Is Repairing A Dishwasher Pump Easy?

I have seen many people asking the question “is repairing a dishwasher pump, easy enough for DIY or should I call an expert?” The answer to that depends on your DIY skills, but in this post, I will show you how you can unblock it by yourself, without having to call the maintenance man out.

Repairing A Dishwasher Pump: How To Guide & Video

Tools needed: Screwdriver

PPE: Cut Resistant Gloves

Time: Approx 15mins

With the majority of dishwashers, the pump is located under lower water sprayer arm. It has two impellers top and bottom to help it pump water around the dishwasher.  These usually become jammed up with food debris or undissolved detergent. If you fail to maintain your washer when this happens, you could also end up damaging the motor.

Important: It is recommended that when removing parts of your dishwasher, that you follow the manufactures manual. All dishwashers are different, as this post is to be used as a general guidance.

Because some people might not want to read our guide, we have provided this video for you.


Step 1: Disconnect the dishwasher

As repairing the pump involves taking components apart, it is essential that you unplug the dishwasher from the power source. In doing so, you will eliminate the risk of having a serious incident. Before you continue, double check the display lights and push the buttons, to ensure it is fully disconnected.

Step 2: Remove the filter unit

The filter unit is located under the lower sprayer arm. Simply unscrew it from the from the dishwasher and rinse it under a tap until it is completely clean. Most of the time large bits of food get stuck inside it, due to people not knowing how to correctly load a dishwasher. After it has been cleaned it is ready to use again.

Step 3: Remove the spray arms

The spray arms can also become clogged with pieces of food. In turn, you get poor washing results.

The top arm can be removed by unscrewing and pulling it away, and the bottom arm will UN-clip.

Check the outlet nozzles for debris. Then clean them under the tap and with a toothpick or similar object.

Once you are satisfied they are clean, the parts can be reinstated.

Step 4: Clearing the wastewater pump

Sometimes, large bits of food can pass through the filter, which causes the pump to block. What is a result of this, is no dirty water will be able to escape so you will be cleaning your dishes in old water.

To clear out the pump, remove the filter (if you have not done so already). Use a sponge or kitchen towel to remove any water that might be leftover. Inside you will see a plastic pump cover, simply pull it up and it will remove itself.

Once you have done so, check the pump for any debris that may be causing a blockage, therefore stopping the pump from moving freely.

Step 5: Testing your repaired pump

After clearing all components, replace them as they came out. Next, you can start using your dishwasher as normal. If you have completed all these steps you will have successfully fixed a dishwasher.

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