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We are happy to review your product for free and offer honest feedback that will help you grow and improve.

How Does It Work?

  1. Get in touch first to discuss the product and ensure it fits within the content of Home Appliance Geek
  2. Send your product to us
  3. We will use the product over a couple of weeks and provide a detailed review of the product to the readers of Home Appliance Geek

What’s In This For You?

If we like your product and think our readers will find it useful, then we’ll publish a non-biased, in-depth, dedicated review at

You will also benefit from an in-article followed link to both your company homepage and your relevant product page.

What If We Don’t Like Your Product?

If we’re not satisfied with the product, we will give you our honest feedback directly in the first instance. You can then choose if you wish us to continue publishing a review to our readers or not.

It is important to us that we don’t recommend low-quality products to readers of Home Appliance Geek, and will not accept any sponsored payments to publish a positive review that we don’t agree with.

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