Review: Ebac 3850e Dehumidifier (3000 series)

Key information:

  • 21L extraction rate
  • Operates between 3-35 degrees Guaranteed to solve damp and condensation
  • Smart, Laundry and Air Cleaning modes
  • 2.5L water container
  • Permanent drainage option (part sold separately)
  • 2-year warranty
Designed to be energy efficient saving you money over the longer termNot clear that the permanent drainage hose must be purchased separately (£9.99)
Controls are intuitive to use and unit is quick to setupThe unit may be considered expensive for people who are only looking for a short term option, as they won't benefit from the longer-term energy efficiency savings 
Operates within a large temperature range
The water tank is easy to empty without risk of spilling water

EBAC 3850e Dehumidifier Review

The Ebac 3850e dehumidifier is an exceptionally well-designed unit that has been designed to maximise water extraction whilst remaining incredible energy efficient.

What I found interesting about the Ebac 3850e dehumidifier is that Ebac is a strong believer that dehumidifiers should be rated on their ability to extract water efficiently, rather than simply how fast they extract water.

The main selling point of the unit is the Smart Control feature, which detects moisture levels in the environment and adjusts the extraction rate automatically to save energy and reduce running costs. This feature backs up Ebac’s stance in that everything should be designed around efficiency.

Ebac has put out a response to poor rating systems that don’t consider this, and I would recommend anyone who is considering purchasing a dehumidifier to watch Ebac’s response below.

Operating modes and display panel

In addition to the Smart mode, the unit also has Laundry and Air Purifying modes:

  • In Laundry mode, the unit operates at the highest fan speed at maximum capacity for a set time before reverting to smart mode. The time can be set to 2hrs, 4hrs or 8 hrs.
  • In Air Purifying mode the dehumidifier stops extracting moisture from the air but continues to pull air through the unit where it is filtered

Changing the settings can be done at a touch of a button, and the display gives clear feedback accordingly as shown below:

Ebac 3850e Dehumidifier - Controls
Control panel on the Ebac 3850e dehumidifier

Water tank and storage capacity

The water container is capable of storing 2.5L of water before it needs to be emptied, however, the unit has a permanent drainage option as shown in the photo below for those that can facilitate this option. Note that you will need to purchase the drainage kit separately for the price of £9.99.

Ebac 3850e Dehumidifier - Drainage pipe
Permanent drainage option to fit pipe (sold separately) on the Ebac 3850e dehumidifier

It is important to note the capacity of the water tank when shopping for a dehumidifier, as most manufacturers incorrectly advertise the extraction rate as the capacity. For example, the Ebac 3850e is advertised as 21L, however, this means it is capable of extracting up to 21L per day but the unit will auto-power off once the water tank is at full capacity (2.5L).

This means you would need to empty the container 8 times in a single day to achieve the maximum extraction of 21L. This is a standard issue with all dehumidifiers, so if you do have a large damp or condensation problem, then you must consider the permanent drainage option.

While this may sound like a lot of moisture to extract, this should be considered a worst-case scenario. I tested the 21L Ebac 3850e dehumidifier in smart mode alongside another 10L dehumidifier to see how much moisture they would extract in 24 hours. The room gets condensation but doesn’t have a serious damp problem. In this time the Ebac 3850e extracted 2.4L whilst the 10L dehumidifier extracted 1.4L.

One thing I love about the dehumidifier is how simple the design of the water tank is. The tank has an easy to grip handle and one large hole for the water to be poured out of. One problem I’ve found with other dehumidifiers is that the tank is more like a large open ‘tray’, and it’s very easy to accidentally spill the water when carrying the full tank to the sink. The design of the Ebac 3850e water tank eradicates this problem.

Ebac 3850e Dehumidifier - Water tank
The 2.5L water tank is quickly removed from the front of the Ebac 3850e dehumidifier

Problems and dislikes

Functionally, there was nothing that I disliked about the dehumidifier. It was quick to set up and the controls were intuitive to use.

The unit isn’t the most attractive dehumidifier on the market, but we’re scraping the barrel if that’s considered a negative point!

At £289.99, the Ebac 3850e would be considered a higher range model, however, those who wish to use the dehumidifier over a longer period will benefit from the energy efficiency savings when compared to cheaper models. If you’re only looking for something in the short term to help with a moisture problem whilst you fix the underlying issue, then you may benefit from a cheaper option.

Finally, be aware that the permanent drainage hose (£9.99) and castor wheels (£14.99) are sold separately. Ebac doesn’t advertise the castor wheels on their listing page, but the unit is listed with ‘permanent drainage option’ included, so I found it confusing that this wasn’t listed as ‘part sold separately, or there wasn’t an upsell during the checkout.

If you’ve got any questions about the Ebac 3850e dehumidifier which haven’t been answered in this review, then please leave a comment below!

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