Best Commercial Dishwasher Brand

Whether you own a restaurant or cafe or just looking for the best commercial dishwasher brand for your home kitchen, finding the right one can be challenging. There are many different dishwasher brands and models available, and each comes with its own set of features and benefits.

Not only do you have to consider what the dishwasher brings to the table, but also what you’re looking for it to be able to do. So with that, let’s look at some of the best commercial dishwasher brands on the market today.

Commercial Dishwasher Reviews

#1 Cater-Wash DLUX Dishwasher

Commercial Dishwasher With Drain Pump

The first commercial dishwasher on our list comes from Cater-Wash and is a WRAS approved unit. Designed to be ready to manage whatever is thrown at it, this is often an excellent option for restaurants or cafes that handle fast-paced turnaround.


This under-counter dishwasher is designed with a large capacity and high-powered dishwashing cycles. The unit itself can handle 40 baskets of dishes per hour which typically equates out to 720 dishes. In order to get these clean, the unit offers two dishwashing cycles of 90 and 180 seconds.

The unit is crafted with an atmospheric boiler, which helps elevate the rinse booster pump’s performance and creates a more effective cleaning process. This, coupled with the consistent high-pressure system and high water temperature, makes the results that much better.

With all those high-quality features included in the design, the unit is not complicated at all when it comes to using it. In fact, it is crafted with a straightforward operating system that can be run by anybody no matter how familiar they are with dishwasher systems.

On top of that, these features are crafted to help make this unit energy-efficient and eco-friendly so that you will save money and time. That, coupled with the high-quality high-pressure washing system and the interior components, make this an efficient performing dishwasher that is also quiet.

That being said, there are a few drawbacks that could cause some to reconsider this as an option when it comes to their commercial dishwasher choice. The first is that some have found that even with consistent maintenance, the unit has a tendency to rust a bit. This can be taken care of but maybe an issue for some. Other than that, the price is not as budget-friendly as other options on the market.


  • Unit runs fairly quiet for a commercial dishwasher
  • Easy, straightforward operation systems
  • Constant high-pressure washing system and temp allow for optimal performance
  • Energy-efficient and eco friendly


  • Some may find the price a bit on the steep side
  • There have been issues of rusting even with proper maintenance

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#2 OFAY Portable Dishwasher

Household Commercial Dishwasher


For a small restaurant or cafe, or even a home looking for a high-quality dishwasher, this portable dishwasher from OFAY might be a fine choice. It is crafted with high-quality materials and designed to be easy to use, which only elevates its value.


If someone is looking for a high-quality commercial dishwasher that takes up limited room, this portable dishwasher from OFAY has a lot of potentials. Crafted as a contained unit, it is designed to hold six sets of tableware. The installation of this unit is simple and requires no plumbing access, which gives it the versatility of placement like no other. Along with this, the unit is crafted to automatically dry the dishes by removing water vapor from within the unit.

There is a lot to really love about this dishwasher, including the fact that it is a self-contained unit that requires no extra pipes and hoses to do its job. The compact nature of this dishwasher design allows it to go anywhere and be easily installed even if you’re unfamiliar with this type of system.

Its overall design is intended to help with ease of use, especially with the slanted panel design. This slanted panel allows for people to use it ergonomically with little stress put on their backs. The unit also uses high temperatures to air dry the dishes, which means fewer pollutants in the air.

There are, however, a few issues that should be noted before any decisions are made. Though the compact nature may be great for many people, it is a small unit, and for those dealing with large get-togethers, this could be a problem. Also, for those looking for a quick turnaround of dishes, the wash cycle takes about an hour, which could be too long to keep the flow of dishes going.


  • Self-contained units with no need for access to outside water connections
  • Dishwasher is compact and easy to install
  • Uses high temp and air to dry the dishes
  • Slanted design  control panel for more ergonomic use


  • The unit does not have a large capacity when it comes to place settings
  • Wash cycle takes almost an hour which may be a problem for some

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#3 RDHRDH Small Desktop Dishwasher

 Small Desktop Integrated Automatic Washing Cupboard Machine

This compact commercial dishwasher is the perfect integrated option for small homes or even small cafes and restaurants. It is designed with a dart spray arm and the ability not only to wash but store and disinfect dishes.


If someone is looking for a dishwasher with commercial cleaning capabilities but compact enough to place anywhere in a small kitchen, this small desktop dishwasher has what they’re looking for. Not only is it designed to wash the dishes but also disinfect and store them.

The unit is crafted with four cleaning modes that utilize high pressure and high-temperature cleaning system that is powerful enough to remove most types of dirt. The system uses an optimal 72°F temperature to ensure that the dishes are sterilized and disinfected to the proper levels.

The most noticeable benefit that one can take advantage of when choosing this dishwasher is that they will get so much value for a reasonably budget-friendly price. This value includes the fact that it is crafted with four high-quality cleaning modes and can also be used to dry and sterilize dishes.

On top of that, the unit uses a 360° high-pressure jet spray that elevates the end results regarding cleanliness. The compact, lightweight design also means they can easily move it from place to place if they need more room.

The compact design is amazing. It does mean that for those dealing with a large capacity restaurant cafe or a large family, this may not be the option that best suits their needs. Another issue is that because of the size, you would imagine that it would use a minimal amount of water but for its size, it actually uses up to 5 liters which is not excessive but still more than many would assume.


  • Price versus value is amazing in comparison to other models
  • Crafted with four cleaning modes plus drying and sterilization
  • 360° high-pressure jet spray to improve cleaning capabilities
  • Compact and lightweight for better portability and placement


  • The unit uses a larger amount of water for its size
  • Compact size may not be suitable for large families

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#4 MBH Commercial Dishwasher

Commercial dishwasher for restaurant and bar

For those looking for a more serious commercial dishwasher, you may choose an under-counter option. If this is what you are looking for, then the MBH commercial dishwasher should get on your list of potential options.


The stainless steel commercial under-counter dishwasher is crafted with a 49.5 x 40 x 59.5cm frame and weighs 59kg. When the door is open, and you look at the inner capacity of the unit, it is capable of doing 30 racks per hour.

The unit is also fitted with a 120-second washing cycle that utilizes a water tank that can hold 14.5 liters. The boiler itself is outfitted to contain 3.5 liters, limiting the water consumption, making this a more eco-friendly option compared to many other commercial dishwashers.

Though it does not affect the unit’s overall performance, the fact that this dishwasher is crafted with high-quality stainless steel gives it an aesthetically pleasing look that can elevate the overall décor of a kitchen. When looking at the unit’s design, although it is a larger under-counter unit, it is still relatively lightweight.

This means that installation will be much easier. Along with this, the fact that it has a large tank capacity allows for a better and more thorough washing cycle. On top of this, the unit itself can be customized with optional features such as a water softener reservoir.

Even with all that, there are still a few things that could make it less than an optimal option for some individuals. The first, of course, is the large frame design, which may cause a problem when it comes to installation, depending on the space available in the kitchen. On top of that, the stainless steel design is aesthetically pleasing, but because of the use of this material, the dishwasher will require more cleaning than other options.


  • The use of premium grade stainless steel gives this dishwasher a nice aesthetic
  • Dishwasher is relatively lightweight, and quick and easy to install
  • Designed with a large tank capacity for more thorough washing
  • Customizable with optional features to improve the value


  • The large frame may not be suitable for all kitchens
  • Stainless steel design will take more cleaning than other materials

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#5 MYRCLMY Undercounter Dishwasher

The last commercial dishwasher on our list is an under-counter version that is crafted in high-quality stainless steel. The interior capacity and programs designed into the dishwasher make it ideal for small restaurants and homes.


This under-counter commercial dishwasher is crafted in high-quality stainless steel and designed with an easy-to-read LED display. When it comes to the wash cycle, there are three specialized wash cycles. These are intensive care, glass care, and a quick cycle.

The unit itself is crafted with a multitude of anti-clogging nozzles so that water flow is consistent at all times. On top of this, the unit is crafted with multiple systems for protection. This includes a door switch lock function, anti-dry burning protection, and many other preventative measures.

This unit is designed to be placed under-counter. But it can also be installed on the counter because of its unique design. In fact, versatile is a word that is synonymous with this unit. Not only can it be installed in many different places, but the interior racking systems are crafted to be customized.

On top of the three specifically designed wash cycles, three others give it a wide range of options for cleaning. The LED display in the control panel uses touch buttons and is easy to read as well.

The high-quality build and features included in the design do have their limits that could lead to people being deterred at making this their go-to commercial dishwasher option. Though it is larger than other options on this list, it is still a compact dishwasher. So it has a limitation when it comes to capacity. On top of that, some may feel that the 30 minutes needed for the quick cycle is a bit excessive and may not fit their needs.


  • Installed on the counter or under the counter
  • Designed to have a flexible and useful racking system
  • Programmed with six different washing cycles to suit your needs
  • A simple and intuitive control panel makes it easy to use


  • Compact size unlimited capacity make it a poor choice for homes with a lot of people
  • Units quick cycle takes 30 minutes which may be too long for some occasions

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Final Verdict

For those trying to make a final decision on which commercial dishwasher will work the best, there are many factors to think about. This is what makes the decision such a challenging one because you don’t only have to think about the product itself but the results you are looking to obtain. The commercial dishwashers above all have various advantages that one can benefit from. This is why they are some of the best commercial dishwashers.

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