the crowd. It is crafted with five different dishwasher cycle programs and a self-cleaning triple filtering system to ensure that the unit stays clean and has a longer lifespan. On top of that, the display itself is easy to read as it has a large LED display.

Even with all that, though, there are still a few issues that could be a problem for some. Though it can house a large capacity of dishes, it is still relatively small for some, as it is only designed for 13 place settings. This could be a problem for some. On top of that, the user manual is not very well written, so the installation process may take extra time, which could be frustrating.


  • Dishwasher is crafted with an easy to read LED display
  • Crafted with a high capacity of 10 liters
  • Five different programs are built into the system
  • Designed with a self-cleaning triple filtering system


  • Installation and user manual is not user friendly
  • The dishwasher is only designed with 13 place settings

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#5 Beko DIN15321

The last entry on the list is crafted with a lot of amazing benefits and features that save time and offer high-quality cleaning capability. This is great for those that are always on the go but want to ensure that their dishes get done in a timely manner.


When it comes to this dishwasher from Beko, you are looking at a dishwasher designed with an 81.8 x 59.8 x 55 cm body that, thanks to the lightweight materials used in the construction, only weighs 29 kg. In regards to the interior setup of the dishwasher, it is capable of holding 13 place settings.

The unit itself is crafted to emit a noise level no higher than 49dB. For those that are looking for what features are built into the system with this model, you have a 30-minute quick wash setting.

This machine is crafted to hold 13 place settings but designed so that it is much easier to load in larger plates than other models. Along with this, the unit is set to be increasingly durable as it uses high-quality materials in its build.

These high-quality materials also make the dishwasher very easy to clean as things don’t tend to stick as easily. For those looking for a machine that gives you a bit of your time back, this unit is a good option as it comes with a quick cycle option that only takes 30 minutes.

Though the interior is designed well, some may find the top tray a little bit too small. This will limit the organizational capability of the dish trays when getting ready to run a cycle. Also, the tablet dispenser is in a bit of an awkward position. And many have found that the tablet often drops out as the door shuts.


  • Dishwasher is very easy and simple to clean
  • Unit is crafted to be able to manage larger plates better than previous models
  • Designed with high-quality materials for better durability
  • Crafted with a quick cycle option for more time efficiency


  • The capacity of the top tray may be too small for some
  • Tablet dispenser is located in an awkward place for loading dishes

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Final Verdict

For those looking for a budget-minded option when it comes to the best integrated dishwasher under 400 dollars options, the models above are definitely some of the top considerations out there. No matter which option is chosen, the user will get a high-quality, high-performing model. And it will help make their lives so much easier.

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